Friday, June 29, 2012

Various Updates

I am currently typing with my dog laying on my arm.  He's not really helping.  TJ is staying the night at his uncle's house so I will have both Snowy and Peanut on the couch with me.  It does not make a bed and is definitely narrower than even a twin so that should be interesting.  I usually lay on my side with Snowy making his bed on my hip.  I am not sure where Peanut will end up.  Last time he stayed, she actually whined when he came in the door, she was so happy to see him.

The floors are in at the house.  They look soooooooo nice!  We were going to clean up the baseboard and put it back on but the bottom of it has been chewed up by sitting on the concrete subfloor since 1984.  So, I guess we add new baseboard to the Home Depot list.  I suggested we use the old stuff in the closets to save money since nobody will see them anyway.  Dad was over there today fixing the electrical stuff.  There were seven outlets not working and now they are, he really is a Jack of All Trades!  He is wondering why he's so tired and sore but I think being nearly 60 years old has a lot to do with it.

I have been waking up at 1 or 2 am and staying awake until 4 or 5 am.  My back molar on the right side is hurting pretty bad.  Its got a huge hole in it but now it is also cracked all the way across.  I am rinsing my mouth with mouthwash every time I eat and taking Ibuprofen like its water and I'm dehydrated.  I know I need to be careful with the Ibuprofen but I need it in order to function right now.  I do need to watch it though, the other night I got so desperate I took 5 at once.  I woke up with a headache and really wonder if I went a bit too far.  I have been trying to make it at least every four hours today and only taking 2 at a time.  I know I need to go to the dentist but it just seems we don't have time.  Sunday is the first of the month so it looks like we will pay one more month's rent here at the park.

I woke up again at around 10 am and got breakfast going for my Mom and Aunt Janice.  Dad had just got up himself and wasn't ready for breakfast just yet.  He lives on something he calls California time.  It just means you tell him he needs to be ready two hours before he really has to be.  And sometimes we are STILL late!  By the time we got him over the house, I was ready for a nap again.  Being anxious wears me out, being in pain wears me out, being anxious AND in pain makes me exhausted.  Snowy was being nice and let Peanut join us under the blanket.  When I woke up, my aunt and I went to Home Depot.  We finally used my list of outlet/switch covers and light bulbs.  Yep, its time to do the finishing touches.  We were going to get baseboard but Dad hadn't measured yet, he was too busy working on the electrical.

Tomorrow morning the plan is to drop me off at the house so I can put allllllll those covers back on and replace all the light bulbs.  There is about 60 covers and probably about half that in bulbs!  My aunt and Dad are going to head back to Home Depot and get the baseboard and some transition pieces.  If I am done before they get back, I will get out my paintbrush and work some more on the trim in my parent's vanity.  I am so tired of painting that I have to do it in small doses now.      LOL      I will probably end up painting the cabinets in the hallway and their actual bathroom after we move in.  At this point, I want to scream at the sight of a can of paint or paintbrush/roller.

TJ is really enjoying his summer so far.  This is the second night he's spending at his uncle's with his cousins.  T is such a little peacemaker that everyone loves having him over in between squabbling siblings.  We got Wendy's tonight and tried to entice him with that but his uncle informed me they already had plans and wouldn't give me back my kid!  Chad's a great uncle and I am thrilled he has another positive male role model.  His Dad still hasn't sent even a birthday card and I know he is hurt.  He told TJ he would send it the first of July, we'll see.  I really could depend on him in the past if I really needed something.  I don't know what has happened with him the last few months.

Tom (his Dad) called on his birthday and Mom answered.  My aunt went and got TJ because we figured he was calling for him, after all, its his son's birthday.  He spent about 20 minutes talking to my Mom, asking question after question about the house.  Finally, she said TJ was standing there waiting and Tom says, "I guess we can talk about the house another time."  HUH??       I guess he got on the phone with TJ and started quizzing HIM about the house!  Then Tom tried a joke.  Um, TJ is an Aspie and he is very literal.  Tom said, "I hear its someone's birthday today, is it yours?"  Well, TJ was not amused.  He told Mom about it and she told him he was trying to make a joke.  TJ said, "It wasn't very funny, Ahma."  I guess Mom tried really hard not to start cracking up.  Then Tom apologized for not getting his card out and TJ said, "Its okay Dad, I'm used to it."  I guess Tom didn't know what to say.  Yeah, that's what happens when you acknowledge your kid twice a year only-birthday and Christmas.

My Mom never said anything negative about my Dad.  She knew that someday I would grow up and make my own choices about him.  In her opinion, badmouthing him was not necessary and would just make me resent her.  I have always respected her for that and have done the same with TJ.  I am very careful how I talk to him about Tom, he's just getting older and he is a smart kid.  This is a kid that years ago told Mom he knew I was afraid of crowds and always asked his Ahma to go to school functions as a result.  He also asked why his Dad wasn't around since his Mom was on medications for mental illness and yet she is still here to take care of him.  Yes, he really is that quick on the uptake, its a little scary sometimes.

