Friday, June 29, 2012

Various Updates

I am currently typing with my dog laying on my arm.  He's not really helping.  TJ is staying the night at his uncle's house so I will have both Snowy and Peanut on the couch with me.  It does not make a bed and is definitely narrower than even a twin so that should be interesting.  I usually lay on my side with Snowy making his bed on my hip.  I am not sure where Peanut will end up.  Last time he stayed, she actually whined when he came in the door, she was so happy to see him.

The floors are in at the house.  They look soooooooo nice!  We were going to clean up the baseboard and put it back on but the bottom of it has been chewed up by sitting on the concrete subfloor since 1984.  So, I guess we add new baseboard to the Home Depot list.  I suggested we use the old stuff in the closets to save money since nobody will see them anyway.  Dad was over there today fixing the electrical stuff.  There were seven outlets not working and now they are, he really is a Jack of All Trades!  He is wondering why he's so tired and sore but I think being nearly 60 years old has a lot to do with it.

I have been waking up at 1 or 2 am and staying awake until 4 or 5 am.  My back molar on the right side is hurting pretty bad.  Its got a huge hole in it but now it is also cracked all the way across.  I am rinsing my mouth with mouthwash every time I eat and taking Ibuprofen like its water and I'm dehydrated.  I know I need to be careful with the Ibuprofen but I need it in order to function right now.  I do need to watch it though, the other night I got so desperate I took 5 at once.  I woke up with a headache and really wonder if I went a bit too far.  I have been trying to make it at least every four hours today and only taking 2 at a time.  I know I need to go to the dentist but it just seems we don't have time.  Sunday is the first of the month so it looks like we will pay one more month's rent here at the park.

I woke up again at around 10 am and got breakfast going for my Mom and Aunt Janice.  Dad had just got up himself and wasn't ready for breakfast just yet.  He lives on something he calls California time.  It just means you tell him he needs to be ready two hours before he really has to be.  And sometimes we are STILL late!  By the time we got him over the house, I was ready for a nap again.  Being anxious wears me out, being in pain wears me out, being anxious AND in pain makes me exhausted.  Snowy was being nice and let Peanut join us under the blanket.  When I woke up, my aunt and I went to Home Depot.  We finally used my list of outlet/switch covers and light bulbs.  Yep, its time to do the finishing touches.  We were going to get baseboard but Dad hadn't measured yet, he was too busy working on the electrical.

Tomorrow morning the plan is to drop me off at the house so I can put allllllll those covers back on and replace all the light bulbs.  There is about 60 covers and probably about half that in bulbs!  My aunt and Dad are going to head back to Home Depot and get the baseboard and some transition pieces.  If I am done before they get back, I will get out my paintbrush and work some more on the trim in my parent's vanity.  I am so tired of painting that I have to do it in small doses now.      LOL      I will probably end up painting the cabinets in the hallway and their actual bathroom after we move in.  At this point, I want to scream at the sight of a can of paint or paintbrush/roller.

TJ is really enjoying his summer so far.  This is the second night he's spending at his uncle's with his cousins.  T is such a little peacemaker that everyone loves having him over in between squabbling siblings.  We got Wendy's tonight and tried to entice him with that but his uncle informed me they already had plans and wouldn't give me back my kid!  Chad's a great uncle and I am thrilled he has another positive male role model.  His Dad still hasn't sent even a birthday card and I know he is hurt.  He told TJ he would send it the first of July, we'll see.  I really could depend on him in the past if I really needed something.  I don't know what has happened with him the last few months.

Tom (his Dad) called on his birthday and Mom answered.  My aunt went and got TJ because we figured he was calling for him, after all, its his son's birthday.  He spent about 20 minutes talking to my Mom, asking question after question about the house.  Finally, she said TJ was standing there waiting and Tom says, "I guess we can talk about the house another time."  HUH??       I guess he got on the phone with TJ and started quizzing HIM about the house!  Then Tom tried a joke.  Um, TJ is an Aspie and he is very literal.  Tom said, "I hear its someone's birthday today, is it yours?"  Well, TJ was not amused.  He told Mom about it and she told him he was trying to make a joke.  TJ said, "It wasn't very funny, Ahma."  I guess Mom tried really hard not to start cracking up.  Then Tom apologized for not getting his card out and TJ said, "Its okay Dad, I'm used to it."  I guess Tom didn't know what to say.  Yeah, that's what happens when you acknowledge your kid twice a year only-birthday and Christmas.

My Mom never said anything negative about my Dad.  She knew that someday I would grow up and make my own choices about him.  In her opinion, badmouthing him was not necessary and would just make me resent her.  I have always respected her for that and have done the same with TJ.  I am very careful how I talk to him about Tom, he's just getting older and he is a smart kid.  This is a kid that years ago told Mom he knew I was afraid of crowds and always asked his Ahma to go to school functions as a result.  He also asked why his Dad wasn't around since his Mom was on medications for mental illness and yet she is still here to take care of him.  Yes, he really is that quick on the uptake, its a little scary sometimes.

Well, since I don't have any pictures and I think I have covered everything that's been going on with me, I am going to end this post.  Mom still continues to ask me if I have blogged yet and I continue to threaten to teach HER how!  So don't be surprised if you come on here sometime and the new post is from her.  Wish me luck, its a two dog night and a one person couch.


  1. Skirts from That Other BlogJune 30, 2012 at 12:28 AM

    I swear (and I do) I could not handle the amount of painting you have done. Just isn't my thing. And the clean up is even worse. All of you have worked so hard but think how nice it's going to feel when you're done - almost like a brand new house. You're even replacing the switch covers! It is a bummer you won't get in by July 1st. I've got a little bit of a toothache this week, and it makes MY teeth hurt just reading about your problems. Girl, you have got to make time to get to a dentist pretty soon! If your teeth or gums get infected, it could spread to other organs and cause even bigger problems for you and for sure you don't have time for that. Yes(!) I think you should have a guest blogger (MommaMeda) once in awhile. Would love to hear what's on her mind. ;)

  2. You must go to the dentist, don't put it off. Just like Skirts said it could cause major probs. Blood infections, bone infections just to name a few.

    Really enjoy your blog.

    Taffy from you know where.

  3. I love that pic! Too cute! I hate painting too, since my last several houses we have repainted them. I am to the point that I have yet to paint my new house that I am in now. I have been here almost 6 months and no paint other then my sons room. I am just so tired of painting..I have no desire to do it. Sorry to hear about your tooth. My daughter had a sinus infection this past week and took 4 ibuprofen at once.....I didn't know you can take 5 at a time! : ) (and live) lol My daughter says ibuprofen does nothing for her..not even 4! The sinus infection made her teeth hurt along with her face is why I mentioned it. And I just stayed at my sisters house while on vacation for a week and slept on her couch..with my dog! At least my sisters couch is pretty wide and the dog sleeps behind my knees if I sleep on my side. She sleeps between my legs if I'm on my back. Take care!

  4. Oh,Shellie, I am going to join the others and encourage you to take care of your tooth really soon. So many people seem to count on you and you could get into real trouble if you continue putting off care and taking so much ibuprofen. And you can't be enjoying TJ's summer or your new home(even though right now is all work!). Since you are paying for another month at the park maybe you can take advantage of the extra time and get your tooth cared for. That way you'll be on the mend for the move. You don't have to do the whole mouth work you have spoken about just the immediate problem.
    TJ sounds like a really special young man. I'm excited(really) that he will be getting his birthday computer soon!
    Take care.