Monday, July 7, 2014

Dr. D is NOT Impressed

TJ finally had his long awaited appointment with the doctor today.  First of all, despite what Mom thinks, he did not grow while they were in Missouri.  LOL        He's still a respectable 5'8", and growing.  I didn't ask about his weight but they said he was fine.   The nurse did the pulse ox and got a 180, she was not impressed.   She gave it five minutes and it was still 180.   Did I mention the nurse was not impressed?   The doctor came in and we talked to him about the depression, stomach problems, headaches and high pulse rate.  He gave us the good/bad news that his heart problems could be the cause of all of these.  Yes, even the depression to some degree.   He did put him on a lower than the lowest dose of a anti-depressant.   The lowest dose is 20 and he put him on 10.   He is referring him to a cardiologist and I pick up the referral tomorrow afternoon.   Normally referrals go through the insurance and then they are mailed to the house.   They are not wasting any time here.  I have been concerned about his pulse rate but happy when it was as low as 106.  I was informed today that is not acceptable for a teenager at rest.   He swings anywhere from 130's to 180's and that's just not going to work.   The only thing here is I was supposed to get him exercise and now I am glad I didn't get out.  His pulse has been doing this since at least April 22nd (that's his first appt where they took the pulse) and that's too long.   I just cringe though thinking of how high its been and if I had taken him to go swim.   Would I have been calling 911 from the gym?   Would my kid have had a stroke or heart attack at 16?   I don't know, but I am glad I didn't find out the hard way.  I will keep everyone informed on what's going on with him as I get information myself. 

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  1. Oh Shellie I didn't know he was having all this trouble :( I am so glad they are putting a rush on it! Please do keep me updated. Prayers /"\ and ((((Hugs to TJ))))