Monday, June 19, 2017


It all started in 1997...

TJ was born on June 19, 1998 but I do have an earlier picture of him.  
I was about 4 months pregnant here and happy despite the lack of smile

He came into the world a bit bigger than we expected (I was told about 8 lbs) at 9 lbs and 15 oz.  This is the first picture I have of him cleaned up.  You are welcome.
Aunt Becky was my labor coach and the first family member to see TJ.  She was pretty smug about that at the time. LOL  She gave him his first nickname - Bugs Bunny - for the size of those feet.

We headed out to California when he was 13 days old and he was an excellent traveler.  My Mom thought I was playing a joke on her and borrowed someone else's 2 month old.  She can be forgiven that when you look at this picture of him at almost 7 weeks old.

Time went by and he grew and changed so much.  His first word was mum and we established he really was calling me that when he was only 5 months old.  He did not say that to anyone else.   To this day we don't know why he was British when he was younger.
First Easter

He loved his baths and was generally a happy baby
This is the obligatory embarrassing naked picture - 10 months

He had an early love for computers and was the culprit when I lost a Windows file that you are not even supposed to be able to see, much less delete.   Good thing he was cute.

He survived his first year despite us and enjoyed a Tigger smash cake his Ahma made for his birthday.
He liked the taste but wasn't too thrilled with the cake on his fingers

Around this time he was fascinated with pictures.  I took this one of him in his birthday clothes and he just kept looking and pointing at it.  I ended up making him a photo album that he carried around for quiet awhile.
He was mesmerized by this baby

This was also the year of his first job.  Mom and Dad were married on August 14, 1999 and he was the cutest best man ever in my opinion.    
Las Vegas, Nevada at the Luxor

He really didn't get Halloween that year but he was the best pumpkin on the block
Halloween 1999

I want it known that I do have pictures of his second birthday but I have no idea where they are right now.  So we are just going to skip over that and head to one of my favorite pictures.  Somewhere there is a picture of me wearing my Dad's shoes when I was about 2 years old.   When TJ grabbed Mommy's at the same age I had to capture it.

His favorite thing in the morning was to crawl in bed with Papa while he was waking up.

His third birthday was all about dinosaurs!

That was also the year he returned to Missouri and reconnected with his Dad's side of the family.  He also saw Great Grandma Jones (Ahma's mother) and his Great Uncle Edwin for the first time.  He thought she was pretty comfy.      :)

Aunt Becky was thrilled to see him again

And Papa Bogart wasted no time introducing him to one of his own loves - horses

When he got back he loved being the big boy instead of the "baby" as he was with his cousins.  To this day he will willingly hold a baby to feed it or just for a snuggle.  He's always been great around younger kids.   He was mad at me for years for not getting him his own baby on the "Baby Aisle" at the grocery store.  That year for Christmas we got him one of those dolls that cries, coos and sucks a pacifier.  Ahma lost baby sitting privileges when he found out she soothed his child by turning her off.     ;)

By his third Halloween he was getting the hang of this Trick or Treating thing but his favorite part was still dressing up.

Christmas of 2002 he got his first big boy ride and a backpack to tote his toys with.  He decided that meant he was ready for school and started practicing.  He was rather upset to find out he had another year.

He was excited to start school and even more excited to get a pony ride that same year.  I guess Papa Bogart's love of horses rubbed off on him.
October 2003

He had a special visitor for his sixth birthday - Daddy came to California.  They both enjoyed playing video games together but also did things like using squirt guns outside.
Time for another embarrassing (cute) memory.  He loved to wear this shirt of Daddy's for nighttime so when he went back to Missouri he left it behind for TJ to enjoy.

He came out a few times for Thanksgiving as well as T got older.

Time kept moving and soon he was in first grade
October 2004

In April of 2005 we got to celebrate an important milestone with his Great Aunt Espie.  This was her 60th birthday!  This also is unfortunately the last picture we have with all of us so we will have to rectify that.

That same year TJ won his class spelling bee but got too nervous at the school bee.  We were very proud of him.

Butter Honey Biscuit joined our family at the same time. 

The summer of 2006 was a busy time with lots of swimming, playing with cousins and feeding his pet.

That was also the year he carved his first Halloween pumpkin with Papa

And Jelly Strawberry Donut joined our family.   Butter was not amused.

Summer 2007 was more of the same - swimming with cousins and snuggling furry things.  In this case Little Bit just had a bath and TJ wanted to hold him till he dried a bit more.
Kailah, Tyler, TJ

He was actually my dog but TJ grew up with him and loved him dearly

And all of the sudden he was in third grade, the time was really speeding up.

Despite my best efforts, a couple more years passed and he hit double digits - 10!

He completed sixth grade a few days before he turned 11 years old.   And all of the sudden we are in Middle School. 

And a few days after that Papa started turning our sun room into a room for his grandson.  TJ got the proper gear and pitched in!

And even MORE swimming with cousins.  This would be the last summer, they moved to Washington soon after.   :(

It was also the first trip to Disneyland with Great Uncle Jud and Donovan.  He had a blast but wasn't thrilled with the crowds.  That's okay though because Donovan wasn't happy with them either.

TJ's FAVORITE movie is Beverly Hills Chihuahua and he had been asking for one for a few years.  We figured it would die down but when his 12th birthday was approaching and all he wanted was a Chihuahua puppy...
Yes, there are two puppies here.  One is my Mom's but they both gravitated to him from the beginning. 

And now we are getting ready to start 7th grade.

Which was also the first year of scary costumes as well as the last year he Trick or Treated.
Bob is on the left and TJ is on the right

By this time he has transferred from a public school to an online school - about 2 weeks into 7th grade.  He had had problems in public all along but until I found an ad for Mercury Academy Online I wasn't sure what to do.  He thrived in online school.  His favorite class was Paragon - a combination of Social Studies, History and Art.
I believe this was a Roman Double House

And then before we knew it he was 14.  His favorite presents were T-shirts I purchased in his and Papa's size. 

Then we moved from the mobile home he had lived in since he was 18 months old to a house.  Now he has two rooms - his bedroom and a school room.  It worked much better for us because he would get up in the middle of the night to do home work if he couldn't sleep.  Having the computer in another room was a good idea.

Paragon continued to be his favorite class.  I have no clue what this is, a temple of some kind I think.  LOL  I labelled most of these but forgot some.

And then another year goes by and he is 15!

Then 16 steam rolls ahead and he starts Connections Academy.  No more Paragon but his Science Teacher also likes hands on projects - meet Larry the Lobster.  Larry met his demise before we knew him.

He started becoming more interested in cooking but made sure his baby was nearby.  She was very interested in what he was doing.

TJ lost track of Bob for awhile but as you can see he found him again right after his 17th birthday.  We were happy to see him.  This was also the year he graduated High School!
I know its rather hard to recognize Bob over there without the Halloween costume

And that brings us to 18 and a new rabbit.  We had lost Butter and Jelly in the intervening years.  He decided to honor Butter by adopting a new rabbit.  That is when Winter entered our life.   

Now?   Now he is 19 years old and I have no clue where the time went.  Happy Birthday TJ!