Friday, August 2, 2013

The Night Where We Have Doors

We were working for over an hour last night and TJ was having so much fun that he didn't notice.   He even told me that he can't stand to do this for more than an hour and was shocked when he looked at the clock.  We started at 9 and were done by 10:30.   I am glad he is enjoying himself.   I told him thank you for playing with me tonight.    :)


  1. I checked online as to what this will look like when done and it is so cool Shellie! Love all the little details. (Is there a lava lamp inside? That's what I am taking it to be.) FYI - Last year I helped my nephew build The White House out of legos. He thought that was pretty neat one. ~ Skirts From That Other Blog

  2. I don't think there is a lava lamp but there is a regular lamp. I saw a wineglass too. LOL I'll have to look at the White House, we need one that is bigger than this one but smaller than the London Bridge as a transition.

    1. I decided to Google whether there was a lava lamp in the VW and there is. Looks like it is a gray piece (probably what you called the wine glass) with a clear green/yellow piece snapped on top. Every hippie bus needs a lava lamp! I'm glad TJ is enjoying assembling this project with you. Have fun you two! ~ Skirts From That Other Blog