Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Glidden SUCKS

I went over to the house today to paint the hallway.  I actually got both sides done with the roller and now just have the fine detail work to do tomorrow.  As usual, the taping took more time than anything!  I noticed a few spots in the living room where the roller missed and I didn't see them last night.  Not a big deal, when you are hurrying and tired, you miss stuff.  We have too much of the darker peach so I think we are going to paint the woodwork the peach.  We'll take it back to Frazees so they add the gloss to it since we have that one in the flat.  What I have done so far though, the colors really look nice.  I'll have to get more recent pics.

Gotta go help Dad put the burgers together, I'll be back to finish this.

Okay, back!  I know, I'm weird, its not like I had to tell you I stopped this.  Its kind of fun to do this like a regular conversation though.  Anyway, we had dinner and then TJ and I headed to Sprouts.  I have to concentrate really hard not to call it Henry's.  In the time we have been here its been Boneys, Henry's, and Sprouts!  That's over 12 years but still.  I wanted some cheesecake but they were out.   :(   With the painting, I have some extra calories to have some fun.  I had to come home and settle for a Weight Watchers strawberry yogurt bar.

Then to top it off, I discovered that was the last one!  AUGH      I have to get some more, those things taste like Breyer's strawberry ice cream and are only 60 calories.  I got us some more steel cut oats too, we were out.  I know Jen is the one that gave us the idea but they do work for a great overnight meal.  I love making it and having it ready in the morning.  I got bunny veggies, milk, eggs, lemon muffins,  and some trail mix for TJ too if you are interested in my grocery list.  LOL

Now that I have thoroughly bored you, I can tell you about the Glidden mess.  There was a guy and a woman that came out to the house.  They seemed friendly but they also had their mind made up before they even got to the house.  They went in the kitchen first and said we tried to paint over a dark color with a light color.  Um... the kitchen was like a cream and we painted it yellow!!

Then they went in the schoolroom and it only had the one coat on the walls.  He told me it was the painter, not the paint.  You could see places where the roller missed but in my aunt's room I had FIVE coats and still saw places where the paint was thin.  However, I had already painted over her walls.  They told us that wasn't a problem but it seems it really was.  They pretty much came in, saw my paint covered, non-professional clothes and decided that I just needed to get better at painting. 

The only thing they can't explain?  Why I am getting ONE coat coverage with Frazees and their paint wasn't covering with multiple coats.  It was a very frustrating meeting.  He pretty much patted me on the head (metaphorically speaking, I might have slugged him if he had!) and said I was doing a really good job, I just needed to keep painting.  So I am going to leave a really bad review on Home Depot for the paint and I hope some people will stumble across this blog post before they buy Glidden. 

I am taking tomorrow off, I am just so tired and sore.  I need to finish the school room, touch up some places the paint was thin, paint all the trim and cut in the hallway.  I'm getting there, its just a matter of patience.  TJ is doing fantastic in school and doing everything on his own, that is really helping me feel confident to get things done over at the house.  Since I am taking the day off tomorrow, we will work on finishing his sod house and some of his math review for his final. 

There is some stuff at Sprout's for nerve pain that I am going to research for Mom.  I have high hopes its something she can take.  We'll take a list of the ingredients to her doctor.  Her stomach is still acting up but hopefully it will settle soon.  Dad's sugars have been high lately, probably because I haven't been home to keep an eye on him!  We are getting a ton done with my aunt here to drive, although we are probably wearing HER out.     LOL      

Anyway, I think that's enough for now.  I'll try to get some pics of the new paint next time I post. 


  1. I am going to add my Glidden story to yours (even though it is on my blog, and my husband's!) in case someone searches and lands here:

    We painted our bedroom with Glidden about 2 years ago. Went on fine - a little thin, but workable. Everything seemed great until 3am WHEN THE SMOKE DETECTOR WENT OFF. That's right, the Glidden fumes set off the smoke alarm.

    Picture us leaping out of bed, my husband getting so confused he ran into (and got trapped in) the closet. We ran around like idiots for about 10 minutes before figuring it out.

    Good times. Glidden = 2 thumbs down

  2. You want me to tell Glidden to eff-off? You know I have no trouble using that word :)

  3. Are you on MFP very often? I wondered if you wanted to be friends over there? I do most of my computer time at night while I am typing for my job, but would love to be friends there too.

    my name over there is: momof7angels1965

    Hope to see you over there!

    1. Sure! I stink at commenting for the most part but here you go. MichelleBogart