Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Its the Snowy and Peanut Show!

Tonight I thought I would talk about the last two furry members of our family.  But first, I am going to whine a bit and update on a few things.     LOL     I was thrilled that TJ got a card on Monday from Tom with his birthday money.  I am not happy things went the way they did, but he's trying again.  I was surprised, the whole time he kept telling me that even though he was manic, it was not an excuse.   I was actually a bit proud of him.  My aunt is bipolar and tells us that no matter how manic she is, she is still responsible for her own actions.  Tom usually just makes an excuse, so I guess at 47 he is finally growing up.    LOL   I wanted to whine as well.  Today's high here in Hemet was 108 and its going to be even hotter tomorrow.  I am so thankful that we now have a place that is always cool enough for Mom's breathing.  Cross your fingers that Mom is feeling well tomorrow, we really need to take my laptop in for an overhaul.  If we take it in first thing in the morning, we will have it back before they close.  Since Mom is addicted to Pogo/Facebook games and tomorrow is Pogo badge day, that will be very important!  Its two years old and I have never had it cleaned.  We get so much dust here that I have to clean my desktop out every six months or so.  I am too nervous to open the laptop, its just too small in there.  Anyway, you came to hear about the two furries so I will quit whining.   LOL

TJ has always wanted a chihuahua.  Part of it was Beverly Hills Chihuahua and part of it was just him.   So for his 12th birthday, we decided he was old enough and responsible enough for a dog.  I called the shelter and for once, they didn't have any puppies in.  Normally we always adopt from the shelter but we wanted him to have the experience of raising a puppy just once.  So I looked in the PennySaver.  Its like a small classified newspaper we get free here in SoCal.  Most of the ads were outrageous and completely out of our budget.   Then I saw one for $150 and that was affordable.  They were born on April 20, 2010 and at the time of the ad were about 4 weeks old.  I called the man and we took T over to look at them.  He had told me that TJ would be able to pick his pup out but by the time we got there, only two were left.   I was a little irritated but the one he thought would be perfect for him was busily eating his shoelaces.  That dog was Snowy.

He was too young to come home of course, but it was love at first sight on both their parts.  Here is a
 picture of their first meeting, before he bought him the collar.

 We had a small complication though.  There was a tiny puppy there that the guy gave for my Mom to hold.  She was the runt and came out with him snapping and snarling at a whole half pound.  The moment she was put on Mom, she settled in.   He told us that was the first time he had seen her calm since she was born and Mom had to take her too.   I pointed out that $300 was over my budget and he said if we bought Snowy, we could have her for free.   That is how Peanut became our bargain puppy.  LOL

So that was how we ended up taking home two puppies a month later.

We still had my Mom's dog, Docker, at the time.  He was blind and deaf and TERRIFIED of the two pups.  He couldn't see or hear them but knew that something was there.  Its too bad too, Peanut just adored him.

We ended up putting Docker to sleep a month later.  He got to the point that he was terrified of everything.  The poor dog just stood and shook.  He had a great life, he was 17 years old, he had just had enough.  It wasn't just the puppies, he was afraid to go out, he was afraid to stay in, etc.  It was really sad.  One of the reasons we decided to get the pups even though we still had Docker was because we kept telling TJ he could have a dog after Docker was gone.  It started sounding a bit morbid!  He was upset that Docker had to die first, not wanting to lose Docker to get his pup.  Put like that, it didn't sound right.  

Anyway, the pup's antics helped with our sadness at losing Doc.  Don't get me wrong, we still miss him, even now, but watching the puppies tumble over each other made it possible to laugh again.  


The funny thing is that Peanut was Mom's dog and Snowy was TJ's dog.  After we fixed Snowy and I took care of him, he became my dog.  I felt sooooooo bad!  But then Peanut transferred to TJ and the only one left with no dog now is Mom!  LOL   Peanut was always fond of him but now she really is his dog!  One of her favorite places to sleep was in his slipper.
They came home weighing 1/2 lb (Peanut) and 3/4 lb (Snowy) and now they are 2 1/2 lbs and 8.2 lbs.  Yeah, Snow needs to lose about three lbs!  Peanut likes the bunnies, I am not sure she knows what they are but seems to think Butter is her boyfriend.  TJ says its because they are the same color.    LOL     Snowy thinks they are grow a snack and we have to be careful with him.
No, my son is not pregnant, that's Peanut's favorite place to sleep!  The only problem is she bites him when he breath

OMG, I am ready to kill his dog.  She was on my lap just going nuts growling at her brother because she doesn't want him on me even though I'm HIS human.  I finally had to call TJ in from playing because she was making me so nervous with her growling.   She may only weigh 2 1/2 lbs but she has 20 lbs of attitude!!!!   That concludes your introduction to the last two furry members of our family.  The next post will be about one of the humans.      :)


  1. That pic of your dad feeding spaghetti to the dog looks like he's feeding a cat. Did a double take. lol

    Love Chihuahuas. I have three maltese, would love a maltese chihuahua mix.


  2. How cute! J and I used to have two chihuahuas, but we had to give them away when Footlong was about a year old---his constant stomping and squealing just had them in a constant state of nervousness. When I was pregnant with Footlong, Roo, the boy chihuahua, was resting his head on my tummy. Footlong kicked, and Roo looked at me like, "What in the hell is that?" He then started scratching frantically on my belly. I still laugh whenever I think about that! Pet the doggies for me :)