Friday, October 12, 2012

The Post Where I Tell You I Am Not Dead

Wow, its been a busy week.  We had my aunt, cousin, uncle and my cousin's friend here from Missouri.  They got here Monday and left this morning about eleven am.  Even though they were in a hotel and spent most of the day out running around, we were way ready to see them go home.  Not to say I don't love my relatives, but we are used to it being a lot more quiet around here.  TJ had more meltdowns this week than he has in literally years.  The poor kid was so stressed out while everyone was around that he had to cram most of his work for the week in just two days, he couldn't work with all the commotion.  My aunt is mostly deaf and as a result, you have to shout.  Now imagine shouting to her as well as two other loud voices in the room-my cousin and her friend.   My uncle is pretty quiet but he still made another voice.   He didn't know what to do and he couldn't get away from all the noise.   I felt really bad for him!   I didn't deal with it well either, I crocheted about non-stop (Mom had the laptop for her own hiding place-LOL) and didn't really talk much to anyone.   One day we also had my Mom's cousin and her husband here visiting!   Yeah, count that, ten people in our living room when we are used to just us.  The only thing I kept thinking though is that with their health problems, it would likely be the last time I would see my uncle or aunt.    My uncle is the oldest of Mom's brother's and sisters and has COPD.   He weighs approximately 700 lbs and its mostly in his chest.  He's insulin dependent and eats pretty much what he wants.  My aunt my Mom's older sister but not the oldest.   She weighs around 600 and again, its mostly in her chest.   Only half of her heart is working and that half is being regulated with a dual pacemaker.  She's also insulin dependent and eats whatever she wants, just giving herself more insulin to make up for it.  She doesn't have COPD that I know but does have breathing problems.   So I would not be surprised if this is the last time we see them alive.  :(

My aunt really hurt TJ's feelings, asking what was wrong with him because he hid out in his schoolroom the whole time everyone was here.  He actually asked Mom if my aunt knew he was not retarded.  (Sorry for those of you offended by this term, he is not using it to be derogatory)  She just kept yelling about something being wrong with him and I guess he told Mom she was mean and just stayed away.  I don't think that helped him be very comfortable this week.  We didn't get to the gym like we should or ride our bikes so its back to normal next week. 

I had an updated 504 meeting with his teachers this week as well and he had so many glowing reviews!   Here they are:

Hempel/Paragon:  He has a very high A, consistently submitting thorough, thoughtful work. He volunteers regularly in the live sessions & can be counted on as a go-to person whenever I need one. His direct communication to me regarding assignments is minimal, but definitely sufficient. I am so delighted to have him again this year.

Weiner/Biology:  He is an excellent online student. He completes all assignments on time, he is up to date with his work. He asks questions if he has them. Attends Collaborates. He has a 92% in my class.

Algebra I/Miller:  TJ is doing great in Algebra.  We communicate through the pager pretty much daily.  He has a 97 in the class.  LOVE LOVE LOVE him.  He's funny and communicates well. 

Spanish I/Lech:  TJ has been doing very well in Spanish.  He consistently completes all assignments on time and to and exceptional level. He is in attendance and participates during Collaborate sessions.  His current average is 99%.

9th LA/Myers:  96%. TJ is doing well although Mom says he is struggling a bit from the workload. Mom reads aloud to him and he is successful with reading comp assignments. No additional accommodations seem to be needed.

PE/Lewis:  99%. He is doing very well in my course.  I don't have any issues and he actually is one of my best students! 

As you can see, he has a lot to be proud of! 

I have been getting sooooooo much done lately with my crochet.   I finally finished an angel I started a year ago and she is one of my best.   I had a lot of trouble with her because she is for a child, not a baby.  I usually only do babies because I suck at making mouths!   I can do a pacifier instead and nobody knows.     :)  I was not happy with her mouth but her mother said she was perfect so I guess I will live.   I had to wait for some more alphabet beads because I have made so many of these that I ran out of a letter I need for her name.   They usually get a name necklace, bracelet, banner, etc.  I am almost ready to start on one for Tripp.   I found the perfect pattern with big, chubby cheeks.   

I also have a friend that is expecting in December.   Often when I finish a memory angel/doll, I like to do something cheery to counter that.   So I decided to make her a layette.   I found a good dress pattern then found booties and a sweater I am happy with.   I haven't made the booties or sweater yet but I will probably start the booties tonight.  Since the dress is a short sleeve, I just left the sleeves off and bought a long sleeve onesie.  December in Kentucky can be pretty cold!  I have a hooded sweater pattern that is really cute, I'll start that one as soon as the booties are done.  Anyway, I am sure there are things I am leaving out on here but that's all I can think of for now.   I'll leave you with a pic of the dress and an old one of TJ just for the heck of it.


  1. TJ's school progress report is super! He should indeed be very proud of himself and you,proud of him,too!
    And for what it is worth I don't know of any 14 year olds (especially boys) who will willingly hang out in a room full of adult family for any longer than absolutely neccessary. They all retreat to their own space as soon a possible.

  2. Both the dress and the angel are beautiful. Great Job!

  3. Congrats on making through the family visit. Sometimes they can be so stressful! Your crocheting is beautiful. I just learned recently and made a blanket for one of the kids. Both of your projects turned out amazing!

  4. I am sorry TJ had such a hard time. Family is great @ a distance-espically for children. Michelle pat yourself on the back you are raising a very hard working little boy. Mary

  5. Sometimes you have to distance yourself from people - including relatives - from your life. For your own well being. You are a good person. You and your family comes first.