Monday, October 12, 2015

Not Dead Yet!

Okay, when I last posted I was doing a quilt giveaway.  My very favorite dog rescue, Friends of Emma.  Elizabeth and Kylie Hart run an in home critical care rescue.  We had 57 quilts to get donations for and a $300 reserve for each one.  It was a lot of hard work but I discovered my inner cheerleader.  The money raised will buy a backup generator for the ICU room among other things.  They are always having fundraisers and asking for donations because there will never be a time money is unneeded.  There are dogs that are being raised and given the medical care they need to eventually be adopted out and there are dogs that have too many medical needs to ever leave.  They will be cared for with tenderness and love until their natural passing or until their quality of life is too compromised.  Being a critical care rescue, there is a much looser standard for this than most people possess.  But make no mistake, they are quite capable of making the tough choices.  I am so glad we were able to get all the quilts to at least reserve. 

Then there are the auction dogs I have been doing since July 2014.  Two ablations, a death in the family and just plain life slowed me down to the point that they were all finally caught up this month.  That's over a year but everyone has said they were worth waiting for.  I will be back doing them after I complete some projects for friends I have been putting off.  I have a seal scarf, a polar bear hat, a Tuxedo markings cat, a pair of bunny slippers, a pair of men's slippers, a newborn baby boy outfit and a pair of dresses for twin girls in a twelve month size.    So far I have about 12 inches on the seal scarf.  I am enjoying making something besides dogs and using bigger hooks. 

The best news of all though is about TJ.  Back in April he had a holter monitor done off his medication.  That was not something I would like to repeat!  His average heart rate at rest was in the 170's.  Then in July he had another one done on his medication to make sure it was always working, that no arrhythmia's were sneaking through.  He had an ECHO done at the same time to make sure his heart was working well.  Luckily both tests showed what they were supposed to.  We had an appointment to go over the tests but they changed it twice.  We were not too happy about that because we really wanted to know about the July ECHO and holter.  But the time finally came and we had the best appointment we have had since this mess began.  Loma Linda is getting a new heart mapping technology that is supposed to have a much better chance of keeping up with his particular arrhythmia.  We were told its called multi-focal but if you look it up you going to get confused.  TJ is neither geriatric, nor does he have compromised lungs.  Whatever it is called, the ideal situation is not to be on meds for the rest of his life.  They don't have a long term effect on the body but the side effect is driving him nuts.  Fatigue.  He is 17 and tired of feeling like an old man.  I can't blame him.  His doctor was they are negotiating price right now and hope to have this in place as quickly as the next six months or so.  He did say that new technology or not, he's not going into his heart a third time without a better idea.  I like that! 

Anyway, that's all the news I have but we are definitely excited about the possibility of there being an end to this.  TJ is not thrilled its still an ablation but can live with another if it works.

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