Well, since I don't have any pictures and I think I have covered everything that's been going on with me, I am going to end this post.  Mom still continues to ask me if I have blogged yet and I continue to threaten to teach HER how!  So don't be surprised if you come on here sometime and the new post is from her.  Wish me luck, its a two dog night and a one person couch.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Random Stuff About Me

SNORT did this over on her blog and I thought it might be fun.  I'll try to make it new stuff since I am not very secretive anyway.

I like to read Harry Potter fanfiction and like stories where Snape is a mentor/father/father figure to Harry.  Yes, I know I am weird.

Some of my favorite authors are Patricia Cornwall, Johnathon Kellerman and Iris Johanson.  I also like True Crime stories, Ann Rice, funny romance books, and the Readers Digest.  There are more but this is short things about me, not my life story!

As well as crochet, I like to cross stitch and love helping my son with his projects. 

I make memory angels for lost babies/children and am ashamed I haven't made any in about four years.  I hope to get back to that after we move.

I was admitted to the Kansas Institute with a nervous breakdown at 17 years old but still graduated high school a member of The National Honor Society.

I have been married twice-one was gay and one is manic depressive.  Some people with bipolar can be married and are okay but my husband can't handle relationships.  I did not know my husband was gay. 

I am still married even though my husband lives in Missouri and I left with TJ over 14 years ago.  He was in the mental hospital and I was unable to serve him the papers.  By the time he got out, the papers were no good and I just have never done it again. 

l don't date anyone and don't ever plan to.

I read sick children blogs and add them to my angel list as I lose them.  Unfortunately, that list has grown faster than the blogs I read list.  I count my blessings every day that my son is healthy.

I stole my son's dog.  That one requires an explanation.  Snowy chewed on TJ's fingers and generally annoyed him when he picked him out at the breeder.  We usually adopt from a shelter but he wanted to raise a puppy and for once, the shelter didn't have any chihuahuas.  Anyway, for the first few months he was T's pup.  Then he got neutered.  I took care of him and he changed his loyalties to me. Don't worry, TJ still has a pup.  Mom's dog gravitated toward him after that and now she is pretty much his dog.  They are both spoiled rotten.

I am 37 years old and still waiting to feel it.  Some days I feel older and some days I feel younger but I have yet to feel 37.    

I have lived in Kansas City, Missouri; Grandview, Missouri; Springfield, Missouri; Lake Forest, California; and Hemet, California.

I LOVE hot fudge sundaes.  They are definitely my weakness.  One of my weight problems was way too many hot fudge brownie sundaes.

I have had two jobs in my lifetime.  I worked at two different day care centers and lasted about two days as a telemarketer.  The day I called during a viewing and my boss told me to call them back at a better time was my last day.

I would really love to have more children but know I can only handle what I have.  Some days that is really hard to deal with.

Last, I wish I had tried to breastfeed TJ.  I know he's happy and healthy but I was producing milk until he was a year old.  I just wouldn't stop!  I was too nervous and I did what was right for me at that time but I still wish I had tried.

Anything else anyone is curious about?  I'll update on the house next time.

Friday, June 22, 2012

TJ's 14th Birthday and Some Sentences

TJ had a great birthday.  It was low key as always, which is what he likes.  Since his birthday is in the summer, he's never had a big kids party with all his classmates.  Its just as well since he really isn't in to that kind of stuff.  We ordered an Oreo Blizzard cake from DQ and went to Hometown Buffet for dinner.  For the first time since I started changing my eating habits back in January, I didn't record my food and didn't worry about calories.  I definitely went over my limit for the day but I stuck to good food choices and did pretty good.  TJ and Dad wore their matching shirts to dinner and looked sharp.  I got a picture and will post it although its not one of my best!  I even got TJ to smile.  Surprisingly, Dad's older son Tony came out to dinner with us.   Dad is ecstatic, the boys are not really that great about acknowledging him and not only did Tony come to dinner, he took Dad over to the house to get a look at it.  Then, he came back the next day to help Dad work on the house!  He really just kept him company more than anything but I was so happy for him.  He's even coming back this Sunday to help some more.  I am just thrilled he's trying to be a part of his Dad's life again.

Their Mom brainwashed them into thinking Dad was never around when they were kids.  He did work a lot and eventually divorced her but he coached their soccer teams, did karate with them, etc.  They are finally remembering that he WAS there and she lied.  They partly blamed him for their mother's behavior.  Their mother supposedly had chronic fatigue syndrome and would sleep all day while Dad was at work.  I am not saying that it is not a legitimate condition but once he was home she would take off and go clubbing.  He even helped out once he was no longer there.  He rented an apartment and kept it stocked for the boys when he was out of town.  It was right on their school bus route.  He tried to get custody of them but its pretty recent that father's are getting custody even when Mom is not the best.   She would keep the fridge padlocked and only unlock it when she got her child support in cash.  She's not a nice woman, there is more I could tell you about her but it would take all night to tell everything about her! 

Anyway, the younger son Chad has been pretty good about staying in Dad's life but Tony has been pretty scarce.  I've been really happy for him that Tony really seems to be trying this time.  I hope he doesn't go back to practically ignoring him, it will just crush him.  I figured out their Dad was a great guy a long time ago, its about time they re-discover that!

