Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jelly Receives Top Billing

Today is all about the Jell Bell.   His full name is Jelly Strawberry Donut.  TJ named him when he was seven.  I know the Butter Honey Biscuit is because he likes butter and honey on his biscuits but I am not sure how Jelly's name came about.  He does love strawberry donuts but he is not a jelly eater.   Truthfully, none of us even thought of the Butter/Jelly aspect.  It was funny when people started pointing it out.

Jelly had a little harder start in life than Butter did.   Jelly was one of about a hundred bunnies kept in a grassy RV lot to keep the weeds down.   A little girl got him close enough to the fence and yanked him under it.   That was his first "rescue".   She was not supposed to have pets so he was kept in a box under her mobile home.   Later, we found out she had done that to several other animals and lost them all one day to a very hot day.  But that's not Jelly's story.   A woman from our mobile home park saw some girls with him and they were not being very careful.  She took him away and put him in a small cage in her home.

She knew that we had a bunny so she asked me to come over and help her learn how to take care of him.   I copied about six pages about bunny care off the net and took it over.  The first thing I noticed was she was feeding him guinea pig food!   Bunnies are not supposed to have a lot of calcium and piggies need it.  So mixing their food is not a good move.   She gave him broccoli, which is not bad but not something you feed them very often.  Broccoli is very gassy and poor buns don't have a way to get rid of it.  Their digestive system is way delicate.  The last problem was the tiny cage.   Of course it was Butter's old cage and better than nothing but still too small. 

She thanked me for the help and I went home hoping things would turn out okay.   Dad kept saying we were going to end up with a second rabbit.  I told him he she had all the info she needed to take care of him properly and don't worry about it.  I thought about him from time to time but other than that life went on.   One day she asked me for more help with her bun and I went over to her house.   Sure enough, she asked me if I would take him because she was afraid she wouldn't take care of him right.  So we ended up with a grey dwarf rabbit to go with our mini lop.

Jelly Belly is more skittish than Butter due to his early life.   But still just as sweet!   He loves papaya, craisins, pineapple, apple, banana and the occasional Honey Nut Cheerio.   They aren't really supposed to have grains but it doesn't hurt once in a great while.  He loves the new Banana Nut Cheerios.   Looking at these pictures reminds me of big Jell has gotten.  Its hard to remember he was ever so small!   
He was neutered, just like Butter, and joined our family.   Jelly turned six years old back in June.  We were hoping they would bond, because of things like this, but when they were out of their cages, it was Wild Kingdom!   I had never heard a rabbit growl before, so they are room brothers but not cage brothers.  It limits their out time, so I wish they would figure that out!

He likes our new house but he's not very sure of the floor!   We plan to get a natural area rug to put down for them when they are out.  For right now, they hop VERY carefully!  I think they are enjoying having TJ with them most of the day.  Butter thumps if he doesn't like the game TJ is playing and they both are pretty noisy in their room when TJ is gone.  I think they've gotten used to the extra attention.  If you ever come over for a visit, just slip them each a dried papaya, craisin, pineapple or banana chip and      you will have a bunny friend or two for life.
This is Jelly today, in our new house

Next post is about the pets we have that bark, Snowy and Peanut!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Introducing Butter

I thought I would do a series of posts about us.  It might be fun to know a little more about the family behind the blog or it might be boring.      LOL      Anyway, since I recently took pictures of the bun buns, I thought I would start with them! 

First of all, Butter's full name is Butter Honey Biscuit and he was named by a six year old TJ.  If you are wondering why three names, I was informed that EVERYONE has three names-first, middle and last.  That's a literal kid for you.  I guess these buns technically have four names since our last name should go on the end of those.  Butter was bought at a pet store right around Christmas time.   We had been discussing getting TJ his first pet and had talked about chinchillas, rats, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, bunnies, etc.   We decided on bunnies because they are bigger than guinea pigs and live longer than most of the other things mentioned.  We really didn't want to have our first dead pet talk just a couple of years later.

Anyway, I was on my way to Toys R Us for a first bike for him and stopped at a little pet shop for some fish supplies.  Unfortunately for me, they had two bunnies for sale that had been given up by their owners.   I was with a friend that really isn't a good influence.  We weren't truly ready to get him that pet but she talked me into it.   I was not a knowledgeable bunny owner-small cage, no hay, etc.  After the fight about whether the rabbit could stay or not (we really really weren't ready and this friend likes to cause trouble), we took one look at this and it was a moot point.

