Friday, November 1, 2013

New Crochet Patterns I Have Purchased

I know, I know, LOOOOOOOOONG time no blog.   I have been so busy this year with TJ and his schooling.  We have had a few health things going on as well.   Mom and Dad are still smoking but they have ONE pack between the two of them.   That is progress.  I am hoping I hear them say SOON, "We are quitting on such and such day." 

Poor TJ is having a really hard time this year, things are a lot more complicated in 10th grade.  This might be the year of the official IEP.  They were going to spread his classes out more but California doesn't allow it!   That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard.   So we just keep plugging along and his grades drop a bit.   He still has straight A's, but I don't think they will remain that way all this year.   I keep telling him that he just needs to do his best and not worry about what the grade is exactly.

Dad is having a rough time with his sugars right now, too many fasting lab tests and other tests that made it so he wasn't supposed to eat.   Now the fun part, we have days of crankiness before we can get them under control again. 

Mom is having a rough time with her IBS, etc.   Its all in an uproar right now so she is pretty much always in pain.   Hopefully it will settle down again soon.

I have bought a BUNCH of new patterns that I thought I would share.   If anyone is interested in something from one, just send me an e-mail or tell me on MWOP!   You can also convo me from my Etsy shop  Don't forget, these things can be made in other colors, we'll work out the cost of them together.    :)

I will try not to take so long to post next time, TJ and I have to start up our Lego's again!