Speaking of Dad, he's sulking.  He tried again today to put the floor down and he just can't get the hang of it.  I told him he can't be perfect at everything but he feels like he's failed.  Its so silly, we found someone that will put all that floor down for $600 and Dad can get some of the other stuff done, like fixing the sprinklers!  We have to be out of here the first of July and we are still working on the house! 

I took T's laptop back to the school this morning since its the official last day.  I can tell he's really missing it.  His desktop is sitting at Wally World but we don't have a place to put it in the mobile and I would rather not put it in an empty house either.  They will keep it till July 3rd so its really safer there.  Our formal living room looks interesting, all of the furniture we bought is filling most of it.  I am proud of myself, I put up most of the vents today, even the ones in the family room that are near the vaulted ceiling.   My arms are sore because the vents are in the ceiling and I found out that even a light vent gets really heavy if you are holding it up to screw it back in.  I also taped off their vanity area and primed that today.  I probably won't go back until the floor guy is done by Monday, I don't really want to be there with a strange guy. 

We still have no hot water heater over at the mobile so everyone is going over to the house to shower.  Well, I'm not, by the time I get done working the cold shower feels good.  The other thing I am proud of is that my friend took Mom and Dad's ceiling fan apart so we could paint the ceiling.  The other fans we just removed the blades but theirs was taken down and unplugged.  Well, I decided to see if I could put it back together and I did it!  I have been learning all kinds of new skills from this house.  

I have a funny for you.  I hate the feeling of raw hamburger so I rarely make hamburgers or meatloaf.  And usually my hamburgers are more like meatballs.  Well, Dad was over at the house so I decided to brave it.  The first four took 45 minutes because I forgot the putting a lid on the skillet would make them cook faster.  Its okay to laugh, my Mom did.   Here are the pics and I'll throw in a couple of the new paint from Frazees.  The next pics I post of the house will be the furniture in place.

Here is a pic of me in size 12.  Not fitting quite yet but you can see how close I am!

Here is the formal living room and hallway

My aunt's room and the school room

TJ's Room

This might be TMI but another reason I am proud of my work this week is that its TTOTM and I usually don't do anything for the first few days but take a lot of Ibuprofen.  So for me to paint, put up vents, etc., that's a lot!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Furniture, TJ and Cold Showers

I promised SNORT I would post pics of the furniture my aunt has bought the next post.  We are so lucky to have her.  I really appreciate all she has done for us.  She put the down payment on the house as well.  She got TJ a full size mattress, box spring and frame; and my parents a king size mattress, box spring and frame.  Now TJ should have room for him and all of Peanut's babies.          lol 

She got me this neat dresser because she didn't buy me a bed (I don't need one).  I sure wasn't expecting it!  I love Victorian type stuff and this really fits the bill.  She bought me a headboard at the thrift store too but I'll have to take a pic of it.  Its real maple and and is curvy with carved posts.  We are going to sand it and stain it the same stain as this chest thing.

If you remember, this is my comforter.  Very girly.  I haven't had a girly room since I was a teen.  This not my room and I didn't get the curtain because we have nice mini blinds.

Here is our living room set she got.   She purchased the ottoman and the recliner as well.  This should look really nice in that Tropical Surf blue room, I'll post another pic.

We are going to look at some of the other used furniture stores for dressers for Mom, Dad and TJ.  We don't want pressed wood and real wood is NOT cheap!  It should be fun.  I have to run to keep up with my aunt.      LOL

I have to give a big shout out to TJ.  He finished the last of his assignments for the year today and even though his last day of school is Friday, he is done.  I wanted to post a couple of comments from his teachers that I have been getting. 

"TJ, I just have to say....I love how concerned you are that you aren't doing an assignment correctly and then when you turn it in, you hit the ball out of the park! Great interview! Keep up this momentum next year! Nothing will stop you!"

"I'm so happy that he's done so well-he really is a pleasure to teach :)"

"That's fine-I'm glad that he's able to do that-he's my perfect student! If I only had more like him :)"

"TJ, Thank you so very much for being a model student and presenting your cumulative assessment early! You set a very high standard for the others to follow...nice work! :)"

"I know. I keep track of his grades. The teachers always talk about how great he is in the 8th grade team meetings. You should both be very proud. I am a little jealous that I don't get to teach him. ha ha. Maybe next year."

"There is no doubt in my mind that your son is a total rock star :)"

Needless to say, I am way proud of how far he has come in two years.  With the painting on the house, he is 95% on his own and his grades dropped less than 5%.  He'll be 14 tomorrow and I'm glad Aspie's grow up slow, he'll be around for awhile yet to come.        :)

Now on the subject of cold showers.  I am sure you guys are getting ready for some juicy information on my part that would explain that statement.  I am afraid its not a sordid story.  No water heater means cold showers.  They are quite invigorating by the way, but getting your front and back wet is the really hard part!  I actually washed my hair yesterday and it wasn't too bad.  Its about like jumping into the pool so you don't have time to be shocked at the water.  TJ showered down at the clubhouse but was too lazy to walk down there today.  So, he decided to brave the shower today.  Now, you would think with three woman that ONE of us would have yelled at the water.  Nope, the first yell came from TJ this evening.  It was actually a pretty good yell, I was impressed.   

