Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Father's Day

It actually started out last night.  I made the oatmeal for morning and accidentally opened the spoon side of the cinnamon instead of the sprinkle side.  Last time I did that I had enough liquid in there that I was able to scrape the excess off and go on.  This time I just had the milk in so I ended up dumping it down the drain.  Yup, uncooked, not swelled yet, wet oats.  Fast forward to morning where I try to rinse something and the water doesn't go down.  I already knew what had happened.

We sent Snowy and Peanut in to wake Dad up so he could read his cards and see his loot.  They really enjoyed that! I had gotten him a card, a pair of shorts and two t-shirts-one in TJ's size and one in Dad's size so they had matching shirts.  When my aunt and I were shopping at Big Lots, I sent T over to the cards and had him pick one out for his Papa.  It took him about 10 minutes but he finally found the perfect one.  I read it and it really was the exact message he needed for their relationship.  I was so proud of him!

Anyway, I made everyone some breakfast and waited till Dad had eaten, had his insulin, etc, before I told him that the sink was plugged.  He just said that was what Dad's were for and no big deal.  I felt bad of course since I knew I had done it!  About two hours later his smile was losing its luster as the clog refused to budge.  His tools are still over at the house and we can't get in until Monday at about four pm.  His snake was at the house along with something called a water weenie.  SNORT, if you laugh, don't worry, I laughed too.  It has some official name but I guess plumber's call it a water weenie. 

Anyway, he was still upbeat for a couple of more hours.  Mom kept saying, "Just go buy a new water weenie!" Then her and I would start cracking up.  He was determined not to spend a whole $12 on something he already owned and his cursing was getting more imaginative.  It didn't help that it got so hot today that our A/C didn't keep up and we were all hot and cranky.  We heard over and over about how his tools were over at the house.  I think Mom and I were about ready to let him go in, poison or no, by the time he finally gave in and went to Home Depot. 

Poor Dad, five minutes, some of that spent rolling the hose back up, and the clog was fixed.  He had been fighting it since about ten am and it was almost four. Then the next disaster.  He had been able to loosen the pipe by hand (since his big wrenches were at the house) but he can't get it tight enough by hand to not leak.  Mom finally told him to put a darn bucket under it and leave it for the night!  I figure that nothing else will go wrong over here after four pm on Monday when we can get to his tools again. 

His Father's Day ended on several good notes though.  His kids both called today and they have not always been so good about that in the past.  He loved the matching t-shirts and his cards.  Then my aunt and I went to Polly's Pies and she bought us all dinner.  We ended the day with homemade vanilla/strawberry ice creams in waffle cones.  Everyone likes how I shove the ice cream down in the cone so its filled from top to bottom. 

TJ did his math final today and got 82%.  I thought it was wonderful considering they were doing things like surface area.  He has his last school testing tomorrow and then one assignment he's having trouble getting done and he will be finished.  His last day is not until Friday but he won't have any work.  His birthday is Tuesday and he wanted an Oreo ice cream cake from DQ again.  I finally was able to get his computer ordered and am very relieved about that.  I kept running into obstacle after obstacle.  The other great news is Mom is thinking about quitting again and I am way ready for that! 

Tomorrow we will be able to get back in the house again so we will go over and open it up.  I know the poison is supposed to dissipate on its own but we would feel better if it was aired out.  We expect to get started on Tuesday again and its about time!!!


  1. "Just go buy another water weenie!" I died laughing!!!!

    Tell TJ awesome job on the math! I am really impressed at how well he does with online school! I know very few teenagers who have the self-discipline to something on their own.

    What kind of furniture did you and your aunt order?

  2. I'll put some pics of our furniture in the next post. :)

  3. So when do you move in??