Saturday, June 16, 2012

Various Updates

For people that follow the MWOP off topic board, these are going to be duplicates.  Mom complained I am not blogging and my last two posts over there were more like a blog!

Hey guys, I'm alive!    Believe it or not, my tooth stopped hurting last night.  I guess Murphy decided we had enough for now and relented, just a bit.  My aunt and I went shopping yesterday and picked out the living room furniture, we'll order in a couple of days.  We went over this morning and I painted the places I just plain forgot, touched up where the brush was a little paint starved, covered some ladder marks, scraped a bunch of paint off the laminate floor with my fingernail. (PSA-if you get paint on a laminate floor, let it dry, DON'T smear it!!, then scrape with your fingernail-comes right off with no residue)  Then my aunt sanded the vent covers and dusted them, I went out in the garage and spray painted them.  UGH, that canned paint stuff is NASTY.

T's doing great, just panicking a bit about end of the year stuff.  He got an 85% on his science final, which I thought was fantastic considering he's been doing Science by himself since I started painting over a month ago and that's all the information from the whole quarter.  Dad slipped and Mom and I caught him drinking.  I found one empty and poured the full one out in front of him.  It was not a fun moment.  He was stressing about getting stuff done at the house and I guess decided that was better than talking to us.  We were pretty disappointed in him.  Still love him and note that he is NOT the Dad with Munchhausen on my blog! 

Anyway, its been a busy couple of days and I am worn out.  The good news is I jumped the gun and hopped on the scale tonight.  Weighing AT NIGHT and fully clothed (I usually have a nightgown, underwear and bare feet), I weighed 186.  Hoping for a 185 on Sunday.  Um... I think that's pretty much everything.           LOL

Did I mention that our water heater busted through last night?   Yeah, I heard water pouring last night but didn't mention it.  No, I have NO clue why!  Anyway, Dad asked me this morning if I heard it and we checked the water heater.  Its been on its last legs the whole 12 years we have lived here.  It gets better.  Or should I say worse?  I did mention that Dad went and bug bombed the house and yard, right?  Oh, I didn't?   Well, he did.  Did I also forget to mention that ALL of Dad's tools are over at the house?   Yep, wrenches, torches, everything you need to cut off a dying water heater.  He keeps trying to get my aunt to take him over and he says he just won't breathe.  If you could see me right now, my eyes would be rolling.   He finally got a loaner wrench from a neighbor but its not a heavy duty one and the water heater as well as the pipes are from 1973.  The pipes didn't turn but he managed to turn one of them into a really cool pretzel shape.  So now he not only can't isolate the water heater from our main water supply (oh yeah and they never installed the water heater shut off valve either), but now we can't turn the water back on at all!!!  

We have been keeping the water turned off, flushing, turning it back on for like 2 minutes and turning it back off.  Its been real fun but we don't need a bigger water bill than we are already going to have from it filling and emptying all night.     UGH   And now, its dark.  That should make it even easier for him to figure this out. 

Other than that, we are fine.    

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