Monday, September 24, 2012

Three Reasons Why I Was Not Supposed to Get Up Today

Today was going to be the first time we made it to the gym on Monday.   TJ has three classes today but the first class is like 10 minutes and there is time in between to go work out.  Saturday turned out to be a bad day to go because they have swim lessons so we ended up in the fitness center again.   So I decided Monday, Wednesday and Friday would do just fine.  I know I am getting ready to start
TTOTM  but this morning?   Really?   That was strike one.

So good Mom that I am, I decided we would ride our bikes for a half hour instead and do some weights at home later.   Since our journey is not a half hour, we went down several side streets to get some extra time in.  On one of those side streets, my tire popped!   Now we were four blocks away from home so guess who got to walk her bike for those four blocks?   Yep, me.  On the bright side, I discovered I normally walk 3 miles an hour.   Yeah, I kept watching the bike speedometer as I walked.     LOL    So for those who are counting, that was strike two.

I am sweaty and ick so I decide to get a shower this morning when we get back.  I am doing just fine, just trying to be quiet because the only working shower is in the master bath and Dad's asleep.  So much for quiet, I dropped the portable shower head trying to hang it back up and had Dad in the bathroom making sure I am okay.   Uh...not cool.  So there was strike three.   I am beginning to think someone is trying to tell me something!

I'll end with a cute poster TJ made, its a Zulu proverb poster and he used clip art but he used it very effectively.

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