Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Adventure Continues...Finally!

I know, I said I wouldn't take a long time again but I blew it.   Finally, TJ and I started building again last night and we have about three night's left!   I have to say, this model is really getting heavy.   After this one we have a Lord of the Rings model that should be nothing at 400 some pieces.  Then we have another biggie with a winter cottage that I picked out for a Christmas decoration.  And in some awesome news, Mom is on her SECOND day of nicotine patches!!!!!!

But that is not what you guys came for!   So here are the pics of our latest build.   We have the camper top down and as you can see, it does pop up and down.


  1. Oooooh, I can't wait to see the Christmas cottage! ~ Skirts From That Other Blog

  2. I LOVE Legos. We have bunches but we don't have very many big sets as they are so spendy and with 4 kids just can't afford them. Anyway haven't commented in a while but I still stop by and watching the lego build is fun. Thanks!

  3. I LOVE Legos they are so fun. Its fun watching you guys online too. We have many legos at our house here but with 4 kids we don't have many large sets, we mostly have the day after thanksgiving lots for little sets that you have to use your imagination with. Anyway just stopping in again, don't comment much but stop by to see whats up every so often. Have fun building your cool sets!