Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Some Stuff

I saw something so sad today at the laundromat.   There was a woman there with a little girl.   She was cute as a button, probably no more than four and likely a bit younger.   The woman put her laundry in, then sat down at the table and started texting as well as making a few calls.  Her daughter kept calling her name and wandering around, trying to get her attention.   The woman actually told her daughter, "Now see what you did?   I messed up and have to start over, if you would leave me alone I wouldn't make mistakes." 
I was appalled.   TJ is 14 and I MISS those days something fierce.  People need to realize how fast that time really goes and wake up.   

TJ and I have made every gym day so far this week.   Now we just have to make it on Saturday and we'll finally have a streak going!   I have learned to put my suit on at home and just wear my shorts over it.   Trust me, you don't want to ride your bike while wearing only slick bathing suit bottoms, you would slide off your seat!   I really do need to get a pic of TJ and I all geared up, I think we look cute.   We get in the pool after retrieving our water buoys and noodles.  Yep, I can't get the kid out of the pool ever since he discovered he could strength train in there.  I have no idea what each float means but I know that he really has to force his under the water and sometimes loses his balance and floats off!   Its really pretty funny so we stop our count so he can get his footing again.

You would have laughed at both of us after the first time we tried the pool.  In the water we really didn't notice ourselves getting tired and pushed further than we had intended.  But as soon as we stepped out of the water and started walking to the locker rooms I heard, "Oooooooh, my EVERYTHING hurts!"   I was cruel and told him that meant we had a good workout.  I did laugh at him but trust me, I was in pain as well.  The second time we did the water stuff, the woman in the front office came in to see me dangling from the side by my legs, trying to do underwater sit-ups.   Those were awful on my nose!  She showed me how to use the noodle to do crunches so I added that to T's fitness.  Yesterday I did 100 that I counted and I don't know how many I did with TJ because I forgot to count.  It was at least 20.

We have a new habit.   We go to 7-11 after our workout because its too early in the morning for ice cream.   I am hooked on their mini boston cremes and TJ has fun picking out new chip flavors.  We can't do it all the time so we need to stop doing it but it has been fun.   I hope I am creating good memories for him.   He knows that I have trouble leaving the house and I really hope he is seeing that it doesn't matter, for him I will do anything.   He's a pretty smart kid, so I wouldn't be surprised if he actually has noticed.

I've been more scarce online since I noticed TJ wasn't having a weekend.  He had so much work that he was having to do it on weekends too and that's not good.  So I started spending more time sitting with him doing work.  Its really working for him, he likes it when I am there and it gives him confidence.  Right now he's doing a short story unit so we have been doing that as a family.   I read the story out loud and everyone listens, then we all discuss it.   Its been so much fun that we are going to continue it.   I think a book of good suspenseful short stories would be a lot of fun for us.   We aren't as bad as most people about electronics but I am honest enough to admit that Mom and I could be more unplugged too.   A night to read a story together and a night for a family game night would go a long way.  All we need is a cheap card table to put up to Mom's chair and she can participate too.

I don't know why, but I am getting excited about my glasses.  They said 7-10 days so they will be here from today on.   I did get my backorder in the mail even though I meant to cancel it, I hope it fits better than the rest of the stuff did!   I finally sent it all back and I really don't want to send this one back too.  I am finally thinking of getting my hair cut.   I grow it out for Locks of Love and its sooooo thick that it can give me headaches.   If I go to bed with it wet, it will be still damp in the morning.  I always thought short hair made you look bigger and that's the last thing I wanted when I noticed I was gaining a bit.  Speaking of which, I have no clue why but I keep gaining the last few weeks and its driving me nuts.   I am not gaining a lot, its literally ounces instead of pounds but its still irritating.  I am sure its the exercising and my body adjusting but I wish it would hurry up.   I finally had to MAKE myself stop weighing and make a promise to myself to only weigh on Sundays.  I am half tempted to weigh once a month or twice a month but I don't think I could do that!

I have finally gotten started making angels again, or at least finishing one I started.  Its been a year since I was working on this poor little girl and its way overdue.   She is all done as far as body goes, now I have to get some clothes on her!   I started a dress at the laundromat only for it to go wrong and not fit.   So its back to the drawing board.   I will post a pic of her when she's all done and AFTER her Momma gets to see her first, after all, she's waited long enough.

This is a little guy I saw out the window, just hanging out on Mom's scooter.  I had to go outside and get a pic, he was just too cute.  And no, I don't know if he's a boy or a girl.    :)


  1. That Little Critter makes me think of the Sci-Fi shows today...Theme: BUGS :o( ~~~~~~~~~~eeew! Marley♥

  2. LOL, We are watching Camel Spiders right now! Its so fake that we are all rolling.