Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are You All Sitting Down?

Wow do I have a lot to update you all on.   I got back into my crocheting and its taking up all the time that TJ's school is not.   I guess I am pretty OCD about things-whatever I am doing, I am doing it all the time.  But yesterday was a really unusual day for me.   Everyone except me is sick with some nasty virus.   It starts out like a minor cold then progresses to a nasty cold.   Just when you think you are better, you break out in another fever and start experiencing stomach problems.   Either that or we have two different viruses going around, there's a pleasant thought!  I have had some small cold symptoms for as long as everyone else has been sick but nothing big and it doesn't seem to be progressing.   It would be ironic if I am now healthier from the exercise!      LOL      Anyway, Mom hasn't been out of the house in almost a week and Dad feels worse every time he gets back from a bike ride.   TJ started the really nasty cold thing on Friday and was pretty miserable.  We needed more Dayquil and a few groceries but Mom sounds awful and is having stomach problems on top of everything.   Dad broke out in a sweat just walking across the room and TJ is going nowhere sounding like he does.   So..... I rode my bike to the store.  Alone.

I can't believe I did it!   I was terrified the whole time and I probably burned tons of calories with just sheer terror.   But I did it!   I feel safe on my bike, just not on foot.   There is no way I can walk to the store yet and I kept looking behind me for TJ.       LOL          I am used to making sure he stays behind me and to the far right so he's not in the way of cars.   It was so odd to look back and see he wasn't there.  The good thing was I am always trying to pedal faster and have to slow down so I don't lose him.   Yesterday, I pedaled as fast as I wanted!   On the way back that was not a good thing, the wind was facing me and the faster I tried to pedal, the stronger it became in pushing me back.   I finally had to about snail crawl home with the bike.   Dad said I should have just got off and walked the bike but then I would have felt vulnerable.  Anyway, I made it.  TJ is feeling better today but I might need to ride one more time alone, we will see how he does.   I proved to myself though, that when it comes to the love of my family, I can do anything.

Riding alone trumps what T and I did last but that was still significant too.   The bunny nails were really really bad and Mom was at the worst she's been.   So about a week ago, TJ and I loaded the buns up in travel cages, stacked them precariously in a shopping cart (one of those you buy, not a store one) and walked them down to the groomer.   Luckily for us, there is one a mile away.   This was right before it cooled down again here so it wasn't such a fun walk.   That and the hard shell one with Jelly in it was too big to fit down in the cart so it was balanced (and not well) on top.   He kept shifting around and I kept having to fix it so he didn't fall down on top of Butter's soft case!   But again, we made it there and home.   The buns are much happier and we have extended things we can do without Mom having to drive us. 

Well, its almost Halloween and we have a treat instead of a trick.   My aunt is coming early this year.   I just found her ticket for her a few days ago and she will be coming in on the 31st and staying until late Feb.   We love her dearly but she is a bit more fussy than we are, it should be interesting!  Dad hasn't gotten much done, he really hasn't felt well and has been playing yo yo with his diabetes.  Poor TJ still doesn't have a bedroom door.  Hopefully he can get that done before she gets here since the dogs bark every time she leaves her room.   Peanut starts it and Snowy joins because his sister is.  

Hopefully the house is well soon, we really don't have much time before my aunt will be here.  Poor TJ is getting further and further behind and is NOT happy about it.  Pretty funny for a kid that had no work ethic in regular school   I am making dresses for those little 5 inch dolls for the two big sister's of the baby the dress is for.  Wow, that was really awkward grammar!   Anyway, I made them cradle purses a few years ago and tons of doll clothes.  So I thought it would be cute to re-create the baby's dress for their dolls.  Luckily, their Mom said they still play with their dolls.  Now I just need my pattern books from the mobile!   Oh yeah, did I mention we still don't have our stuff?    Last I heard, they broke the doors off my cabinet, so I hope my stuff doesn't get all dirty and torn up.   As soon as Mom's feeling a bit better, she said we can go take a box and get the stuff from my cabinet.   I still want to know how you can break the doors off a pressed wood cabinet.   I know its not as sturdy as wood but its not that weak either!

I would like to start a Tripp doll soon too, I just started crocheting again and kinda took off.  My ultimate goal is to stop giving things away and fill up my etsy store I made years ago.   It would be nice to have some extra money for treats, you know, like paying bills!  I am bad about making things and giving them away though, so its been very hard to even list one thing in the store.  I bought a book off ebay that has tons of miniature doll patterns with clothes and I think they would sell nicely.   I just need to make some and try it.   That's another reason I need my stuff, most of my thread is in the cabinet, not here. 

Well, I guess that's enough for now.  I had more to update but by the time I wrote this, I have forgotten most of it.       LOL     Next time I post I will put a pic of the doll clothes I am making.  Cross your fingers that I never get sicker and the house finally gets healthier!


  1. Great job, Shellie. Proud of you.

  2. Hi Shellie, have you ever made animals? I know several people that would love little raccoons or squirrels.

    1. I have made animals and I have found a couple of good patterns for squirrels and raccoons, let me see what I can do. I don't even know prices yet!