So I went online and started doing what I do best, research.   I found out about the hay, realized the cage was no where near appropriate and learned what they could and couldn't eat.  It was a little while but my Dad eventually built Butter a cage.  You can't buy a cage that doesn't have a wire floor but our bun is litter trained.  I didn't want a wire floor.  That's not even mentioning the fact that the cages were absolutely ridiculous in price!   So for less than $75, Dad built the bunny mansion.

  You can tell how proud he was of his creation.  And Butter?   Oh yeah, he knew he had arrived.

Yep, that's his original cage

Anyway, Butter was neutered before he turned a year.  Bunnies have so much of their bodies geared to reproduction, fixing them is a not a choice, its a requirement.  He's happy, healthy, although a bit chunky.  He's not near as um, fluffy as Jelly though.  But that's for the next section, this about Butter!  He loves his out time but he also loves his cage so much that we have trouble getting him out and staying out.  He will be seven years old in August and doesn't appear to be slowing down.  We have all developed terrible allergies to the bunnies but they are family and unless we can find a perfect home where we are guaranteed they will be more spoiled than they are now, they are going nowhere.  Butter is a very laid back bun bun.  He likes to binky and run but he is a master flopper.   Now that they are not in our living room, they are out way more often than they were before.  It was hard to get them out with no space and then Mom had to leave because they choked her up.  It made it very hard to get them out much.

Next post I will talk about Jelly, his name and where he came from.   :)     

Sunday, July 22, 2012

OMG, We Are Still Alive!

Okay, I have been really really lazy with writing this blog post.  Its not that I have nothing to say, I was too lazy to type it all out!  Now I have even more so I will probably forget something.  Hang in there when I ramble and when I switch topics abruptly.  You will feel like I am there talking to you in person.     LOL

I was going to go chronologically but at this point I can't remember where to start.   So I will start by going backwards and then interrupt myself as I remember things.

TJ and I are exhausted.  Mom and Dad got a nasty intestinal virus and have been sick for the last two days.  A friend of ours came over saying she has had diarrhea for like a week and figures she has diverticulitis.  Well, guess what?  I have great news for her.  She has an intestinal flu going on and thank you very much for sharing.  So far, TJ and I have not caught it.  Dad used to be better about catching things but ever since the messed up sugar levels, he has been more vulnerable.  Then of course we have Mom who is already sick with enough stuff that she is definitely immuno-compromised.  So nice of her friend to give her something digestive.  Because of her diverticulitis, etc, she takes much longer to get over things like that.  I am only grateful that she came over the day after my aunt left.  That way my aunt didn't drag it back to Missouri with her.

Oh yeah, guess I should explain the exhausted thing.  Dad was going to walk down to the store because, "He's the only one that can."  Um, yeah, that makes sense.  The kid and I are able bodied and more importantly, NOT SICK.  I knew it would be tough, we used to walk a mile round trip to the store and this is definitely longer.  Turns out its a mile down to this store so we doubled our usual distance.  That will not be a bad thing in the future when we are not still tired from the stress of moving.  Today it was kind of torture.  I took Dad's backpack and got us a big can of soup, a little can of soup (TJ only likes one kind of soup, you can roll your eyes here now), a box of crackers and a bunny veggie.

I should backtrack a bit here.  We still don't have our can opener.  Mom and Dad got sick two days after my aunt left.  The friend came over the day after she left.  So we haven't been over to the house to get anymore stuff.  My Dad has some kind of special opener on his Swiss Army knife but I will be really glad to have our regular can opener back.  The opener is really dangerous and its just a matter of time before one of us gets cut trying to use it.  Either on the opener or the can itself.  So far we have had spaghetti (spaghetti sauce cans), green beans and the night before my aunt left I bought the stuff for chili dogs.  Now we have a can of soup I can't open.  Yeah, I am batting a thousand right now.

