Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Super Awesome Fantabulous Quilt Giveaway!

57 - Yes, you read that right - 57 SUPERCALAFRAGILISTIC QUILTS!!!

Donations levels for every budget - $5 to $20 and you can donate the minimum as many times as you want.

Doubling, Tripling or even Quadrupling your donation increases the chance that you will OWN that quilt.

Donate on behalf of a friend for a birthday present and then if they win, give them the quilt! Or not. ;)

I am partial to quilts 04 and 38 but donate to whatever floats YOUR boat!

It all ends on October 6 so don't let this pass you by - win a quilt, help a pup - either one is a winner.

Don't forget to specify the HOST NAME and QUILT NUMBER.

These samplers only show FOUR of the FIFTY SEVEN choices

Find the quilt of your dreams, note the number and look on the link below for its match. All the information is on the link for size, etc. :)


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