Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire

Christmas songs?   Christmas songs!   Yep, Christmas songs.  Well, its actually not about the fact that its a Christmas song so much as its describing how we all feel right now.   Okay, we don't feel that way right now.  Its 10: 42 at night and being a desert, its actually pretty cool right now.  Our temperatures are still not as bad as they are on the East coast or even what they will be when we finally get our summer temperatures in.  But combine a tin can with an A/C that doesn't keep up and you have a houseful of sweaty, unhappy people. 

We got a call today from someone that offered us $5800 for the mobile and we are crossing our fingers.  We paid $7000 when TJ was 18 months old for our house.  We definitely got our money's worth by now!   And its a better offer than we have so far, which is zero.  If we can't sell it before August we will owe another month's rent even though we don't live here.  Uh, no.  Anyway, that would give us enough to get some furniture for the formal living room and put some in savings.

The count has remained at eight Willards so far.  When we went over to the house today, we checked the trap first thing and it was empty.  Dad says if we check tomorrow and they are still empty then we can officially declare our house rat free.  Then the fun begins, demo-ing the wall.  He's going to wear a mask, gloves and spray inside the wall with bleach and flea spray.  We don't need any hanta virus or bubonic plague! 

The first thing we did this morning was go to Harbor Freight.  That's like a discount hardware store and we were sitting in the car for nearly an hour.  Yeah, toy store for men.  Then we went to Home Depot because we keep buying the wrong light bulbs for the schoolroom ceiling fan, only to get home and discover that either it doesn't work with CFLs or the light is not working.  Poor Dad was cursing a blue streak because he might have to take the fan down again.  He's put it up twice now because he realized he put it up the wrong way the first time.   I really hope new lightbulbs work so he doesn't have to take the fan down again.

I painted the spots where Dad has repaired the wall today and they look pretty good.  You can't even tell the wall was repaired.  In the schoolroom you can see the patch and Dad was upset but I told him to get a grip, we could put a poster over it!  He's so picky with himself.  Dad has baseboard down in my parent's room, my room, my aunt's room and now the living room.  I am so excited, we found this new store in San Jancinto that is WONDERFUL.

Its a new/used furniture and other stuff store.  Its a lot like an indoor flea market.  Anyway, my aunt and I found my Mom and Dad a bedroom set (BIG dresser, 2 nightstands) that is beautiful and real wood!  Can you believe it was $70??      I can't wait till Mom sees it.  Then we found some real wood end tables inlaid with marble and a marble top coffee table.  That and 2 lamps was $171 and then they only charge $20 for delivery.   We love this store!   They had a wrought iron headboard perfect for TJ but someone had tentatively bought it.    We are going to go back soon and see if they changed their mind before they left the store.  The price on it?   $25!    And all you have to do with iron is give it a fresh coat of paint and it looks brand new.

They are coming tomorrow and those tables are heavy so Dad had to finish the living room.  That way they can just put the tables right where they belong.  The coffee table doesn't really match the tables but its so close to the same shade of marble that nobody will know.  I'll try to remember my camera so I can get some pictures.  I can't wait till Mom and Dad see their furniture, I just hope they like it.

I finally joined a Neurology forum for Mom.  I am hoping they can help her with the pain from the peripheral neuropathy.  Every time I hear of something, it is bad for her glaucoma or one of the other fifty billion meds she takes!  Its a very frustrating situation.

Dad is doing so well working on the house.  The big breakfasts are tiring but they are working to keep his sugar levels even so it doesn't dump.   He is so slow to get started but once he does, you can't believe what he gets done!

My next post I am going to tell a little bit about TJ's Dad.  I had a really long rant to post about him but I had so much "stuff" to talk about that I ran out of steam.       LOL      Anyway, hopefully my camera will end up in my purse so I can get some pics of our new furniture.   I can't wait to go back to that store again!

I'll add a bit about why we call the rats Willard next time as well.  Good night everyone!


  1. Is your dad planning on demo-ing the whole wall? Couldn't he just cut a small section near the floor to do the spraying?less work! But what do I know, I'm no carpenter/wall person.
    Can't wait to see the final house pictures! Exciting! and congrats on all the furniture finds. My place is furnished with all hand me downs. ja

    1. He won't demo the whole wall but probably over half. The wallboard is probably ruined under there from rat pee, etc. We haven't done the demo yet and going into the bathroom is an adventure. I always wonder if I will have a visitor while I am in there!

  2. I absolutely cannot wait to see pictures of the finished, furnished, Williard-free house! I am so excited for you guys! You've been talking about this house for so long that I feel like I'm a part of it too! LOL Do me a favor, ok? Let me know when your package arrives.

    1. I let you know when we got the package and as soon as its cool enough, we are going to plug it in and send you a pic! I can't believe we were working on it for three months.

  3. We need a new post, with pics. :)

    1. By the time I have replied to you, I have several new pics. I just thought I would do a mass replying this morning. LOL