Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Willard .... and Friends

Well, if this isn't a fine kettle of fish!   Or rats, as in this case.   It seems Willard has friends, and they do not want to vacate.   After he jumped out at Ken, scaring them both to death!, he raced back and hid again.  This morning, Ken found a friend, or a relative in the trap, but not him.

Most things in this world do not bother me to much.  However, vermin and bugs are big on my hit list.  The rats have to go!   They do not pay rent, and are very messy not to mention ugly as sin!

The only solution to this rat problem is to tear out the dry wall in the hall bath.   I sincerely hope Willard stays out of sight for this.   Both he and Ken's hair stuck straight up in the air when the met face to face!   Talk about close encounters.

Michelle (by the way, this is Mom) will tell you that I am pretty low key about most everything.  However, I refuse to go over to shower until Willard and company are evicted!   (For those of you whose eyes are stinging, yes it has been 4 fun filled days since I showered)   If any of you have any pity, please pray for my family, and me, before they evict me from the tribe!

The rest of the house is absolutely gorgeous!   My Michelle did a wonderful job painting all the crazy colors I picked out.  She is my sunshine, and my jewel.   She makes the world a better place for me, and for everyone she comes into contact with!   

In the meantime, TJ has been asking if he can keep one of the rats for a pet!!!!!   OMG.    I screamed NOOOOOOOOO at him, and just in case he did not understand that, told him, try and die!   In my lifetime, I have lived with all manner of pets, but a wild rat is not comin' to live with us!

I am sure that Mc Woman would tell me its nature at its best, and to use it as a lesson for TJ.  Maybe throw a luncheon of dried worms, and lecture outside.  Whatever, I am not that crazy!   I just want them dead.  In the words of Bugs Bunny "what a macaroon!".

Anyway, the saga continues......   hopefully with the demise of Willard and friends!   Thank you for letting me vent.   Have a super duper day!


  1. Skirts from That Other BlogJuly 4, 2012 at 7:41 PM

    Nice to hear from you MamaMeda! I've dealt with mice before (outside, thankfully) but I cannot even imagine having rats in the house. I would freak out. They have got to go before you move in! Ugh. Sounds like you are pretty sure where they are coming from then? The first thing I thought of when you said the drywall would have to come down was, oh boy, more painting for Shellie! I have a thing about bugs too. On to nicer things, yes, ShellieB is sure a good daughter and just a good person. Everyone can tell what a sweetie she is.

    1. Yes, Michelle will have more painting. It is hard to imagine, but she has now painted a 3,000 square foot house virtually by herself!!! The rats are on the run! No new ones in the traps, so we are hoping they are gone!

  2. Yay Shellie's Mom! I enjoyed your blog post! Me thinks you need a blog of your own :) I hope Willard and his friends vacate the house before you guys move in.

    1. Willard has to go, because I told hubby Ken we are not moving until the rats are gone! Thank you so much for your kind comments about my post. It is good to vent sometimes!!!

      I really enjoy your posts. They make me laugh, and give me an insight to an amazing person!

  3. Shellie!!!!

    You said you didn't want a housewarming gift, but tough turkey! I've already ordered it---I just needed the address. The company didn't give me the option to enclose a gift message, so if you get a package containing a tabletop fireplace then it is from me, John, Garrett, and Preston for you and your entire family and getting moved into the new house!