Friday, April 26, 2013


I have a few things to say that are heavy on my heart but I guess I should update everyone on all of us first!   TJ just got his report card for his third quarter and its all A's as usual!   He has tons of compliments from his teachers and according to his school testing he's in the top 1% in the nation.   That's not state testing, that is a test some schools have that they design to make sure kids are on track.   They are called Performance Ed by Scantron.   Hopefully he will rock his state testing too.   He has a lot more problems with that one, he has extreme test anxiety and is not at home for those.   

Mom is still having problems with her stomach but cutting out milk did help some.   Part of it is just stress.   My bipolar aunt is having a really bad manic time and she is very worried about her.  Her and my uncle are renewing their vows in June.   It was cute, my uncle took her to the hospital to get her some help and told them they had to hurry up and get her better because they are renewing their vows in June!   I have something I am doing for their wedding but since I found out he reads here, I can't tell you what it is.   ;)

They are still smoking but Mom has days where she is doing much better.   Unfortunately, the pain she is in doesn't help and those are also her worst smoking days.  I hate hearing them cough their lungs out and light up just as soon as they can get their breath back.   Grrrrrrrrr   

Snowy and Peanut are still obnoxious.  Peanut's favorite place is in TJ's shirt and Snowy sleeps with me.  We took them for a walk this morning and she rode in his shirt then.   So we said Snowy went for walkies and Peanut went for shirties.   That kid can be so silly.   I have a lot of things done for my shop but I am not going to post the pics here when people can just go to the shop to see them.   Things are pretty slow right now but I don't mind.  Pretty much, the shop just keeps me in yarn and patterns.   I have found some neat ones!  

The bun buns are doing fine too.   Butter was out the other day and binkying up a storm.   Jelly was mad that he was out during nap time so he proceeded to go behind his cage and chew on the wall.   Dad said he even had a grumpy look on his face.     LOL    That's about all I can think of for now.   Its been so long that I am sure I have forgotten things to talk about it but I will try to get back into blogging.   

It has come to my attention that my Dad's family reads my blog.   I have no problem with that.   What I do have a problem with is them telling me that I shouldn't talk about this on a public forum.   See, I don't agree that airing this is harmful to me or my family.   First of all, it reassures other people that yes, it does happen to others and they are not alone.   Second of all, it lets me get some of my feelings out about things that have happened to me.   I don't name names for the most part and while you can find my family by doing some digging, why would you want to?   I have been told they have to protect their family.   That's news to me, I thought *I* was family and they sure didn't protect me!   My Dad doesn't need protection.   I realize that he was abused by his Dad, molested by a male cousin, is schizophrenic with mpd and has some severe physical health problems.  That is not an excuse for what he did to me.  That doesn't make him right.   Maybe that should have stayed a secret.   No, some secrets shouldn't be.  Airing secrets like these take away their power to hurt others.   Unfortunately it doesn't take away their power to hurt me.   One thing that could lessen that power is for my Dad's family to realize that one, this is my secret to share; and two, I am their family also and deserve just as much protection.   And that thing about secrets?   Maybe, just maybe, if my Dad had been helped with HIS secret, I wouldn't have one of my own.   Food for thought.