Monday, July 2, 2012

The Mess Of Our Lives

I have to credit Mom with the title, I had no clue what to name this one!

Let's see, where did we end off...        Oh yeah, I was getting ready to put the outlet covers back on.   I went over Saturday and started replacing covers.  It looked pretty funny because after I screwed the switch cover on, I would count out the other covers and sit down on the floor.   Then I would scoot around, using one leg for motion as I put them on.        LOL          The seat of my shorts were rather dusty!  I put about 60 covers on and then got the ladder to put some bulbs in.  It was nice to have lights all over the house again. 

My aunt and Dad had gone to Home Depot to get baseboard so I was over there by myself.  It shouldn't have been a problem but they dropped me off about 9:30 and I started getting nervous about 1 pm.  I just tried to stay busy.  I used the shop vac to clean the drawers in the kitchen and the cabinets.  That was kind of fun.       LOL           The only thing is, I discovered the cabinets don't have any dividers.  They are open from one end of the counter to the other.   I hate those kind!  You chase your pots and pans, etc.  So I guess we will look for some organizational stuff so we don't lose things.     

By the time I was done, I didn't want to see another outlet cover!  I have to wait for the living room because the furniture is covering all of that.  We went over to Wally World yesterday and picked up a few things for the house.  I got some of that drawer stuff for lining, NOT contact paper!  I hate that stuff.         lol       I got something else too, besides the groceries, you will have to look at the pictures I am posting and see if you can figure it out.        :)   Its like a, "What is different about this picture?" thing. 

I have to complain for a minute.  My friend is sitting in the living room right now.  He's the one that helped us with the painting.  He's DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!        I need a day to just unwind, my anxiety is so high that my heart is actually beating fast.  My aunt has been pushing me since she got here and I am tired!  So I am so happy she's going over to the house to babysit Dad and leaving me alone for a bit.  Then Johnathon comes over and he won't leave.  I just can't win today.

I made a big breakfast this morning because my Dad is going to be working hard and my aunt actually told my Mom I am not feeding her enough!  So I got up this morning and made cheese eggs, pancakes, maple sausage (TJ picked them out), and toast.  Dad had oatmeal instead of toast.  NOW she says I gave her too much food!       AUGH         I love her to bits but I am going to have a quiet mini breakdown after she leaves.  She tells us that she is hopeless not helpless, but I assure you, she is enjoying having someone at her beck and call. 

For those worried, my tooth is not hurting at this point.  I got lucky and staved off the dental visit a bit longer.  I just take my sinus meds and my other stuff, no Ibuprofen/Tylenol, etc.  I do know I need to get this taken care of, I am just trying to get in a better position to do so.  We don't even have moving boxes.  And with taking showers over there, we are moving one towel at a time.        LOL        Dad calls it a slow motion move.       LOL

The funny thing is that Synergy is coming tomorrow to replace our hot water heater.  Yeah, they are finally coming out and we are moving.  Dad told them we are moving but they said they didn't care.  Okayyyyyyyy, whatever!   Cross your fingers, we have someone coming to look at the house this weekend.  It would be nice to have a financial cushion as well as be able to pay for some things for the house ourselves. 

I am doing really well on my diet.  I weighed 182 on Sunday morning.  I eat a lot of fast food right now while we are trying to do stuff but I just try to make good choices.  It seems to be working for me.  I can't believe that I am 13 pounds away from my goal of 169.  I may not make it all the way there, it just depends on how I feel ultimately.  I would like to be able to wear a size 12 comfortably and would be happy with that.  Right now I am in between a 14 and a 16.  So many people are telling me that I am an inspiration, its feels scary and good all at the same time!  

I'll end with the pictures I promised, I can't think of anything else to update right now.  We really don't have a very exciting life.          LOL

A picture of the furniture "in place".  Sorry, I couldn't resist. LOL

My parent's vanity-see their new light fixture?

Family Room-look at that floor!
I have no clue if this is my room or TJ's room

Aunt's Room

Mom and Dad's Room-LOVE that floor!!

Kitchen, look at those nice new covers.    :)


  1. It looks fabulous!! I'm loving the floors!!

    I see you piked up TJ's new computer! TJ must be going crazy knowing his computer is sitting in his school room and he can't yet open it.

    1. He's been using my really slow computer in my room but my aunt plays Pogo on it most of the time. So he's not really getting much computer time. I keep telling him we are moving as fast as we can! I was very glad to pick his computer up though.

  2. Skirts from That Other BlogJuly 2, 2012 at 3:56 PM

    Looking good! TJ is gonna want to tear into that new computer you know!

    1. With no phone service over there, he won't enjoy it much. LOL We can't turn the phone on until we move, we don't want it on in both houses at the same time. I am so glad its home though, I was beginning to worry about it.

  3. Great and fun to read update. The floors and paint look fabulous!
    We always moved a few things at a time when we could. Small things and clothes. I have moved more than I ever want to think about! House and you looking good! Be proud! ja

    1. LOL, I have no idea how it was a fun update but glad you thought so. I always think its boring to just talk about my days but everyone says keep doing it. LOL Yeah, the house is looking so nice. Dad has all but four pieces of baseboard painted and will start putting it in tomorrow.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your updates and seeing some pictures!!!!

    About your teeth....have you considered going to a dental school? It may be possible to get free dental care that way. And it is safe to take 4 advil at one time----that is 800 mg of ibuprofen which is the prescription dose. You can take that 3 or 4 times a day. Just drink lots of fluids. As far as Tylenol DO NOT take more than what is recommended on the label; your liver is really sensitive to acetemenophen and it is easy to OD on Tylenol.

    I love those floors!!!!!!!

    1. I have dental insurance, its mostly a thing of having time. I am needed so much by my family that I don't have time to be down that long! I am working on making that time.

  5. Things are looking good at the house! Thanks for the pics!