Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Blessed Kwanza! Winter Solstice! Happy Holidays!

No matter what you celebrate this time of year or whether you celebrate it all, I hope you and your family are having a joyful time.  My heart hurts for what happened in Connecticut and I still want to do something for the kids.   I am having trouble with ideas since it is so raw still and have decided maybe I should give it some time to heal.   I hate that all the teachers I hear about are now trying to find places to hide their children, how awful that they even have to wonder about that.  I wish all the families as much peace as it possible for them to have.

TJ and I are starting to do better again about going to the gym.   I was up to 177 lbs and am pretty rapidly heading back to where I was.   I am hoping for 173 on next Sunday if not this Sunday.  I had to borrow back a pair of my pants to do laundry (from my aunt) and they look pretty funny.   I ran out of long pants and its COLD here right now!   We actually found frost on the windshield this morning when were headed to the laundromat.  That was a pretty big shock.

Our tomato plant, Harvey (my aunt named it), is not handling this cold snap well.   We lost a 1/3 of him last night.   That's a big plant for only being one!   I'll put a pic of him in this post.  I'm not sure he's going to survive winter since its not even here yet.

I guess I am ready for Christmas.   TJ only asked for one thing so it wasn't much fun to shop for him.   He hardly ever asks for anything so its easy to buy for him.   But one thing means he knows exactly what he is getting!   I did sneak a couple of Legos in there.   Somehow, the Legos left at the mobile were "lost".   T's not a big Lego fan but I use them to help with his small motor skills.   I splurged and got a really cool Lego VW van for him.   It was pricy but will be fun for Dad and I to help him put together.  Yeah, yeah, not sure whether I got it for him or me.       LOL

We aren't having a big dinner on Christmas.   Christmas Eve we are going to Hometown Buffet and then Christmas day we will have a ham and sandwich stuff like potato salad.   Much less stress on everyone and we all can enjoy the day.

My Etsy shop is going okay.   I have sold one thing and have really great feedback from it.   I am working on something else but am pretty slow this time.   My shop is pretty empty though, I think it will help when I have more things to choose from.  I lowered the price on my Christening/Baptism set but its still pretty high.   I am not sure what I will put it at if I really do decide to sell it.  The woman that bought the one outfit is going to send me a pic of her grandson.   Her daughter is due in March so I have a ways to go.   UPDATE: I sold the Santa outfit right after writing this and already have a pic.   He doesn't have the booties on because he kept kicking them off.       LOL
Legal mail with my shop name!

My first sale picture
My friend had her baby and she's very much a red head!!   That's great news for her but not great news for the dress I made her.   Hello, orange????         I will have to make her a new dress set for the baby in a better color.   She will probably put it on her anyway and I would love a pic but I am cringing thinking about how it will look!  She's such a doll, I will ask her if I can have one of her FB pics to post on here.
Alice Juliet, 7 lbs 9 oz, 20 inches long

My aunt has been busy again.   She found us a furniture set for the formal living room and it looks great.   The tables are still in the box so I haven't taken a picture yet.   After we unpack and assemble the tables tomorrow, I will add a picture to this.   I will also get a pic of the quilt my grandma made since someone asked for that.

Well, I really should get off here and do the dishes.   Then I need to start working on that outfit I am crocheting.   Its not going to get sold if I don't finish it!   I wish you and your families love and laughter this holiday.

UPDATE:  Someone on another site I follow (crochetville) asked me for my address so a "friend" could send me a little something.   I just got it yesterday and it was from the person that asked for it.   LOL       The note said, "An Angel for an Angel".   What a pleasant surprise! 

And I finished another outfit to sell and am working on a dress right now. 

Mosque TJ made for school

Harvey is the one in the middle, that's ONE plant!
STILL coming soon on a blog near you...   LOL
a pic of the quilt