Friday, August 3, 2012

Hodge Podge

Okay, I know that I said I would introduce everyone and I still will.  I just thought I would take a little break to update everyone on what we are up to!   Of course, we don't have near as much drama going on as some people do.  We still don't have everything over here but Mom has health problems off and on.  You never know what kind of a day it will be.  I have been busy re-reading the Stephanie Plum books instead of blogging or keeping up with the MWOP site.     LOL   

I did finally get enough of my stuff over here that I can start making memory angels again.   I had a friend that had a baby and pre-eclampsia.  She ended up having a seizure during labor and whatever happened to her body at that time also happened to her daughter.   Rose lived a very short time and I was left wondering what I was going to do.   I had made her a layette (I was on a major layette kick at that time and it seemed like EVERYONE I knew was pregnant!) and wasn't sure whether to send it or not.  Turns out she still wanted it, her sister was going to make her a shadow box.  Anyway, I wanted to do something for her and Rose became my first memory angel baby.  They turned out to be rather addictive in a sad way.

She loved it so much that I started looking around for other recipients.   I think my next one was Christian, Carly's little boy.  I think her project was called Names in the Sand but now its Project Heal.  Many, many more would come.  In fact, too many followed that one.  I burnt out about a year ago and I have been trying to finish my last one ever since.  If you ever want to see all of them, they are here.  I have never charged for them and I don't really have any specific criteria.  I am not that good at mouths so I usually stick with babies/toddlers but my current one is an exception.  You will probably recognize some of the children's names on those pages.  I hope to start on the one I am now in the next few days, its time for her go home.

My Mom got her scooter.  I am so happy for her!  She is having a blast, my Dad actually heard her giggling like a young girl last night when she was taking a few spins around the block.  We don't have a lift so she can't take it with her yet but even just being able to take a drive around the neighborhood has really put color back in her cheeks.  She is losing as well, I wish she would let me get a pic of how loose her shorts are but I was lucky she let me take these pics of her scooter with her on it!


This is her, "getting ready to race" look

Look close, the speeds on this thing are turtle and hare!  There are tiny silhouettes of a turtle and a rabbit over to the right.

I thought this one was funny because you can see my reflection in the glass.   It reminded me of a Jen picture to show weight loss.           LOL

I went to WalMart the other night and got some more stuff for the house.  I was very excited, I couldn't wait until the first of the month and we had money again!  My aunt is sweet but she has a bigger budget than we do and tends to forget, so Mom and I were both in our overdraft.   :(    Any, you want to know what I was so excited about?   Its not jewelry, new clothes, a good bra (Ha, inside joke).  It was a stick vacuum and mop!  There is so much fur with the buns and without carpet, its just blowing all over the house!  The dust mop wasn't working very well for that and it wouldn't pick up the tiny pieces of paper left from Snowy's shred sprees.  I can't use a regular vacuum on the laminate so I was in the market for a small stick vacuum.  This is the one I settled on and so far its working pretty good!   I was shocked at how much fur it picked up. This is the Bissel 3-in-1 and I chose to get the cord model.  I really don't want to be re-charging it all the time!

I wanted a new mop too.  The one my aunt bought me is huge but it has nothing in the middle under the cloth so I couldn't really scrub.  I chose this one that has microfiber covers you can wash.  I am not really environmentally conscious but being able to wash it and not keep buying new ones really did appeal to me.  I like this one because you can flip it over and you have another clean surface.  It did really good going around all our furniture legs.   This is the O'Cedar flip microfiber mop or something very close to that name.     LOL I am not getting paid to review these so I figure close will work.

I had one other purchase that I was excited about.  I know, I need a life.  But I really was excited to get this stuff.  I got my first set of "Tupperware".  Another inside joke, its actually Rubbermaid.  Anyway, I haven't ever had my own set of plastic food storage containers since I have been adult.  For some reason, this purchase made it really feel like we were home.      LOL  

