Thursday, September 6, 2012

An Afternoon with Mom

I haven't forgotten about finishing my story but I am still not quite ready for Part 3.  

Tuesday was TJ and I's first time at the gym.   We got our gear together, put on our helmets and headed down the road.   I could tell we haven't been biking in some time since its a mile to the gym and both of us were already tired.   I could tell this would be a fun workout.       LOL    The good thing is we found a less busy road to go down so we weren't in all that traffic.   It seems like cars AIM for people biking or walking!

The lady at the fitness center was great!   She showed TJ this machine that pretty much does everything he needs it to.   There is a chart on the wall about the different exercises and how you have to sit, etc., to work each muscle group.   She had him do one set of each type of exercise just to give him an idea.   Then she even showed him the stretches for each muscle group he worked!   Since the $65 a month doesn't include personal training, that was really nice of her.  I always thought when you stretched that you just stretched in general.   For some reason it never occurred to me that you were supposed to stretch the same muscles you used.           LOL

He didn't spend very much time on each group of muscles but it was his whole 20 minutes of time so I called it good.   He decided to try out the treadmill just for fun and I went over to a bike.   We both enjoyed watching the calories burned part and went a little longer than we should have.   He wants to try it again today, making it faster and playing with the incline.           LOL         We were only on each machine for five minutes but our legs were aching.   I forgot about the fact that we were biking there and home, so working our legs was probably not a good idea. 

It was around lunchtime so I told him we could eat somewhere in the area.   He picked the Subway across the street from the gym and we headed out again.  We get to Subway and he tells me he needs to use the bathroom!   I asked why he didn't say anything while we were at the gym and he said he didn't need to go then  Where is a rolling eye smiley when you need one?    Turns out that none of the shops there, including Subway have a restroom and we ended up across the street at Rite Aid.

Now I am sure you are wondering why in the world I am talking about this!?   Well, at Rite Aid they have an ice cream counter.   So of course we decided that we would have to have an ice cream after our subs.   So we looked at the counter to see some of the choices.   We headed to Subway not sure whether we were getting the Birthday Cake or the Circus Animal Cookie.   I laughed as TJ collapsed at a booth at Subway and took pity on him by ordering his food for him.  Teenagers can be so dramatic! 

We had a nice lunch and then headed back over to Rite Aid.   Two scoops of Birthday Cake later, we were enjoying our ice cream.   TJ said the person that invented Birthday Cake ice cream was a genius.       LOL     It was really odd, you could taste the cake and icing!   They even had sprinkles for color.   We decided that would have to be a semi-regular stop on our gym days.   Once a month we will have lunch and once a week we will have an ice cream.   He said he's getting the Circus Animal Cookie next time and I have my eye on the Blueberry Cheese Cake Greek Yogurt ice cream!

It was a nice outing and I think he had fun.   I feel sort of silly that I have to have my 14 year old kid with me, that I can't travel on my own, but I think its actually good for both of us.  We are headed to the gym again after lunch and will take our suits this time.   I'm going to let him play in the pool to cool off after his work out before we head over for our ice cream.   Yes, we already went this week, but I'm Mom and I can break my own rules once in a while.       LOL     TJ's growing too fast, he has to borrow Dad's helmet until I get him a new one because he needs an adult size now.   Ah well, that happens. 

Well, we didn't make it to the gym today.   TJ was griping it was too hot and truthfully, it was a bit too hot to leave at one pm.   I decided I would just pedal tonight and I just got done with 45 minutes.   My legs are like noodles!  Mom and I had to run errands and we took TJ with us.   He was going to try Baskin Robbins for the first time in his life.   Yeah, I know, but most times we get ice cream out, its a vanilla at McDonald's.   Anyway, turns out the poor kid has not outgrown getting carsick.    So I guess we will get a scoop tomorrow at Rite Aid after the gym.

We are going to get up tomorrow at 7 am so we can be out of the house by 8 am.   It will definitely not be too hot then!   So wish me luck, we are awake sometimes at 7 am, but not exactly coherent.   I was proud of TJ, it was his idea to get up early. 

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  1. I love this! What a great way to spend time with a teenage child! TJ will always remember the effort you are making to meet his school exercise requirement and the fun it actually was. The fact that it gets you out and moving is an added bonus.