I have NO clue when we are moving but we got to open the house up today.  We didn't find multiple dead bodies laying around, we were really glad about that.  I mean animal or bugs of course, not people!  Dad was glad to be able to touch his tools again.  My aunt and Dad are going early tomorrow to meet the gas person so we can get the pilots all lit.  We wanted to wait for that until after the bug bombing, just in case it reacted badly with the pilots.  Anyway, that's all for now.  Mom will be happy I blogged so she can read it.          LOL       

Oh, one more thing.  I am really irritated with TJ's Dad.  He told T that he should get his birthday card around the first of July.  Yeah, he really got on the ball with this birthday.  I used to be able to depend on him if I really needed something.  He isn't around and doesn't pay support but I could count on him if I really needed to.  This is the first year he's let me down.  TJ didn't even call him for Father's Day.  I am not going to make him.  I was going to give his grandmother this blog address but then I won't be able to vent about her son when I need to.  Maybe I should create a blog for TJ, I'll think about that. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Father's Day

It actually started out last night.  I made the oatmeal for morning and accidentally opened the spoon side of the cinnamon instead of the sprinkle side.  Last time I did that I had enough liquid in there that I was able to scrape the excess off and go on.  This time I just had the milk in so I ended up dumping it down the drain.  Yup, uncooked, not swelled yet, wet oats.  Fast forward to morning where I try to rinse something and the water doesn't go down.  I already knew what had happened.

We sent Snowy and Peanut in to wake Dad up so he could read his cards and see his loot.  They really enjoyed that! I had gotten him a card, a pair of shorts and two t-shirts-one in TJ's size and one in Dad's size so they had matching shirts.  When my aunt and I were shopping at Big Lots, I sent T over to the cards and had him pick one out for his Papa.  It took him about 10 minutes but he finally found the perfect one.  I read it and it really was the exact message he needed for their relationship.  I was so proud of him!

Anyway, I made everyone some breakfast and waited till Dad had eaten, had his insulin, etc, before I told him that the sink was plugged.  He just said that was what Dad's were for and no big deal.  I felt bad of course since I knew I had done it!  About two hours later his smile was losing its luster as the clog refused to budge.  His tools are still over at the house and we can't get in until Monday at about four pm.  His snake was at the house along with something called a water weenie.  SNORT, if you laugh, don't worry, I laughed too.  It has some official name but I guess plumber's call it a water weenie. 

Anyway, he was still upbeat for a couple of more hours.  Mom kept saying, "Just go buy a new water weenie!" Then her and I would start cracking up.  He was determined not to spend a whole $12 on something he already owned and his cursing was getting more imaginative.  It didn't help that it got so hot today that our A/C didn't keep up and we were all hot and cranky.  We heard over and over about how his tools were over at the house.  I think Mom and I were about ready to let him go in, poison or no, by the time he finally gave in and went to Home Depot. 

Poor Dad, five minutes, some of that spent rolling the hose back up, and the clog was fixed.  He had been fighting it since about ten am and it was almost four. Then the next disaster.  He had been able to loosen the pipe by hand (since his big wrenches were at the house) but he can't get it tight enough by hand to not leak.  Mom finally told him to put a darn bucket under it and leave it for the night!  I figure that nothing else will go wrong over here after four pm on Monday when we can get to his tools again. 

His Father's Day ended on several good notes though.  His kids both called today and they have not always been so good about that in the past.  He loved the matching t-shirts and his cards.  Then my aunt and I went to Polly's Pies and she bought us all dinner.  We ended the day with homemade vanilla/strawberry ice creams in waffle cones.  Everyone likes how I shove the ice cream down in the cone so its filled from top to bottom. 

TJ did his math final today and got 82%.  I thought it was wonderful considering they were doing things like surface area.  He has his last school testing tomorrow and then one assignment he's having trouble getting done and he will be finished.  His last day is not until Friday but he won't have any work.  His birthday is Tuesday and he wanted an Oreo ice cream cake from DQ again.  I finally was able to get his computer ordered and am very relieved about that.  I kept running into obstacle after obstacle.  The other great news is Mom is thinking about quitting again and I am way ready for that! 

Tomorrow we will be able to get back in the house again so we will go over and open it up.  I know the poison is supposed to dissipate on its own but we would feel better if it was aired out.  We expect to get started on Tuesday again and its about time!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Various Updates (I thought about just some sentences but, nahhhhh)

Another one pulled from the discussion board.  Next post will be original and have pictures of the house!

As you probably can figure out, we have been very very busy!  My aunt and I ordered the living room furniture, the beds, and a couple of other things today.  We won't have to pay our nasty water bill because it turns out the park's shut off valve for our mobile was malfunctioning.  That means its not our fault the water heater kept re-filling.  That's great news since our 30 gal water heater must have poured out over 180 gallons.   The other great news is that the park guy loaned Dad a big wrench and he was finally able to cap off our water heater.  So we can flush toilets again!!!!      Mom and my aunt have braved the cold showers but I haven't gotten my nerve up.  At least we have water again.      The gas company said we will probably qualify for a new water heater-we should get it in about 2-4 weeks when we are no longer here.           LOL

TJ did his LA final and got a 93%, terrific for a test that was about poetry terms and TONS of inference.  Something Aspie's are not good at.   He was the only kid that had his cumulative project done for Paragon.  I was so proud of him. 

