Sunday, January 20, 2013

38 Years Later

So, yeah, I was born on January 20, 1975.   I keep waiting to feel 38 but I am not having any more luck with that than I had feeling 37, 36, etc.   Its weird, I always thought I would feel older but its like no time has passed.   I don't have more mature thoughts, etc.   But enough about my birthday!

My Etsy shop is going well, I have now sold six items and have five feedbacks.   I never could get that one woman to come back and feedback me, even though she told me how great a job I did!   I just hate having six sales and five feedbacks.   But my feedback is at 100% and I have some really nice comments!   I've bought three patterns to use so far-a skunk, an owl and a Minnie/Mickey baby set.   So far I have had to change them all somewhat but not too much.   I am working on a Valentine skunk right now.   This is the first one I am making without the tail wire so it can be a kid's toy.   She's pink with a white stripe and my aunt named her Strawberry.   I have made a minion from Despicable Me that I didn't have to buy the pattern for but I won't do it again because the woman wants the dolls to be gifts.   If I sell any more, I will have to make my own up.   They are a pretty basic shape so that shouldn't be too hard.   I figure I will make a Valentine skunk and owl, then make another Minnie set.   Its hard being the only one providing inventory for my shop!  

TJ just finished finals last week and did very well.   He has all A's once again.   The changes with this online school are just phenomenal.   He's now in his third year and just gets better and better.   The only thing he really has trouble with is Spanish.   Rosetta Stone does not like his accent.       LOL     Poor TJ has a gravely voice just like his Dad.   It goes in between loud and soft, within the same conversation.   I can't believe he's going to be 15 in June.   In some ways he acts his age and in a lot of other ways he doesn't.   To Dad and mine's pleasure, he still wants tucked in every night.   The only change is that about three years ago he stopped telling us, we were just supposed to "know".   He tells my Mom that he isn't interested in girls, that he's too busy with school right now and has plenty of time later.   That's what I mean about his maturity.   He sleeps with a stuffed hedgehog (and his pissy dog!) but yet knows that school is more important than a relationship at his age.   I know young adults that aren't that mature!

I have to give a shout out to SNORT.   She is doing so well with her surgery and weight loss that she is having to give away clothes that are too big!   I am so very proud of you, girl!

Mom is having more and more stomach problems.   It seems that she doesn't digest anything and that is causing a lot of pain.   After some internet research, we think she might have Hirschsprung's disease.   Its inherited and sounds a lot like what my great uncle had.   When the colon forms in the womb, some of the nerve cells don't develop and so the muscles used to push food along don't work properly.   The interesting thing is that you can have very mild problems all your life and it can get worse late in life.   Or you can have bad problems from the beginning.   Obviously, Mom's problems were mild and became worse a lot later.   One other effect of the messed up nerves is that her colon twists up.   That's what causes the pain.   We don't have an official diagnosis but everything fits.   The solution is so to remove the part of the colon that isn't functioning correctly.   Since she also has twice the amount of intestines she is supposed to have, that shouldn't be too hard on her.   I am looking forward to her being pain free and able to go out more, not worried about problems occurring while she is gone.   I know she is tired of knowing where all the bathrooms are.   This really is good news since there is something that can be done.   It can reoccur later but she figures that since it didn't really show until she was around 53, it probably wouldn't happen again in her lifetime.

The other heavy thing I have to talk about is my ex-husband.   Well, he's not really my ex because we aren't divorced.   I can't remember if I ever explained about that one.   He was in and out of the mental hospital when I was trying to file the paperwork and you can't serve someone that is in a psych ward.   Yeah, okay, he's been out for a long time.  But I am not interested in dating anyone and so I have just never re-started the paperwork.   In the grand scheme of things, it just hasn't seem important.   Anyway, about four months ago his psychiatrist took him off all of his medications.  This is a normal thing every few years for people with bipolar disorder because your body adjusts to the meds.   But he didn't titer him or anything, he just removed them cold turkey.   Now, Tom wasn't being very smart either about this point in time.   He was drinking.   Yeah, bi-polar and alcohol, great combo, huh?   He also had been getting hit over the head, but that's a longer story and I won't get into it here.   Needless to say, I wondered about brain damage causing his atypical behavior.   Well, his Mom called me a week or so again to tell me that he was even more erratic.   He was getting mad at everyone and had even threatened his parents.   He was walking the streets all night again and its pretty cold right now where he is.  I guess he came in their house one day with a woman's coat on and boots that were not his own.  He was just acting so strange.   Well, the day came that he his his Mom and they had to take out a restraining order.   Then the bombshell.   She called me late last week to tell me that Tom was in jail.   A friend of his had made him mad and he burned their house down.   Luckily, they weren't home at the time.  The kicker is that he thought they were.   Yes, you read that right, he was attempting murder.   He hasn't gone to trial yet but will get at least 15 years.   TJ is really mad at him for hitting his grandmother (Tom's mom).   He also mad at him for being so stupid as to burn down a house.    He was already having problems because Tom has been acting weird for several months and sometimes he couldn't even understand him on the phone.   Now, this.   Please pray for Tom's parents.  Tom is 47 years old and considered an adult.   Without his permission, his parents are not going to be told anything and he is mad at them.   Nancy has many medical problems and his Dad is battling prostate cancer.   Nancy had breast cancer in the past along with a lot of other things.   They do not need this, but they also need answers.   Answers they are not going to get as long as Tom is irrational and refusing to let them help.   At the same time, I can't help being glad that I left him 14 years ago.   It was the best decision for my son and myself.

My aunt found me a cabinet at the bad place for my craft stuff.   The funny thing is that it was a gun cabinet!   Talk about re-purposing.  It needs some work and then I can start filling it.   The following picture demonstrates exactly why I need this cabinet to be done quickly.    I will have to take a pic sometime of all my yarn and books so you can see the other reason.    LOL

This is my inventory for Etsy.   One of the perils of a home based business!
My friend's baby in her orange dress, guess she doesn't look ick in it after all!