Friday, June 22, 2012

TJ's 14th Birthday and Some Sentences

TJ had a great birthday.  It was low key as always, which is what he likes.  Since his birthday is in the summer, he's never had a big kids party with all his classmates.  Its just as well since he really isn't in to that kind of stuff.  We ordered an Oreo Blizzard cake from DQ and went to Hometown Buffet for dinner.  For the first time since I started changing my eating habits back in January, I didn't record my food and didn't worry about calories.  I definitely went over my limit for the day but I stuck to good food choices and did pretty good.  TJ and Dad wore their matching shirts to dinner and looked sharp.  I got a picture and will post it although its not one of my best!  I even got TJ to smile.  Surprisingly, Dad's older son Tony came out to dinner with us.   Dad is ecstatic, the boys are not really that great about acknowledging him and not only did Tony come to dinner, he took Dad over to the house to get a look at it.  Then, he came back the next day to help Dad work on the house!  He really just kept him company more than anything but I was so happy for him.  He's even coming back this Sunday to help some more.  I am just thrilled he's trying to be a part of his Dad's life again.

Their Mom brainwashed them into thinking Dad was never around when they were kids.  He did work a lot and eventually divorced her but he coached their soccer teams, did karate with them, etc.  They are finally remembering that he WAS there and she lied.  They partly blamed him for their mother's behavior.  Their mother supposedly had chronic fatigue syndrome and would sleep all day while Dad was at work.  I am not saying that it is not a legitimate condition but once he was home she would take off and go clubbing.  He even helped out once he was no longer there.  He rented an apartment and kept it stocked for the boys when he was out of town.  It was right on their school bus route.  He tried to get custody of them but its pretty recent that father's are getting custody even when Mom is not the best.   She would keep the fridge padlocked and only unlock it when she got her child support in cash.  She's not a nice woman, there is more I could tell you about her but it would take all night to tell everything about her! 

Anyway, the younger son Chad has been pretty good about staying in Dad's life but Tony has been pretty scarce.  I've been really happy for him that Tony really seems to be trying this time.  I hope he doesn't go back to practically ignoring him, it will just crush him.  I figured out their Dad was a great guy a long time ago, its about time they re-discover that!

Speaking of Dad, he's sulking.  He tried again today to put the floor down and he just can't get the hang of it.  I told him he can't be perfect at everything but he feels like he's failed.  Its so silly, we found someone that will put all that floor down for $600 and Dad can get some of the other stuff done, like fixing the sprinklers!  We have to be out of here the first of July and we are still working on the house! 

I took T's laptop back to the school this morning since its the official last day.  I can tell he's really missing it.  His desktop is sitting at Wally World but we don't have a place to put it in the mobile and I would rather not put it in an empty house either.  They will keep it till July 3rd so its really safer there.  Our formal living room looks interesting, all of the furniture we bought is filling most of it.  I am proud of myself, I put up most of the vents today, even the ones in the family room that are near the vaulted ceiling.   My arms are sore because the vents are in the ceiling and I found out that even a light vent gets really heavy if you are holding it up to screw it back in.  I also taped off their vanity area and primed that today.  I probably won't go back until the floor guy is done by Monday, I don't really want to be there with a strange guy. 

We still have no hot water heater over at the mobile so everyone is going over to the house to shower.  Well, I'm not, by the time I get done working the cold shower feels good.  The other thing I am proud of is that my friend took Mom and Dad's ceiling fan apart so we could paint the ceiling.  The other fans we just removed the blades but theirs was taken down and unplugged.  Well, I decided to see if I could put it back together and I did it!  I have been learning all kinds of new skills from this house.  

I have a funny for you.  I hate the feeling of raw hamburger so I rarely make hamburgers or meatloaf.  And usually my hamburgers are more like meatballs.  Well, Dad was over at the house so I decided to brave it.  The first four took 45 minutes because I forgot the putting a lid on the skillet would make them cook faster.  Its okay to laugh, my Mom did.   Here are the pics and I'll throw in a couple of the new paint from Frazees.  The next pics I post of the house will be the furniture in place.

Here is a pic of me in size 12.  Not fitting quite yet but you can see how close I am!

Here is the formal living room and hallway

My aunt's room and the school room

TJ's Room

This might be TMI but another reason I am proud of my work this week is that its TTOTM and I usually don't do anything for the first few days but take a lot of Ibuprofen.  So for me to paint, put up vents, etc., that's a lot!


  1. Skirts from That Other BlogJune 22, 2012 at 11:07 PM

    You're looking good ShellieB! I am jealous of your waist. I hate my muffin top and big belly pooch. I would look so much better if I could just slice those parts off - haha! House is looking good too. Almost there!

    1. Just hang in there, this dieting stuff takes time! I had an advantage with the house-built in exercise program. LOL

    2. ha! maybe we should all start a volunteer with " Habitat for Humanity" exercise program!
      I'm excited for moving day for you and for TJ to take his birthday computer home.

    3. We are getting there, my Mom and Dad's room is already 3/4 done!! These people are FAST

    4. Skirts from That Other BlogJune 23, 2012 at 6:39 PM

      Good idea Gramma - the ultimate "helping others while helping yourself"!

  2. You look really good! Nice job. I know the stress of trying to get everything done with the new house has to be hard on you. Keep it up, the end is in sight now.

    1. :) Thanks, its just that seven day thing scares me a bit! LOL

  3. Shellie you look great! The house looks great, too. :)

  4. Love TJ and your dad in those shirts! I'm glad to see your house coming along. I'm excited to see it all done!

    I will have to say I agree with your mom, you need to post more! When I see you post your daily dairy, I think 'oh! shellie probably has a new blog post up!'

    1. LOL I'll try to post more. Right now, there isn't much to say because I am staying home. The cramping part has begun. :(

  5. I am just now reading back through your blog (I am Itsawonderfulmcklife, from MWOP) and so enjoying getting to know you through your blog. I have been following your weightloss journey through MWOP, but it was great to come here and see the pictures. I love this picture you have posted wearing the size 12's, and must say they look like they fit to me. You are so blessed with curves!!! You have sexy curves!!

    I am envious. I have a boy body--straight up and down, no waist, no hips, no thighs, no bum. The only reason I have a boobs is thanks to a Victoria Secret push up bra, and Wacol.

    You are doing great. I have FB and you are welcome to find me there if you want to; if you do you can find me under Mari Roll.