I did buy some fun stuff too, just not at WalMart.  I LOVE the sandals that are gladiator type with the zipper at the back.  I am not sure why, I just do.  I bought my first pair two years ago and they are getting a bit ragged since I wear them all the time.  I found a new pair finally at JCPenny's that are flat (a requirement for me!) and didn't have that thong thing in between your toes.  When I saw they were only $10, I snapped them up!  The clincher was a free shipping to the Penny's store.  That made my new sandals $10.77 with tax.  Not bad since I paid $20 for the pair I wear now.
I got our new Mary Maxim catalog in the mail a few days ago and they were having a good sale on their crochet/knit accessories.  I haven't bought a new bag for my crochet in about three years and I fell in love with these bags.  I bought one of each for Mom and I.  The little one is a matching crochet hook case.  At $58 for all four, I don't think they were a bad purchase either.  And best yet, they are cute!  I love how they are Vera Bradley "inspired".   Like I really thought I would get a Vera Bradley bag for that price.     LOL

I'll share my angel when she gets done and I have shared her with her mother.   I think she should get first look.  TJ is over at his cousin's house again.  I don't say no because they are only here for the summer.  But that does mean I will have two dogs in bed with me tonight!  The bunnies won't be happy either since they are used to watching T play games or watch TV.  He is really good about talking to them.  Our washer and dryer still aren't hooked up so it looks like I have one more laundromat trip coming.  I have good news for us as well though.  We finally got our first electrical bill and we have been really dreading it.  Our highest electrical bill in our mobile was about $130.  We really can't afford more than that and were terrified the house would be outrageous.  Well, we were pleasantly surprised since our first house bill was about $145.  Its not the full month but its close and we are not so scared anymore.  It looks like things will go up but not so much that we can't afford to live and that's a great thing.  We really do feel like we are home here.  Its funny, when we go to the mobile to get stuff, we feel like we are just visiting!  The boys told us we could come in and get our stuff whether they are home or not but it just doesn't feel right.  It might be our stuff and we might still have a key, but that won't be happening.

I heard from Tom this morning.  He told me that he's been manic for like the last month and finally got his meds straightened out again.  He is sending TJ $70 today because he feels bad.  Yeah, I kinda will believe it when it finally gets here.   TJ isn't even expecting anything at this point.  You know what's sad?  He isn't even upset his Dad messed up, he expects it.  Anyway, I guess this truly was a hodge podge of stuff and hopefully you all aren't totally bored.       LOL

I am looking forward to Sunday.  If all goes well, I should break the 180's.


  1. Shellie, I am also a crocheter :o) I love your work! Those Angels are precious ♥ They made me think of all the Strawberry Shortcake & Friends Crocheted Dolls I made for my daugther back in the late 70's. I also cross stitch. My hand stitching has been on the back burner for about 2 years. I just do not have the desire to get it out :o( I also have the laminate floors and I also have Bunnies, DUST BUNNIES! Marley ♥

    1. Dust bunnies aren't nearly as cute. LOL I have some cross stitch that I need to get back to, I might start that again after I finish this angel.

  2. I loved this post! I especially liked the second pic of your mom when she looked like she was getting ready to burn rubber! LOL! Tell your mom I'm making her a Hells Angels jacket right now. And I love the shoes!

    1. Mom can't wait for her Hells Angels jacket. LOL Hope you had a good week girl, a new one just has just begun.

  3. Shellie,

    I think it's so sweet that you make those angel dolls for mothers who have suffered such an unimaginable loss. You have such a good heart!


    1. :) Thank you, I just wish I didn't have so many still to make.

  4. You look GREAT, Shellie! I'm rereading the Stephanie Plum books too and I think I'm finding them even more funny the second time around! Making the dolls is another example of your sweet nature. Keep up the good work!

    1. Aw thanks! I couldn't figure out how I looked good since I don't have any pics of me this time until someone reminded me of the reflection picture. LOL And yeah, I am laughing more at the books this time than I did the first time! Its been long enough that I don't remember them word for word.

  5. Shellie: You look awesome (picture of you in the window). You have done such an great job with sticking with MFP and inspiring me too! Although my weight loss is going turtle pace, I hope to be as committed as you are.

    1. Just hang in there, slow and steady just means it will stick.

  6. Sheila. I feel like you are part of the family. (either I am part of yours or you are a part of mine). I enjoy reading what u have going on. I love your moms new scooter.
    I read the same bookd u do Stephanie Pumn. My husband loves to here her books on CD. Have u ready The Shades of Gray books. They r good.
    Tale care and know u put a smile on my face
    I know your name is
    Michelle. My phone won't fix it