Dad is doing so much better and you should have seen how proud he was when he capped off the water heater by himself.  He can do a lot of things, he just lacks confidence.  Now if I could just get Mom to quit smoking...

When we can get in the house again I will get pictures of the paint job.  I have some but the baseboard wasn't done yet and it really looks nice.  Dad was saying he can hear the screams of the bugs dying over at the house (for those that may have forgotten, we are bug bombing the house).         LOL       We have a warped sense of humor over here.  My aunt and I are on a roll, she's shopping till *I* drop! 

Various Updates

For people that follow the MWOP off topic board, these are going to be duplicates.  Mom complained I am not blogging and my last two posts over there were more like a blog!

Hey guys, I'm alive!    Believe it or not, my tooth stopped hurting last night.  I guess Murphy decided we had enough for now and relented, just a bit.  My aunt and I went shopping yesterday and picked out the living room furniture, we'll order in a couple of days.  We went over this morning and I painted the places I just plain forgot, touched up where the brush was a little paint starved, covered some ladder marks, scraped a bunch of paint off the laminate floor with my fingernail. (PSA-if you get paint on a laminate floor, let it dry, DON'T smear it!!, then scrape with your fingernail-comes right off with no residue)  Then my aunt sanded the vent covers and dusted them, I went out in the garage and spray painted them.  UGH, that canned paint stuff is NASTY.

T's doing great, just panicking a bit about end of the year stuff.  He got an 85% on his science final, which I thought was fantastic considering he's been doing Science by himself since I started painting over a month ago and that's all the information from the whole quarter.  Dad slipped and Mom and I caught him drinking.  I found one empty and poured the full one out in front of him.  It was not a fun moment.  He was stressing about getting stuff done at the house and I guess decided that was better than talking to us.  We were pretty disappointed in him.  Still love him and note that he is NOT the Dad with Munchhausen on my blog! 

Anyway, its been a busy couple of days and I am worn out.  The good news is I jumped the gun and hopped on the scale tonight.  Weighing AT NIGHT and fully clothed (I usually have a nightgown, underwear and bare feet), I weighed 186.  Hoping for a 185 on Sunday.  Um... I think that's pretty much everything.           LOL

Did I mention that our water heater busted through last night?   Yeah, I heard water pouring last night but didn't mention it.  No, I have NO clue why!  Anyway, Dad asked me this morning if I heard it and we checked the water heater.  Its been on its last legs the whole 12 years we have lived here.  It gets better.  Or should I say worse?  I did mention that Dad went and bug bombed the house and yard, right?  Oh, I didn't?   Well, he did.  Did I also forget to mention that ALL of Dad's tools are over at the house?   Yep, wrenches, torches, everything you need to cut off a dying water heater.  He keeps trying to get my aunt to take him over and he says he just won't breathe.  If you could see me right now, my eyes would be rolling.   He finally got a loaner wrench from a neighbor but its not a heavy duty one and the water heater as well as the pipes are from 1973.  The pipes didn't turn but he managed to turn one of them into a really cool pretzel shape.  So now he not only can't isolate the water heater from our main water supply (oh yeah and they never installed the water heater shut off valve either), but now we can't turn the water back on at all!!!  

We have been keeping the water turned off, flushing, turning it back on for like 2 minutes and turning it back off.  Its been real fun but we don't need a bigger water bill than we are already going to have from it filling and emptying all night.     UGH   And now, its dark.  That should make it even easier for him to figure this out. 

Other than that, we are fine.    

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anorexia And Teeth

It all started years ago when I was a new teenager.  My Dad has Lupus.  Its an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the body.  There are two kinds, systemic and well, I forgot what the other one is, you'll just have look it up.   Anyway, my Dad was sick a lot.  You might even say a lot a lot!  There was one time I came home from school to find his home health nurse calling 911 because he was crashing right there in the living room.  Needless to say, this created a lot of stress on me as well as on my Mom.  Dad got some kind of infection that overnight went from the size of a grape to the size of a cantaloupe.  It was on his side and never would heal.  They took him for surgery and sliced it open.  Then he would see the doctor once a week to get it checked.  For some reason, he reacted badly to any pain killers so he was fully lucid when they would stick their hands in his side.  This wound was so deep that you could see his organs.

I was a quiet kid anyway, but all the stress of this stuff really drove me to silence.  My Mom would pack it once a day.  Packing was AWFUL.  They stuffed it with gauze soaked in a mild bleach solution.   He would absolutely scream.  My nerves were shot, her nerves were shot.  It was living in Hell.  I never knew if I would come home to him crashing or to his screams of agony.   As an aside to this story, I should add this part.  One reason I react so strongly to people just throwing around the word Munchhausen is because my Dad infected himself with his own feces to keep the infection going.  There was a hidden camera in his hospital room after the doctors got suspicious that it would never heal.  We are talking an infection lasting years.  So yeah, he has Munchhausen.  The real deal.

