Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reporting as Ordered, Sir/Ma'am

Now I don't want people thinking I am trying to make fun of military.   I just have had a lot of people asking me to update this blog and a few were more on the order of a demand, not a request.     LOL That includes my mother! 

I have been soooooooooo busy since I last posted.   SNORT, I am so proud of how you are doing, girl!  By now your surgery is over and the hard part is done.  I'm glad your recovery went well and things are pretty much back to normal for you.   When you find out what normal is, would you let me know?   Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I have been paying attention and am impressed. 

Things weren't too bad with my aunt here until Thanksgiving came around.  She arrived on Halloween so I didn't hand out candy.  We'll have to do that next year since I had to send away an adorable Spider-man that couldn't have been more than three.  I was home alone though so I didn't think I could keep the dogs from heading out the door with each Trick or Treater. 

My aunt and I went to the "Bad Place" as we call it and she found my Mom the most gorgeous china cabinet.   This is not the best picture of it but you can see it.  I fell in love with it and was so happy she got it for her.  I am not sure what style it is, my aunt and Mom think its more of a Arabian type look.  I have no clue, nor do I care, I just think its beautiful.

She found TJ a very handsome bedroom set too.   Just ignore the upside down laundry basket with a towel on it-that's Peanuts jumping spot.  If you see a lump under the blanket, that is all her babies (stuffed toys)!  The bedside table needs re-finished but you can see its a very nice set.  Since we only want real wood, its taking us awhile to furnish the house.  We need affordable as well as nice.  The bears on top of his dresser were purchased at a PX and my aunt put all my uncle's medals on them.  TJ loved my uncle, he got to be with him a very short time before he died.   My uncle had Alzheimer's but he remembered TJ from day to day.   Since he (TJ) was in Missouri such a short time, I am really happy TJ got to spend time with him.   Anyway, my aunt sent TJ a bunch of his service things and these bears were among them. 

The next picture I have to share is pretty boring.   But what it means is more exciting!  Yes, its TJ's new door.  He doesn't have the hardware in it yet but neither dog has figured out they can just push it open.  Its made a big difference in him having undisturbed sleep and Peanut has stopped barking at my aunt getting up. 

The other exciting thing is that we got over to the mobile and everything is home!!   We have some things ruined but luckily its nothing that can't be replaced.  All keepsakes made it through and although the formal living room is a mess, its nice to finally be moved.  There is one more shed to empty with Dad's tools but there are so few in there that I refuse to count it.        LOL  The first load was mildly amusing.  Dad went over and I guess he didn't really know what our stuff is because 90% of it was theirs!   We had to take all that back as well as get more, so I went from then on.   My Mom was happy to get back the last quilt my Grandma made and her Great Grandmother's table.  Its a steel table with a poured glass top and was actually about four or five greats back.   But Mom remembers her grandmother baking on it and it means a lot to her.   The top is original but the legs were replaced about 60 years ago.  Since we never had room, this is the first time we can display it instead of using it for a catch all. 

Thanksgiving was fantastic.   We were going to go to HomeTown for dinner but Mom wanted to have dinner in our new home, just this once.  Dad and I moaned and groaned but it was no use.  Then we were going to make a variety of enchiladas with some rice and homemade refried beans and my uncle griped that he had to have a traditional dinner.   So the planning began.  First was the whirlwind van trips to get all our stuff over here once and for all.  Then the grocery shopping.  Mom had invited Aunt Espie, Uncle Gary, Cousin Carrie and her kids Drayven and Clarissa, Friend of the Family Dave, Uncle Judd, His partner Alex and then there are five of us with my aunt here.  That's a lot of people!!  I continued to gripe about it as I got more and more tired trying get things ready but it was going to happen for better or for worse.   I should clarify that my Aunt Espie has been cooking, serving and cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner for over a decade.  She also does the dinner for her church were she cooks up to 30 turkeys because no one else will.  Did I mention she's in her sixties?   Yeah, I needed to quit whining and buckle down. 

