Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We are really making progress over at the house.  Well, *I* am making progress.  Yes, we have one painter and the price is right.     LOL     From Sunday to Monday I got TJ's room re-painted, my aunt's room re-painted and drumroll please... the living room done!!       Yes, our huge formal living room was painted in one day on Monday.   I was so proud of myself.  I finished the trim and cut in on T's walls then started the formal living room.  I wasn't too hot, it was great yesterday, but I got so tired.  So I tried something new.

I came home around eleven and took a nap on the couch.  After a good snack, I headed back to the house around four.  I was so tired still but I just kept plugging along.  Around 6 pm, I finished the last stroke of cut in on the formal living room.  It was done.  Dad says the room is about 18 x 22 feet.  I am loving this Frazee paint!  It is so awesome to roll once, twice and its covered. 

Yesterday, Lumber Liquidators called Mom and was bugging her about getting the flooring.  I wanted them to wait till Wednesday so I had two days to work on the living room.  However, they would like our flooring out of their back room and so I went back over for a split shift yesterday.  I'll say it again, I am soooooo proud of myself!  I have gotten more done in three days than 4 people got done in 12 days.  I know its the paint, but wow! 

I have not lost any of the weight I have gained but between painting and watering over there, I think my body is just in re-set.  I really do hope there is a change on Sunday.   But I'm trying not to get too discouraged. 

The Glidden representative will be at the house tomorrow at 11 am to test the paint.  She was pretty snippy on the phone with Mom until she said we were only interested in store credit.  I guess she thought we wanted like thousands of dollars!   Please cross your fingers that all goes well tomorrow, we sure could use the credit for lots of things!  We probably are s.o.l. on the labor but it would be better than nothing. 

Mom's stomach is going off again and she's at the stage where she is thinking that maybe eating nothing might work.   Dad is feeling more upbeat now that the floor is here.  Oh wait, did I tell you about that?

The flooring is here!  Its acclimating in our living room right now.  And that's because I got the painting done in time for us to have a space for the laminate.  We are on a roll now!


  1. Woo-hoo!!!!! I am so glad the new paint is working, and I hope the Glidden people compensate you guys for all the money you wasted. I know I tell you this everyday, but I so wish I could come help you! Mostly because I like you, and partly because I want to see this huge new house!!

    1. Girl, I wish you could help me paint too! I still have the hallway and the hall bathroom. Plus finishing the school room. Bright and early again tomorrow. (:

  2. Skirts from That Other BlogJune 5, 2012 at 7:57 PM

    I was gonna give you a big Woo-Hoo too, but Snort beat me to it, so instead that noise you hear is me giving you a standing ovation! Well done ShellieB. I know you're not done, but you are well on your way! So excited for you and your family. You will have to take more pictures. Is there any way you can repost somewhere on this site the pics you posted on MWOP? So sorry that MommaMeda is having tummy and tootsy troubles. Feel better soon! Keep up the good work ShellieB!

    1. Sure! I'll get new pics done of the rooms I re-painted and re-post the ones that aren't changing. Let me finish the paint and I'll do a big reveal over here for you guys. I'll do one more reveal after the furniture is in and we decorate.