Saturday, August 18, 2012

Variety News

Yeah, I know, two posts in one day.   That is pretty impressive!  But, the first post was a bit of a downer and I doubt either of the 2 people (LOL) that read this were really interested.   That post was for me.

Anyway, we have had a lot going on and I have a few little stories to share.  We still don't have all our stuff from the mobile but Mom and I have a new plan.  We are going to go over early every morning and get a van load.  If she is having an exceptionally good day, we will go in the evening as well.   You would be surprised what I can get in there by filling up the back and both back seats!   I am not thrilled about putting it all in the formal living room but its only temporary.  I can unpack it from there.  It WILL be nice not to have this conversation, "Where is ****?  Oh yeah, its at the mobile!"

Mom's tummy is not happy right now.  Her diverticulitis was exacerbated by West Nile virus.  My Dad and her got a mild case of it.  Unfortunately, everything that she gets that affects her stomach lasts longer with her because it usually also aggravates her medical problems.   Dad is feeling better but she is still fighting lingering symptoms.  She hasn't been able to tool around on her scooter much because its cooler in the evening but no less humid.  She can't breathe when its too wet out.  Her birthday and anniversary were both this week so it was kind of a sucky week.   The only upside was finding this great Italian restaurant that delivers in our neighborhood.  We ordered Chicken Parmesan for her birthday and it was really good!  It was $32 for the entree, a family salad, a 2 liter of pop and delivery.  That dish had EIGHT chicken breasts!!!       We ended up feeding a total of 13 people from that one dish.  Of course I mean it was us eating it on different days for lunch, etc.  Its not something we can do all the time on our budget of course, but very affordable once a month, especially with all the leftovers.  For her anniversary I got her a single serving tuxedo mousse (if you don't know what it is, find out, OMG) and put a candle in it.   Then Dad and TJ got a cupcake.  I had a single serve Dryers double chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.  It was almost too chocolatey!  I know, I know, hard to be too chocolatey, but it was only almost.

Peanut gave us quite a giggle the other day as well as a bit of a worry!   Mom wasn't sure if she was going to have great grand-kids.   We have been getting sporadic storms with thunder and lightning.  Well, Peanut doesn't like thunder and was scared.  So she crawled into TJ's boxers!  I am not sure how she manages it, but she does.  Anyway, she poked her head out of the slit and it looked really odd!  Just imagine looking over at your child and seeing a dog's head peeking out of the front flap of boxers.  The worry was because if she gets mad, she is not in a good place for biting.  I am afraid I did not take pictures.  I know they would have made great blog fodder and all but I was just don't think it would have been appropriate!

Snowy had a story of his own.  Mom uses a pillow under my laptop to get it higher for her and somehow, it became a game for him to attack the pillow when she's done playing.  He listens for the click of the mouse turning off, her shutting the lid, etc.  He's pretty good at it!  When he hears them, he races over and starts barking for the pillow.  We usually wrestle him with it awhile and then put it up.  Well, today Mom barked back at him when he barked for the pillow!  He stopped and just looked at her, cocking his head.  No telling what she said but he went nuts, really attacking the pillow after that.   We were all cracking up.

TJ had his first week of 9th grade this week and it was packed!  He normally only has one class each day but since they only had three days this week, they packed a lot into them.  The classes were much shorter than they normally are but the chaos of the schedule caused a lot of meltdowns.   Not to mention whining.  For the most part, he is really a very good kid and we hadn't had meltdowns in a long time.  I guess we are pretty lucky, I have heard some real horror stories of kids with Aspergers that are violent.  That doesn't mean that the whining didn't get old!  We have our own schedule with his school, they are supposed to do a little of all their classes each day but that is not works for TJ.  He does best by doing the whole week's work for one class each day.  For example, Monday is his live LA class.   So on Mondays, he will do all of his LA work for the week.   There is always wiggle room in case there is too much work for just that one day.  Another class might have less work so that day he can do some spillover things.  The other thing is that a couple of the classes have like a cumulative paper due at the end of every quarter.  So he works a little bit on those every week to take a big assignment down to size.  It works great, his papers are always exceptional with all that extra time and always done early!

I have been going to the laundromat about once a week.  Unfortunately, I kept getting up too late this week and had about 10 dryer load's worth.  We do have a washer/dryer at our house but its still not hooked up.  In the mobile, we had them inside and could do laundry any time of day.  Over here, its in the garage and its too hot to be out there.  I feel sick just going out to get bedding and hay to change bunny boxes.  So we have put on hold any more renovation, etc, until the weather cools.  Its either pay the electric/gas/water company for using the washer/dryer or pay the laundromat.  While its so hot, its going to be the laundromat.  I get there about 8 am and am done by 10 am so that's not too bad!  You don't want to go any later than that or the laundromat will be too hot.        LOL

I am continuing to lose and still eating normal.  Last night I weighed Snow and Peanut to see what they are now and I weighed 178 in the evening!  That means that in the morning, I will most likely weigh 177, I am not holding my breath for 176 because your weight loss slows big time as you level off.  And in case you were interested, Peanut weighs a whole 3 lbs now!  Snowy weighs 8.4 and the treats are getting cut off.  Its hard because they look at you with true puppy eyes but he's supposed to weigh like 5 or 6.  They got a bath today and look so pretty.   The white part of their fur is very white and they are all fluffy.  For a three lb dog, Peanut let me know how much she liked her sink bath.  Needless to say, it wasn't much.  They have been scratching a lot but I have never found fleas.  I think they have really dry skin and hopefully that will help.  Peanut spent her dry time in her towel in TJ's shirt.  Snowy took a shower with Dad and I guess he liked it until he figured out that he was getting washed too, not just Dad.  Let's just say Dad learned the hard way that he needs wear something in the shower to bathe the dog! 

Well, I think that's about everything that has been happening around here.  I need to blog more often but it will actually get harder now that he is back in school.  He is really smart but lacks some confidence so a lot of the time I have to sit with him while he does his assignments.  He does do more and more each year on his own though, I am really proud of him.  Dad and I are watching Dawn of the Dead and I suppose I should get some dinner.       We still have leftover chicken tacos we need to clean up so I guess I will raid the fridge.   (:


  1. You sound like a sweet, sweet person Shellie. I truly know in my heart that you are a good person. I haven't read your blog. I believe you are not a Christian and probably never had religion in your life. That doesn't make you a bad person. I am not a "Jesus" freak. But I am a Christian. I hope someday you will be a Christian and stop judging others. Why does it make you happy to judge other people? I don't understand. Maybe because I am a Christian and you are not? I did not want to offend you. Just hoping you will maybe some day find religion

    1. She didn't "judge" anybody. Where did that even come from?
      I love reading your blog, Shellie.

    2. This is Michelle's Mom. Anonymous: you have no clue what you are saying! Michelle grew up going to church every Sunday and Wednesday! She is a Christian. Furthermore, she does not judge others! (Unlike YOU). She knows, as do I, the judging is up to God. We are here to love one another. I hope you find that anyone's religion is not up to us to judge! Leave the judging to God

      Meda Korsund

    3. Shellie is an active member of a hate site. How is that "Christian" and not considered judging someone?

  2. I just wanted to say that I love your blog Shellie. Ignore the haters. :)

    I posted a picture of my sun porch progress on my blog. Since you're renovating, I thought you might like to sneak a peak. My husband has been painting for two days now (he won't let me help). Let me know what you think!