Friday, June 8, 2012

Rat Relocation Project And Some Other Stuff

We have an invasion over at the house.  Wednesday, my aunt saw a baby rat over by the fireplace.  She shrieked of course but he didn't really seem to notice.  She called my Dad but I came in to see what was up.  He was laying on his side and barely breathing.  Since he was barely alive, I was brave enough to get the broom and dustpan and scoop him up.  My aunt asked if I was going to put him down the garbage disposal!  First of all, on the gross factor, blood and other icky stuff would have probably blown back out of the sink.  I would have had to have gotten sick if that happened.  The other problem was I couldn't kill the little guy!  I knew he was a wild rat but he was so small and just a baby.  I wanted to feed him and give him some water, hoping I could revive it.

Well, he really needed to get out of our house so I scooped him up and dropped him over our neighbor's fence.  My aunt was nearly ROFL for real.  I was tempted to drop some crumbs with him and water the grass over the fence for liquid but I refrained.  Mom was laughing when she heard about it and Dad was impressed with my rat relocation.

Fast forward to today.  My aunt saw another one run across and head for the bathroom.  We have a hole behind the toilet my Dad needs to fix and I think that is where they are coming from.  We were on rat watch every time we went in the bathroom.  Anyway, I finished one task and was about to start another when my aunt said the rat was in the formal living room.  I asked her to show me but I saw his little fuzzy butt over by the baseboard.  She thought he was dead because he wasn't moving.  So I get my trusty broom and dustpan and scoop the little guy.  Um... he was far from dead.  This one was so young that his fur was extra fuzzy and his tail was thick but not that long.  He was doing the usual thing all babies do, "If I can't see you, you can't see me!"  I felt really bad but he couldn't stay.  He tried to get off the dustpan but luckily, he was too high up and was scared anyway.  So, he was scooped up and you guessed it, dropped over the neighbor's fence.

I can't kill them, its just not something I can do.  I can't even put out a trap because then I would see it dead and know that I did that.  So, as long as they are just babies that are more scared of me than I am of them, I'll continues my rat relocation project.  Looking at the neighbor's yard, huge area with livestock, that's probably where they came from anyway.

As for today, I got the hallway cut in and the base of the wall painted.  Then I went in the school room and cut in the ceiling and the corners.  Tomorrow I am going to paint the base of the wall.  My friend and I had to tape the drop cloth to the walls because there is no baseboard in the school room, so I need to move that before I can paint.  I have decided I am NOT re-painting the bathroom!!!  I have had enough of re-painting at this point and will just touch up wherever the paint is thin.   As Dad takes off baseboard, I will paint that, it will be so much easier when its off the wall and I don't have to worry about getting the paint on the walls.  I have a couple places in the school room that I have to tape off.   There is a built in desk too close to the door frame to paint the bit of wall in between without getting paint where I don't want it.

Four hours ago today, the flooring was fully acclimated and Dad will start putting it in tomorrow.  I wanted to do a swing shift today but I pushed another hour before I quit painting and my arms are just too sore, tomorrow will be soon enough.  So to sum up, I have touch up in the bathroom, finish the school room, the cabinets in the hallway and the wood trim.  It sounds like a lot but its really not.

On another note, I figured out why I keep gaining weight instead of losing or maintaining.  I was up to 190 yesterday, so I had gained 3 lbs.  I looked back over my food diary from when I was working before and noticed a trend.  I ate more when I was working last time.  I may have worked off like 900 calories but I would still end with no more than 300 or less.  This time I have been so tired that I am just not eating enough.   I am eating about 1300 calories and working my butt off.   Well, its just not enough.  Sure enough, yesterday I got more food in and even a piece of cheesecake.  I weighed and I am at 189.  Its a bit late in the week to get all the way back down before Sunday but I'm crossing my fingers.

TJ is continuing to blow me out of the water.  He is done with his cumulative project for Paragon (a combo of social studies, history and geography) and is the only one.  He got to share some of it in class because he was the only one done.  He really has learned well about doing a bit each day so that big projects become many small projects.  He was busting his buttons when the teacher told the kids to come to TJ with any questions about their own projects.  We still have a roof-less sod house but I'll get in gear tonight or when I get back tomorrow.

T has a funny of his own today.  I put Snowy in his room with Peanut when we left this morning.  Snowy gets into trouble if left on his own and that way T could keep an eye on them both.  Well, my aunt and I get back and he's had an "incident" during class.  Yes, you read that right, during his class!  He had to tell his teacher that he needed a minute to save his dog's babies.  Peanut LOVES stuffed toys and has many.  Unlike Snowy, she takes very good care of them and they all look brand new.  She tries to steal T's hedgehog he sleeps with but so far no dice.  Anyway, Snowy loves to tick his sister off by messing with her babies.  This started a dog fight and the 7 lb dog was losing to the 2 lb dog.  So he took a break from his Paragon class to rescue Peanut's babies and Snowy!  Well, Peanut didn't think he acted fast enough so she took all of them under the covers and curled up with them.  When he tried to put her out of his room, she growled, bit him and made it very clear that she was staying.  She finally forgave him for letting Snowy touch her babies a couple of hours later.  Did I mention that even our animals are nuts???

Anyway, I guess that's enough rambling for now.  Hope I didn't put everyone to sleep.       LOL  I added a picture of the two miscreants.  Next post I will have new pics of the paint.


  1. Hi I have suggestions for the area between the desk and the door frame. One way is to use sponge brushes. They come in various sizes and are easier to control. Also using just plain old craft brushes. Might take longer but again easier to control. I have used both these types of brushes for window pane frames (can't think what those are called. The wood that makes a tic tac toe in the window!) ja

  2. I love, love, love chihuahuas! We used to have two, but we had to re-home them when Footlong was about a year old. They were so nervous and scared when he was stomping and squealing that they were having diarrhea everywhere. We found them lovely homes, but I miss them terribly. Pet Snowy and Peanut for me.

    That is so sweet that you're relocating the rats! Yeah, the garbage disposal if off-limits I think unless you want to repaint the kitchen. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. See if you can take a picture of any other baby mice you encounter. I'm excited your flooring is geting installed finally! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!

  3. GAH! Rats give me the heebie jeebies! Good on you for not killing them, though. You're such a good person!

  4. Shell, please make sure you get all the Rats, Babies, Moms & Dads. They multiply very fast. Have you ever seen the old movies Ben & Willard?
    Marley ♥

  5. Rats! Rat Babies! Reminds me of the episdoe of Friends, when Phoebe keeps them in her kitchen and feeds "bob" low fat wheat thins. Then her boyfriend kills "bob" and she is forced to take are of the babies in a shoe box!!

    I've had several love them! They are so smart and sweet...although I think wild rats are a lttle different. I wouldn't be able to kill them either. I can't even kill mice. I always wonder what if they were parents...

    My boyfriend and I are closing on a house, and outside of it are about two dozen dead rats. They are 100% perfetly mummified. No one knows where they came from, or what happened to them...but they are in perfect condition. The realtor says they have been there for about six months. We are so NOT looking forward to moving in and discoving where they came from...and how they became mummified.