Among the things I am missing are the washer and dryer.  We have them over here but they aren't hooked up still.  When the previous owners pulled the pipes through the wall of the garage (we are pretty sure the school room used to be the laundry room), they put the valves on but didn't seal them.  So until they are sealed, we can't use them.  In the meantime, the laundry is piling up and I am down to one nightgown.  Poor TJ has no shorts.  That is not bothering him though, nobody is yelling at him for only wearing his boxers right now!   I am hoping Mom feels good enough to tonight to drive me to the laundromat and drop me off.  I'll take our cell phone and then I can call her when its done.

We are going to do kind of a pioneer thing tonight.   Everyone except me likes biscuits with their soup.  We don't have our cookie sheets over here yet.  So we are going to be making our biscuits on a piece of tin foil.  LOL      So far, when I use the cooktop, I don't get hot and neither does the house.   That is wonderful.  In our mobile, not only would the kitchen heat all up from just using the stove top, so would the rest of the house.  It will be nice to see if I can use an oven in this heat with no effect too.  I'll keep you posted on that one.

We sold the mobile, so that is one thing off our plate.  You remember my friend Johnathan?  He's the one that helped us paint and occasionally drives me nuts.  (Its okay, its a short trip)  His Dad is trading lawn service for our mobile.  His Dad isn't going to live there, its too close to his ex-wife.   LOL     Johnathan is so excited to have his own place, he and his new roommate have been over there moving our stuff to the center of the rooms so they can clean, clean, clean!  We have left some of our furniture behind and our stove so they have a pretty good start.  He's offered to help pack but I don't want everything over here, some things are going in the free box out front.  I really don't want to sort it once it gets here, I would rather do it like we have been doing.  By sorting at the mobile, we are avoiding that big mess in the end that moving usually causes.  The other cool thing is that by it going to someone we know, they are okay with us taking a bit longer to get all of our stuff out.  We aren't bound by the first of the month.  And the agreement is they owe starting next month so we don't even have final bills.

His mother is ticked off with us.   She said her husband is buying it because he wants to keep her down.  Um, huh???   Then she was mad because she kicked Johnathan into the street and we gave him a place to live.  Um, okay.  Most Moms are happy their son is getting a fresh start.  For some reason we have "Ruined her life!"   When you figure that one out, let us know, okay?  Johnathan and his roommate are so cute.  They are figuring out which room they are getting and where their stuff is going to go.  He called us yesterday and his roommate said, "Get off the phone dude, you got walls to wash!"   Yeah, I don't think his roommate is going to let him mess around!

The other day TJ went over to my brother's house and I had Peanut overnight in my bed.   Luckily, Snowy was being nice and let her sleep with us.  It was nice to not have a dog fight before bed.  We went over to get him late the next day and Chad said he didn't have him!  I was like, say what???  What did you do with my kid??        LOL     Turns out he went to park with his cousins and Chad's girlfriend's grandson.  He looks like he's about six so they played tag.  I bet that looked cute-a six year old and three teens running around.   TJ is pretty good about playing with younger kids.  Peanut was very glad though when TJ finally came home.  She is way attached to him now.  I didn't think she could get more attached than she was but they are totally inseparable.  I'll re-post the pic of TJ at the computer and when you enlarge it, see if you notice anything.  She is in his shirt, in his lap, in his bed or on the floor.  We get greeted some but that is definitely his dog!

Anyway, I am sure there are things I am forgetting but that's what happens when you delay blogging until you forget most of what you were going to say!  Oh yeah, TJ just reminded me of something I wanted to vent about.  He asked if the mail came today and of course I told him, no, its Sunday.  But it reminded me.

TJ's birthday was last month.  I know that his Dad has problems and a limited income.  Well, so do I-problems and the income thing.  He has a payee and only gets about $50 a week.  That's not his bills, they pay those.  That's his "play" money.  I understand that it would take him some time to save up to send some to TJ at that rate.  I am not a mean person.  Every year I ask his mother and him to send the money for his birthday and Christmas the month before, at the end of the month.  This saves me from shopping at the last minute.  Every year, it doesn't happen.  Sometimes I don't get it till after Christmas and it will be right before his birthday.  Now at Christmas, that really is a problem.  His birthday, not so much.  Except for THIS year.  TJ's computer was on sale and I had to buy it then.  It was still in June so not that early but I really needed the money they were sending to help.  I didn't ask them to send extra, I just asked if they would send it in a timely manner.  Um, I am STILL waiting for TJ's birthday present from Tom.  Do I need to point out that this is July 22nd?  Do I need to remind him that TJ's birthday was June 19th?  He told me two weeks ago that he finally sent it and it has not appeared in the mail.   That means that he has lied, again.  He told me a month ago or so that he had already sent it.   Tom does not pay child support, he's not required to because I get Social Security for TJ through his account.  However, it does not affect his income in any way.  I am grateful for the money, don't get me wrong, but how hard is it to send his son $100 a year when he doesn't have any obligations???    