What the heck does this have to do with anorexia?  Well, that is how it all began.  I was so stressed that I stopped eating.  First I was too nauseous, then I just stopped feeling hungry.  It wasn't overnight and I didn't think I was too fat.  It was just easier to not eat.  I felt very isolated anyway.  I had no idea then that I had Asperger's syndrome.  But there were clues.  It has nothing to do with the story but here's an example.  I wrote a report that I did very well on and wanted Mom to read it and see my grade.  It was in a folder and she started to take it out.  I guess I freaked out.  It HAD to stay in the folder.  She said I was really upset.

I don't remember most of my childhood.  I have true repressed memories and I assure you, it isn't as fun as it sounds.  Anything that might lead to one of my bad memories was erased.  That means any possible path that might not even be remotely related is also gone.  Yup, my memory is like Swiss cheese.  Although, unlike Dory, I can remember my name!  Anyway, back to the story.

There were many hospital visits where we almost lost Dad and many other things that happened along the way as well that contributed to my stress.  Since I am not writing a novel, I am not going to go into all of it!  Time took its toll on my body though.  At my lowest point, I weighed 86 lbs and am 6 foot tall.  My Mom keeps the picture in her wallet to remind herself to not ever let that happen again.  Let me tell you, when I diet, she freaks out.

Anyway, I didn't see that I was unhealthily thin.  It wasn't a matter of weight issues, it was literally forgetting to eat.  And it took a big toll on my body.  I hope somebody googles anorexia and finds out some of the long term affects that nobody talks about.  I deal with one of them every day.

I was born with pretty bad teeth.  I had regular dental checkups and ended up with lots of cavities filled.  I wasn't so good about that as an adult.  I have maybe one tooth that does not have a hole in it or is mostly gone.  At 37, that's not that great a record.  Part of it is not caring about my appearance and not brushing my teeth.  But that's not the big part.  The big part is my body leeching the calcium right out of my teeth..  That's right, one of the little known effects of anorexia is tooth loss and decay.  Brush them all you want, if the body needs a mineral and your teeth have it, it WILL take it.  No matter what you need, if your body is not taking it in as food and it is present somewhere else, it will remove it.

Do I have any other affects?  I am not sure, the doctors told me I was very lucky I didn't do more damage in the six years I was anorexic.  However, they also told me that it was very likely, even certain, that I would find other time bombs as I got older.  I will never stop being an anorexic.  Even as I change my lifestyle to eat healthier and exercise, I do not forget the lesson I already learned.  I am very very careful how far I go.  I still have thoughts that it would be easier to just not eat, I just don't let them rule.  But for now, I am in pain more often than I am not.

All of my teeth need to be removed and I need dentures.  I have the insurance, I just don't have the time.  Recovering from something that severe would definitely not be helpful during a move!  I average at least two tooth infections a year.  That is scary as well since those could be weakening my body.  I even had one when I was pregnant with TJ.  I often have them all the way down to my jaw.

Can you be born with bad teeth and have the same thing happen?  Sure, of course you can.  But if you know for sure that something is going to harm you in ways you never thought of, maybe, just maybe, you won't go down the path I did.   I'll think about scanning that pic Mom has and add it here.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Rat Relocation Project And Some Other Stuff

We have an invasion over at the house.  Wednesday, my aunt saw a baby rat over by the fireplace.  She shrieked of course but he didn't really seem to notice.  She called my Dad but I came in to see what was up.  He was laying on his side and barely breathing.  Since he was barely alive, I was brave enough to get the broom and dustpan and scoop him up.  My aunt asked if I was going to put him down the garbage disposal!  First of all, on the gross factor, blood and other icky stuff would have probably blown back out of the sink.  I would have had to have gotten sick if that happened.  The other problem was I couldn't kill the little guy!  I knew he was a wild rat but he was so small and just a baby.  I wanted to feed him and give him some water, hoping I could revive it.

Well, he really needed to get out of our house so I scooped him up and dropped him over our neighbor's fence.  My aunt was nearly ROFL for real.  I was tempted to drop some crumbs with him and water the grass over the fence for liquid but I refrained.  Mom was laughing when she heard about it and Dad was impressed with my rat relocation.

Fast forward to today.  My aunt saw another one run across and head for the bathroom.  We have a hole behind the toilet my Dad needs to fix and I think that is where they are coming from.  We were on rat watch every time we went in the bathroom.  Anyway, I finished one task and was about to start another when my aunt said the rat was in the formal living room.  I asked her to show me but I saw his little fuzzy butt over by the baseboard.  She thought he was dead because he wasn't moving.  So I get my trusty broom and dustpan and scoop the little guy.  Um... he was far from dead.  This one was so young that his fur was extra fuzzy and his tail was thick but not that long.  He was doing the usual thing all babies do, "If I can't see you, you can't see me!"  I felt really bad but he couldn't stay.  He tried to get off the dustpan but luckily, he was too high up and was scared anyway.  So, he was scooped up and you guessed it, dropped over the neighbor's fence.

