Friday, July 26, 2013

Bonding Over A Volkswagen Van-Lego Style!

I bought TJ a really cool Lego Volkswagen Van for Christmas this year.   For one reason and another, we just didn't get to making it!   I decided enough was enough and two days ago we started building the van.  We don't get a whole lot done each evening because TJ only has so much patience with the tiny parts.   But his small motor skills are getting quite a workout!   You see, all I do is search for the parts for him in the many, many bags that are the table.   I may point out the right spot if he is having trouble and remind him that force is not helpful, but I don't actually put any together.   That is one reason its such a slow process.   The other reason is that this model is so big and so detailed, that there are two books with about 80 pages each!   It looks like we put together the engine last night and tonight.   I am in love with all the detail in this model.   I used to put together model cars and this is so similar.   It has curtains, a sink, a stove, I even found a potted plant and hair brush!        LOL     I have a feeling that we are going to be working on these more detailed Lego models each evening for a long time to come.   I have my eye on the London Bridge-did you know that you even build tiny cars for it??   I can't wait.

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  1. My brother has the London Bridge. Get it. It's awesome.