Saturday, September 15, 2012

This is SAD

I woke up at almost eight am this morning and went ahead and got up.   Since it was Saturday, I normally sleep in but we need to get to the gym before it gets hot.   Since its about 100 or better in the afternoon, we try to go early.   I went and got TJ up then went to get my breakfast.   He comes stumbling out and proceeds to WHINE for the next hour about it being to early to leave!!!        I was ready to strangle hm.  He kept saying it was too early over and over.   I finally pointed out that he had whined so long that it was not so early anymore!   I finally got him to get his own breakfast and more importantly, to stop whining.   I don't know why, but I have NO patience with whining, no matter what the age of the child.  

Anyway, TJ woke up enough to cooperate and I told him to walk outside and see if it was too hot before I got my gym clothes on.  I was not about to get ready, only for him to start whining that it was too hot to ride our bikes.  Sure enough, he went out and it was too hot.   Now he is supposed to have 2-20 minutes sessions of strength training and 3-30 minute cardio sessions.  Cardio is easy to do at home, strength training, not so much.  

I laid down and took a nap first because I woke up early for the little monster.  But when I got up I got two empty milk cartons and filled them with five gallons of water.   First, TJ did some curls to work on his core then we switched to using the milk cartons for free weights.   It wasn't ideal, they aren't exactly made for that purpose, but they worked.  The only problem was I do these with him and we only had the two empties.  So I had to wait until he took his turn and was done with his gym requirements.

Then came the funny part.   I had laid a folded blanket in the floor to help cushion us some.   I got it position for my curls and had Dad hold my feet down.   Then I tried to sit up.   Then I tried again to sit up.   A third, a fourth, you get the idea.   I couldn't get up no matter how hard I tried!   I just laid there, laughing my head off because I couldn't even do one curl.   The dogs enjoyed it though, they both kept attacking me.   I think I ended up trying about four times to sit up and never did manage it.  

I can either laugh about it or cry and I chose to laugh.   And TJ?   He managed to do 30 of them in between dog attacks of his own.

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