I went ahead and bought TJ his monitor because I wasn't going to make him wait any longer to use a computer he's had for nearly a month.  That $50 would not have paid for it but it sure would have helped.  Now I need to get him speakers and that money probably would pay for those.  TJ isn't even expecting it anymore, how sad is that?  I know there are lots of deadbeat Dads out there and I am not alone.  I am lucky I can afford to provide for my son (and that he is so easy to provide for-he doesn't care about name brands and doesn't really ask for anything) but I am upset on his behalf.  His Dad has no personal or financial obligations to his son.  The state of Missouri has declared it so.  How about moral obligations?  The money TJ gets does not affect Tom in any way.  It doesn't make his check shorter, etc.  When I bought my son a monitor, that came out of my wallet.  UGH, sorry, I will quit complaining, I just feel bad for him.  I should call Tom up and ask him what happened but I don't want to hear the excuse.  The last time he said he had to buy his car a new battery.  Yeah, I never have expenses but still have to get OUR son stuff anyway.  Okay, rant over. 

I will try not to let so much time pass before the next entry.  I am sure there are things that I was supposed to post about that I have now forgotten.   LOL       Here's the pic of TJ at his computer.

Make it bigger and look close  :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Promised Picture Post

Yay for alliteration!   I know, I haven't blogged for a few days but I have been busy!  Last Tuesday it was over 100 in Hemet and our living room A/C wasn't keeping up.  My Mom was sick from the heat, the bunnies were in danger of roasting in their cages, even the pup pups were pretty limp.   I was over at the house with my aunt and finally getting ready to paint Mom's bathroom.  We hadn't gotten there yet when Mom called on my aunt's cell and she finally had given in.  She wanted over at the house.  So we zoomed over there and turned on the A/C to 76.  It was so wonderful to see it reach that temperature and actually FEEL it.  I will blog more later about our move and various problems we had but here is what you have been waiting for!   The magazine cover quality pics will come when we are settled and everything is put away.  :)

TJ on his computer!
Messy,  but my parent's dresser
My parent's nightstands/bed
TJ's bedding and Peanut's ottoman-LOL
My bedding on my BED!!
Beautiful sewing box someone gave me, finally out of my closet where it can be seen
My dresser with clothes in it-LOL
Bunny cages and VERY happy bunnies!
TJ playing video games in the school room with bun cages in the background
We have a fridge again!
Messy, but our counter top, in use.  Glimpse of fridge and microwave.
Dad, Mom, Aunt Janice and Snowy in the family room
Sectional in the family room-yick, cigarette stuff on the cushion

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire

Christmas songs?   Christmas songs!   Yep, Christmas songs.  Well, its actually not about the fact that its a Christmas song so much as its describing how we all feel right now.   Okay, we don't feel that way right now.  Its 10: 42 at night and being a desert, its actually pretty cool right now.  Our temperatures are still not as bad as they are on the East coast or even what they will be when we finally get our summer temperatures in.  But combine a tin can with an A/C that doesn't keep up and you have a houseful of sweaty, unhappy people. 

We got a call today from someone that offered us $5800 for the mobile and we are crossing our fingers.  We paid $7000 when TJ was 18 months old for our house.  We definitely got our money's worth by now!   And its a better offer than we have so far, which is zero.  If we can't sell it before August we will owe another month's rent even though we don't live here.  Uh, no.  Anyway, that would give us enough to get some furniture for the formal living room and put some in savings.

The count has remained at eight Willards so far.  When we went over to the house today, we checked the trap first thing and it was empty.  Dad says if we check tomorrow and they are still empty then we can officially declare our house rat free.  Then the fun begins, demo-ing the wall.  He's going to wear a mask, gloves and spray inside the wall with bleach and flea spray.  We don't need any hanta virus or bubonic plague! 

