Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Various Updates (I thought about just some sentences but, nahhhhh)

Another one pulled from the discussion board.  Next post will be original and have pictures of the house!

As you probably can figure out, we have been very very busy!  My aunt and I ordered the living room furniture, the beds, and a couple of other things today.  We won't have to pay our nasty water bill because it turns out the park's shut off valve for our mobile was malfunctioning.  That means its not our fault the water heater kept re-filling.  That's great news since our 30 gal water heater must have poured out over 180 gallons.   The other great news is that the park guy loaned Dad a big wrench and he was finally able to cap off our water heater.  So we can flush toilets again!!!!      Mom and my aunt have braved the cold showers but I haven't gotten my nerve up.  At least we have water again.      The gas company said we will probably qualify for a new water heater-we should get it in about 2-4 weeks when we are no longer here.           LOL

TJ did his LA final and got a 93%, terrific for a test that was about poetry terms and TONS of inference.  Something Aspie's are not good at.   He was the only kid that had his cumulative project done for Paragon.  I was so proud of him. 

Dad is doing so much better and you should have seen how proud he was when he capped off the water heater by himself.  He can do a lot of things, he just lacks confidence.  Now if I could just get Mom to quit smoking...

When we can get in the house again I will get pictures of the paint job.  I have some but the baseboard wasn't done yet and it really looks nice.  Dad was saying he can hear the screams of the bugs dying over at the house (for those that may have forgotten, we are bug bombing the house).         LOL       We have a warped sense of humor over here.  My aunt and I are on a roll, she's shopping till *I* drop! 

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