I can't kill them, its just not something I can do.  I can't even put out a trap because then I would see it dead and know that I did that.  So, as long as they are just babies that are more scared of me than I am of them, I'll continues my rat relocation project.  Looking at the neighbor's yard, huge area with livestock, that's probably where they came from anyway.

As for today, I got the hallway cut in and the base of the wall painted.  Then I went in the school room and cut in the ceiling and the corners.  Tomorrow I am going to paint the base of the wall.  My friend and I had to tape the drop cloth to the walls because there is no baseboard in the school room, so I need to move that before I can paint.  I have decided I am NOT re-painting the bathroom!!!  I have had enough of re-painting at this point and will just touch up wherever the paint is thin.   As Dad takes off baseboard, I will paint that, it will be so much easier when its off the wall and I don't have to worry about getting the paint on the walls.  I have a couple places in the school room that I have to tape off.   There is a built in desk too close to the door frame to paint the bit of wall in between without getting paint where I don't want it.

Four hours ago today, the flooring was fully acclimated and Dad will start putting it in tomorrow.  I wanted to do a swing shift today but I pushed another hour before I quit painting and my arms are just too sore, tomorrow will be soon enough.  So to sum up, I have touch up in the bathroom, finish the school room, the cabinets in the hallway and the wood trim.  It sounds like a lot but its really not.

On another note, I figured out why I keep gaining weight instead of losing or maintaining.  I was up to 190 yesterday, so I had gained 3 lbs.  I looked back over my food diary from when I was working before and noticed a trend.  I ate more when I was working last time.  I may have worked off like 900 calories but I would still end with no more than 300 or less.  This time I have been so tired that I am just not eating enough.   I am eating about 1300 calories and working my butt off.   Well, its just not enough.  Sure enough, yesterday I got more food in and even a piece of cheesecake.  I weighed and I am at 189.  Its a bit late in the week to get all the way back down before Sunday but I'm crossing my fingers.

TJ is continuing to blow me out of the water.  He is done with his cumulative project for Paragon (a combo of social studies, history and geography) and is the only one.  He got to share some of it in class because he was the only one done.  He really has learned well about doing a bit each day so that big projects become many small projects.  He was busting his buttons when the teacher told the kids to come to TJ with any questions about their own projects.  We still have a roof-less sod house but I'll get in gear tonight or when I get back tomorrow.

T has a funny of his own today.  I put Snowy in his room with Peanut when we left this morning.  Snowy gets into trouble if left on his own and that way T could keep an eye on them both.  Well, my aunt and I get back and he's had an "incident" during class.  Yes, you read that right, during his class!  He had to tell his teacher that he needed a minute to save his dog's babies.  Peanut LOVES stuffed toys and has many.  Unlike Snowy, she takes very good care of them and they all look brand new.  She tries to steal T's hedgehog he sleeps with but so far no dice.  Anyway, Snowy loves to tick his sister off by messing with her babies.  This started a dog fight and the 7 lb dog was losing to the 2 lb dog.  So he took a break from his Paragon class to rescue Peanut's babies and Snowy!  Well, Peanut didn't think he acted fast enough so she took all of them under the covers and curled up with them.  When he tried to put her out of his room, she growled, bit him and made it very clear that she was staying.  She finally forgave him for letting Snowy touch her babies a couple of hours later.  Did I mention that even our animals are nuts???

Anyway, I guess that's enough rambling for now.  Hope I didn't put everyone to sleep.       LOL  I added a picture of the two miscreants.  Next post I will have new pics of the paint.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Glidden SUCKS

I went over to the house today to paint the hallway.  I actually got both sides done with the roller and now just have the fine detail work to do tomorrow.  As usual, the taping took more time than anything!  I noticed a few spots in the living room where the roller missed and I didn't see them last night.  Not a big deal, when you are hurrying and tired, you miss stuff.  We have too much of the darker peach so I think we are going to paint the woodwork the peach.  We'll take it back to Frazees so they add the gloss to it since we have that one in the flat.  What I have done so far though, the colors really look nice.  I'll have to get more recent pics.

Gotta go help Dad put the burgers together, I'll be back to finish this.

Okay, back!  I know, I'm weird, its not like I had to tell you I stopped this.  Its kind of fun to do this like a regular conversation though.  Anyway, we had dinner and then TJ and I headed to Sprouts.  I have to concentrate really hard not to call it Henry's.  In the time we have been here its been Boneys, Henry's, and Sprouts!  That's over 12 years but still.  I wanted some cheesecake but they were out.   :(   With the painting, I have some extra calories to have some fun.  I had to come home and settle for a Weight Watchers strawberry yogurt bar.

Then to top it off, I discovered that was the last one!  AUGH      I have to get some more, those things taste like Breyer's strawberry ice cream and are only 60 calories.  I got us some more steel cut oats too, we were out.  I know Jen is the one that gave us the idea but they do work for a great overnight meal.  I love making it and having it ready in the morning.  I got bunny veggies, milk, eggs, lemon muffins,  and some trail mix for TJ too if you are interested in my grocery list.  LOL

Now that I have thoroughly bored you, I can tell you about the Glidden mess.  There was a guy and a woman that came out to the house.  They seemed friendly but they also had their mind made up before they even got to the house.  They went in the kitchen first and said we tried to paint over a dark color with a light color.  Um... the kitchen was like a cream and we painted it yellow!!