The first thing we did this morning was go to Harbor Freight.  That's like a discount hardware store and we were sitting in the car for nearly an hour.  Yeah, toy store for men.  Then we went to Home Depot because we keep buying the wrong light bulbs for the schoolroom ceiling fan, only to get home and discover that either it doesn't work with CFLs or the light is not working.  Poor Dad was cursing a blue streak because he might have to take the fan down again.  He's put it up twice now because he realized he put it up the wrong way the first time.   I really hope new lightbulbs work so he doesn't have to take the fan down again.

I painted the spots where Dad has repaired the wall today and they look pretty good.  You can't even tell the wall was repaired.  In the schoolroom you can see the patch and Dad was upset but I told him to get a grip, we could put a poster over it!  He's so picky with himself.  Dad has baseboard down in my parent's room, my room, my aunt's room and now the living room.  I am so excited, we found this new store in San Jancinto that is WONDERFUL.

Its a new/used furniture and other stuff store.  Its a lot like an indoor flea market.  Anyway, my aunt and I found my Mom and Dad a bedroom set (BIG dresser, 2 nightstands) that is beautiful and real wood!  Can you believe it was $70??      I can't wait till Mom sees it.  Then we found some real wood end tables inlaid with marble and a marble top coffee table.  That and 2 lamps was $171 and then they only charge $20 for delivery.   We love this store!   They had a wrought iron headboard perfect for TJ but someone had tentatively bought it.    We are going to go back soon and see if they changed their mind before they left the store.  The price on it?   $25!    And all you have to do with iron is give it a fresh coat of paint and it looks brand new.

They are coming tomorrow and those tables are heavy so Dad had to finish the living room.  That way they can just put the tables right where they belong.  The coffee table doesn't really match the tables but its so close to the same shade of marble that nobody will know.  I'll try to remember my camera so I can get some pictures.  I can't wait till Mom and Dad see their furniture, I just hope they like it.

I finally joined a Neurology forum for Mom.  I am hoping they can help her with the pain from the peripheral neuropathy.  Every time I hear of something, it is bad for her glaucoma or one of the other fifty billion meds she takes!  Its a very frustrating situation.

Dad is doing so well working on the house.  The big breakfasts are tiring but they are working to keep his sugar levels even so it doesn't dump.   He is so slow to get started but once he does, you can't believe what he gets done!

My next post I am going to tell a little bit about TJ's Dad.  I had a really long rant to post about him but I had so much "stuff" to talk about that I ran out of steam.       LOL      Anyway, hopefully my camera will end up in my purse so I can get some pics of our new furniture.   I can't wait to go back to that store again!

I'll add a bit about why we call the rats Willard next time as well.  Good night everyone!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Willard .... and Friends

Well, if this isn't a fine kettle of fish!   Or rats, as in this case.   It seems Willard has friends, and they do not want to vacate.   After he jumped out at Ken, scaring them both to death!, he raced back and hid again.  This morning, Ken found a friend, or a relative in the trap, but not him.

Most things in this world do not bother me to much.  However, vermin and bugs are big on my hit list.  The rats have to go!   They do not pay rent, and are very messy not to mention ugly as sin!

The only solution to this rat problem is to tear out the dry wall in the hall bath.   I sincerely hope Willard stays out of sight for this.   Both he and Ken's hair stuck straight up in the air when the met face to face!   Talk about close encounters.

Michelle (by the way, this is Mom) will tell you that I am pretty low key about most everything.  However, I refuse to go over to shower until Willard and company are evicted!   (For those of you whose eyes are stinging, yes it has been 4 fun filled days since I showered)   If any of you have any pity, please pray for my family, and me, before they evict me from the tribe!

The rest of the house is absolutely gorgeous!   My Michelle did a wonderful job painting all the crazy colors I picked out.  She is my sunshine, and my jewel.   She makes the world a better place for me, and for everyone she comes into contact with!   

In the meantime, TJ has been asking if he can keep one of the rats for a pet!!!!!   OMG.    I screamed NOOOOOOOOO at him, and just in case he did not understand that, told him, try and die!   In my lifetime, I have lived with all manner of pets, but a wild rat is not comin' to live with us!

I am sure that Mc Woman would tell me its nature at its best, and to use it as a lesson for TJ.  Maybe throw a luncheon of dried worms, and lecture outside.  Whatever, I am not that crazy!   I just want them dead.  In the words of Bugs Bunny "what a macaroon!".

