Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone

Yep, its a bright, sunshiny day here in Southern California.  Mom was having tummy problems so we didn't get the flooring today.  But you know what, its not a big deal.  We can't really get it until the formal living room is all painted so we have somewhere to put the boxes!  Right now its got dropcloths all over the floor and if we painted, we would get paint on the boxes.  So anyway, my aunt and I got our grubby clothes on and headed out.  Well, by the time we went to Frazee's paint and KMart, it was already 11:30, so we went ahead and had lunch.  I was NOT going to paint for an hour then stop to have lunch!

So we got some brushes and roller covers from KMart then headed to Frazees.  Frazees is a paint store, that's all they sell, like a Sherwin Williams.  Dad wanted us to buy their paint from the beginning but my darn uncle insisted on the paint on a Sunday.  Now, Frazees is not open on Sunday so we ended up with Glidden from Home Depot.  I am sure you are thinking, "Oh God Shellie why the heck does this matter???"  Well, we got two gallons of paint, one for T's room and one for my aunt's room (hers was like an apple green-ugh).  We also got a huge bag of rags and the total was $46.  Guess how much we paid for the sucky Glidden?  $24 a gallon.  Yup, we paid MORE for crappy paint than for GOOD paint! 

We went over to the house and my heart sank looking at all the rooms that needed re-painted.  First, I went outside and watered because our stuff is dying.  Its been so hot that we are losing our plants since we aren't there to water them.  Then I went back in and poured the new paint out.  I sighed heavily and headed back for my aunt's room.  She sat in a chair with a book because I wouldn't let her do anything.   LOL         Anyway, I rolled it on the wall and saw those dots of the previous color just like the first time.  Before I got too annoyed, I went and rolled over it again.  You know what happened?  The dots were gone and it was an even wall of new paint.  OMG   I wanted to start singing like a heavenly choir.  We started too late so I only got 90% of the room done before I was too hot.  But I did that in about an hour.  If we had had the Frazees paint from day one, this darn house would be DONE.  I was sooo excited but also soooo irritated. 

We are going to try to get Home Depot to give us store credit, we don't want any more bad paint.  We are even going to get two new colors of Frazees for the formal living room and the hallway/hallway bathroom because I don't want to re-paint.  Think of it this way, my aunt's room was not done with five coats and the living room only has TWO.  I can either paint it about three more times with crap paint or I can change the paint entirely and paint it ONE more time.  Guess what I chose?  Mom approved getting more of the Frazees paint and asked why I didn't get it already.  I know its all of ours house but I wanted to ask if it was okay first.  I'm just funny that way!   Anyway, things are really looking up for us.  We may have to get more paint but it will actually work this time.  We WILL be moving someday.       LOL  

I'm going to finish with two poems that TJ wrote.  I was really impressed by them.   The first one is a riddle poem and the second is an apostrophe poem.  A riddle poem is self-explanatory but the apostrophe poem is a poem where the poet addresses a non-living or non-human being.  I know I am biased, but he's really a good poet.  His riddle is easy to figure out but I think its really good for an Aspie that isn't fond of flowery language.

Riddle Poem

Three eyes have I, all in a row;
When the red one opens it freezes motion,
As the green one opens, they proceed,
Then the yellow one opens, slowing the earth.

I strive for more eyes as well,
Different areas I have six eyes,
Purple, orange, and one other be the colors.
Directional changes, effect of the extra three.

They will either change direction for me,
They will proceed for me,
They will even slow down for me,
But when my eye turns green, motion ensues once again. 

Apostrophe Poem

Oh, day you’ve come!
How I have missed you,
Banishing the night,
Releasing the sun,
Your clouds so light and shaped.

Your shining light reflects off many things,
The people wake from their slumber,
Children go outside and play,
Others go to work or go shopping.

Please, stay as long as possible,
Don’t go now; you have a few hours left,
Then the night will descend upon you,
Replacing you, for the night will banish you,
Until tomorrow.


  1. I want so badly to help you paint!! How many beds and baths is the new house? I don't remember.

    Tell TJ he is quite the poet. JM needs to take lessons from him :D

    1. 5 bedrooms with the school room, 2 bathrooms, formal living room, family room, kitchen, dining area. Its a BIG house!

  2. Skirts from That Other BlogJune 2, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    Doing the happy dance for you regarding the good day you had painting. Try to move on and not think of the time and money you wasted on the bad paint. Ugh, that was a bad deal. Hope you get a store credit. Can I ask how many bedrooms your new house has? Is TJ's classroom one of the bedrooms? I'm a little confused about why you and TJ are switching up bedrooms. Is it that you want him to have the bigger room? Sounds like you are going to have so much more space to move around in the new place! Waving "Hi!" to Momma Meda (that's what I am going to call her because it sounds like Momma Mia!) Just tell her the dog got her pill this month, and not me! I love your dad's bad-ass bike theft story. Can't let the bad guys get away with that crap! Nice poems TJ - you sure he's only 14?

    1. Like I told Snort, it has 5 bedrooms counting the school room. We are switching bedrooms because the bedroom I have for him is bigger than mine and with the schoolroom, TJ technically has two rooms. So Mom and Dad put their foot down. If he has two rooms, I should have a bigger room. LOL

    2. Skirts from That Other BlogJune 2, 2012 at 5:13 PM

      Okay, now I get it. YOU are getting the bigger bedroom. I agree with the folks, since TJ has two rooms you deserve more space. Your aunt will be living with you from now on? You've got a full house!

    3. She comes out and visits a lot, as well as helped us with the house so she has her own room. :)

      She will move out one here one day but she's not ready to stop running yet! LOL

  3. LOVE the riddle poem!

    Shellie, remember to put the flooring in the room where it will be installed for 72 hours BEFORE you install it. Yes, I know that delays things, but it will help the flooring acclimate the temperature of the house. This will prevent swelling of the boards after you install, which could cause them to hump up.

    *says the woman who bought a home with new bamboo floors that now have a giant hump in the living room*

    1. LOL No worries on that one, Betsy, we already knew that one. :)

      Turns out that it doesn't matter whether its laminate or hardwood, the acclimating thing is the same. We still don't want it in the house though till we have someplace to put it!

    2. OK, good! After all the delays you are having, I would have hated for another problem to crop up!