My Aunt Janice made the Seven Layer Salad, Blueberry Stuff (official name) and prepared the turkey.   I made the Green Bean Casserole, Yams and Apples, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, cooked the Turkey and did all the house cleaning to prepare for guests.   I had to shoo my aunt out of the kitchen so many times!!!  Mom was upset because I wouldn't let her help either but then she wouldn't have had energy to enjoy her guests.  Mom wanted to use the Friendly Village dishes that her mother left her so I washed all those as well in preparation.  Its a service for like 20!  Anyway, something funny happened.   We did most of the prep on Wed and finished it up on Thursday.   I was exhausted but I was also so proud of myself for putting on a dinner for so many people, basically on my own.  My Aunt Espie and Carrie were both at loose ends, trying to sneak in to help, along with my Uncle Judd.    LOL      But I did it, I even cleaned everything up by myself afterwards.   And you know what?   It was fun!   I was exhausted but proud and thrilled with every compliment on all my hard work.   So guess who is doing it again next year?   Yeah, I have a lot of years still to help out my Aunt Espie.   :)

My other exciting news is that I finally put something in my Etsy store to sell.   It looks pretty bare with just one item, but if I wait till I have more, I will have given them away already.  So I posted it last night and I already have one favorite.   I am working on a baby ballerina outfit right now in mint green and white.  


  1. Your hand made baby is precious!!!

  2. Hi ShellieB! I was going to tease you and say it's about time you put down the crochet hook and updated us, but I see you've been very busy doing a lot of other things as well! Love the new (old) furniture you and your Aunt found. I think it is much more fun looking for affordable used items than it is to go to a store and buy brand new furniture. New stuff just doesn't have the same character. And I really love the old drop leaf table from gr. grandma (hey, show us the quilt your grandma made too sometime). Congrats on handling the turkey day dinner so well. I haven't done it the last few years and I kindof miss it. I am a little amazed that I can serve a complete Thanksgiving meal too, as I am not into cooking at all. I know what you mean about cleaning up afterwards too. It feels good getting everything cleaned up and put away in its place. I don't know why holiday cooking/cleaning is so much more enjoyable for me than doing it everyday. That's not so fun for me. Okay, pick up your yarn and hook and fill that Etsy shop up girl! You do beautiful work and I hope it works out that you can make a little money using your skills. I know people who sell their work to others, but I guess I don't know how to market my work. I enjoy the creative process but give my projects away to different charities instead. Oh, and before I go, I have to say that TJ's bears are so cool. What a great way to display his uncle's medals! I've never seen that before. Take care ~ Skirts From That Other Blog

  3. Look up "reborn babies" on Ebay. Those people would go absolutely nuts over your handmade creations! Especially, if you label it for a reborn baby.

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I updated my listing a bit and hopefully its more interesting.

  4. Great Blog Shellie! I love the Vintage/Antique table! Feeding a large group a large meal is exhausting! been there, done that and quit about 6 years ago. Now I leave it to the younger Gals. Marley ♥

  5. You are so talented Shellie. I hope you sell that one and continue to make such beautiful things. Whoever buys it will be very lucky to have it. I barely can do a single crochet stitch and make crooked blankets ! :) You have talent my dear.

    Great job on cooking the feast. It sounds like it was a perfect day, tiring but perfect.

    p.s. Congrats on your continued weight loss. I am still struggling trying to get my act together. Keep up the good work!

  6. I really haven't been on the computer much because I've been so tired, and I've missed you! I'm tickled you updated, and thank you for giving me a shout! In 5 weeks I am down 28 lbs.

    I cannot thank you, Meda (who I regard as my long-distance Mom), TJ, Dad, the pups, and bunnies for the wonderful gift from The Swiss Colony! I opened it up to show Footlong the contents, and he eagerly ate one of the little cakes (a creme de menthe torte). 6-inch had two bites and liked it as well. I am so touched that you guys thought of me and my family ♥

    And...from someone who loves to cook, let me tell you how proud I am of you doing Thanksgiving! Wish I could have seen you "shoo" your aunt out of the kitchen!!!!

    I love the crocheting! I can't even sew a damn button on a shirt.

  7. This is in response to your comment and YOUR opinion on MWOP today. I totally understand and respect and agree with your post. I am sorry you were bullied - I know you would never offend anyone ever. Do not let the unkind comments bother you. Some of the people over there enjoy creating drama. I am banned for voicing my opinion on MWOP but I respect you and your feelings.

  8. I just read your posts on MWOP and the previous comment here. It makes me sad that you do not believe in God and you stated that you are not a Christian. Several of your posts you repeated that you are NOT A CHRISTIAN? The poem you posted was beautiful. But - it sounded like it was posted by a person that believes in Jesus and heaven - and you denied that you are Christian, no God, no Heaven. I'm confused.

    1. I never said I didn't believe in God. There is more than one religion that has that belief. As I said, I am more spiritual than religious. There are many, many aspects to organized religion that I don't agree with. The poem was beautiful and I stand by that, it just wasn't appropriate for all people. I am not sure if that will help your confusion.