Anyway, the saga continues......   hopefully with the demise of Willard and friends!   Thank you for letting me vent.   Have a super duper day!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Mess Of Our Lives

I have to credit Mom with the title, I had no clue what to name this one!

Let's see, where did we end off...        Oh yeah, I was getting ready to put the outlet covers back on.   I went over Saturday and started replacing covers.  It looked pretty funny because after I screwed the switch cover on, I would count out the other covers and sit down on the floor.   Then I would scoot around, using one leg for motion as I put them on.        LOL          The seat of my shorts were rather dusty!  I put about 60 covers on and then got the ladder to put some bulbs in.  It was nice to have lights all over the house again. 

My aunt and Dad had gone to Home Depot to get baseboard so I was over there by myself.  It shouldn't have been a problem but they dropped me off about 9:30 and I started getting nervous about 1 pm.  I just tried to stay busy.  I used the shop vac to clean the drawers in the kitchen and the cabinets.  That was kind of fun.       LOL           The only thing is, I discovered the cabinets don't have any dividers.  They are open from one end of the counter to the other.   I hate those kind!  You chase your pots and pans, etc.  So I guess we will look for some organizational stuff so we don't lose things.     

By the time I was done, I didn't want to see another outlet cover!  I have to wait for the living room because the furniture is covering all of that.  We went over to Wally World yesterday and picked up a few things for the house.  I got some of that drawer stuff for lining, NOT contact paper!  I hate that stuff.         lol       I got something else too, besides the groceries, you will have to look at the pictures I am posting and see if you can figure it out.        :)   Its like a, "What is different about this picture?" thing. 

I have to complain for a minute.  My friend is sitting in the living room right now.  He's the one that helped us with the painting.  He's DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!        I need a day to just unwind, my anxiety is so high that my heart is actually beating fast.  My aunt has been pushing me since she got here and I am tired!  So I am so happy she's going over to the house to babysit Dad and leaving me alone for a bit.  Then Johnathon comes over and he won't leave.  I just can't win today.

I made a big breakfast this morning because my Dad is going to be working hard and my aunt actually told my Mom I am not feeding her enough!  So I got up this morning and made cheese eggs, pancakes, maple sausage (TJ picked them out), and toast.  Dad had oatmeal instead of toast.  NOW she says I gave her too much food!       AUGH         I love her to bits but I am going to have a quiet mini breakdown after she leaves.  She tells us that she is hopeless not helpless, but I assure you, she is enjoying having someone at her beck and call. 

For those worried, my tooth is not hurting at this point.  I got lucky and staved off the dental visit a bit longer.  I just take my sinus meds and my other stuff, no Ibuprofen/Tylenol, etc.  I do know I need to get this taken care of, I am just trying to get in a better position to do so.  We don't even have moving boxes.  And with taking showers over there, we are moving one towel at a time.        LOL        Dad calls it a slow motion move.       LOL

The funny thing is that Synergy is coming tomorrow to replace our hot water heater.  Yeah, they are finally coming out and we are moving.  Dad told them we are moving but they said they didn't care.  Okayyyyyyyy, whatever!   Cross your fingers, we have someone coming to look at the house this weekend.  It would be nice to have a financial cushion as well as be able to pay for some things for the house ourselves. 

I am doing really well on my diet.  I weighed 182 on Sunday morning.  I eat a lot of fast food right now while we are trying to do stuff but I just try to make good choices.  It seems to be working for me.  I can't believe that I am 13 pounds away from my goal of 169.  I may not make it all the way there, it just depends on how I feel ultimately.  I would like to be able to wear a size 12 comfortably and would be happy with that.  Right now I am in between a 14 and a 16.  So many people are telling me that I am an inspiration, its feels scary and good all at the same time!  

I'll end with the pictures I promised, I can't think of anything else to update right now.  We really don't have a very exciting life.          LOL

A picture of the furniture "in place".  Sorry, I couldn't resist. LOL

My parent's vanity-see their new light fixture?

Family Room-look at that floor!
I have no clue if this is my room or TJ's room

Aunt's Room

Mom and Dad's Room-LOVE that floor!!

Kitchen, look at those nice new covers.    :)