Then they went in the schoolroom and it only had the one coat on the walls.  He told me it was the painter, not the paint.  You could see places where the roller missed but in my aunt's room I had FIVE coats and still saw places where the paint was thin.  However, I had already painted over her walls.  They told us that wasn't a problem but it seems it really was.  They pretty much came in, saw my paint covered, non-professional clothes and decided that I just needed to get better at painting. 

The only thing they can't explain?  Why I am getting ONE coat coverage with Frazees and their paint wasn't covering with multiple coats.  It was a very frustrating meeting.  He pretty much patted me on the head (metaphorically speaking, I might have slugged him if he had!) and said I was doing a really good job, I just needed to keep painting.  So I am going to leave a really bad review on Home Depot for the paint and I hope some people will stumble across this blog post before they buy Glidden. 

I am taking tomorrow off, I am just so tired and sore.  I need to finish the school room, touch up some places the paint was thin, paint all the trim and cut in the hallway.  I'm getting there, its just a matter of patience.  TJ is doing fantastic in school and doing everything on his own, that is really helping me feel confident to get things done over at the house.  Since I am taking the day off tomorrow, we will work on finishing his sod house and some of his math review for his final. 

There is some stuff at Sprout's for nerve pain that I am going to research for Mom.  I have high hopes its something she can take.  We'll take a list of the ingredients to her doctor.  Her stomach is still acting up but hopefully it will settle soon.  Dad's sugars have been high lately, probably because I haven't been home to keep an eye on him!  We are getting a ton done with my aunt here to drive, although we are probably wearing HER out.     LOL      

Anyway, I think that's enough for now.  I'll try to get some pics of the new paint next time I post. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We are really making progress over at the house.  Well, *I* am making progress.  Yes, we have one painter and the price is right.     LOL     From Sunday to Monday I got TJ's room re-painted, my aunt's room re-painted and drumroll please... the living room done!!       Yes, our huge formal living room was painted in one day on Monday.   I was so proud of myself.  I finished the trim and cut in on T's walls then started the formal living room.  I wasn't too hot, it was great yesterday, but I got so tired.  So I tried something new.

I came home around eleven and took a nap on the couch.  After a good snack, I headed back to the house around four.  I was so tired still but I just kept plugging along.  Around 6 pm, I finished the last stroke of cut in on the formal living room.  It was done.  Dad says the room is about 18 x 22 feet.  I am loving this Frazee paint!  It is so awesome to roll once, twice and its covered. 

Yesterday, Lumber Liquidators called Mom and was bugging her about getting the flooring.  I wanted them to wait till Wednesday so I had two days to work on the living room.  However, they would like our flooring out of their back room and so I went back over for a split shift yesterday.  I'll say it again, I am soooooo proud of myself!  I have gotten more done in three days than 4 people got done in 12 days.  I know its the paint, but wow! 

I have not lost any of the weight I have gained but between painting and watering over there, I think my body is just in re-set.  I really do hope there is a change on Sunday.   But I'm trying not to get too discouraged. 

The Glidden representative will be at the house tomorrow at 11 am to test the paint.  She was pretty snippy on the phone with Mom until she said we were only interested in store credit.  I guess she thought we wanted like thousands of dollars!   Please cross your fingers that all goes well tomorrow, we sure could use the credit for lots of things!  We probably are s.o.l. on the labor but it would be better than nothing. 

Mom's stomach is going off again and she's at the stage where she is thinking that maybe eating nothing might work.   Dad is feeling more upbeat now that the floor is here.  Oh wait, did I tell you about that?

The flooring is here!  Its acclimating in our living room right now.  And that's because I got the painting done in time for us to have a space for the laminate.  We are on a roll now!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Its been two days and I have two rooms done.  I am just amazed by the difference in good paint and bad paint.  I still need to cut in T's room but he heat just comes too fast.  There are a couple of spots where I have to touch up the white in my aunt's room.  Its hard not to brush any of the door frame with the roller!  Tomorrow we are going to get the paint for the living room and hallway.  I am getting really excited because I can actually see progress.  I have gotten more done in three hours than we got done with TWO people in four days.  Those were six hour days!  I am not happy that we have to buy more paint but I just can't see continuing to slog along, re-painting over and over again.  I want this to END. 

I am just so irritated that we wasted so much time on this.  Tomorrow I am going to try coming home to rest, then going back in the evening so I can get more done.  Its been wonderful having my aunt here.  If I need to go get something, we just go.  Mom is in more and more pain with her feet as well as having her diverticulitis going off again.  She's at the point where she is ready to deal with the consequences of going back on Cymbalta.  I am going to try to get ahold of her doctor tomorrow and ask her about some of the other meds that help neuropathy.  The spray works less than it did and it sets her nerves off worse for about a half hour before it does start working.  Its disheartening to see her in so much pain and not be able to do anything about it.

Dad's a bit cranky.  He's still in the irritated about not being able to do much, mode.  I keep telling him that his time is coming!   The floor will be here soon enough and he's the one that's going to lay it.  He just needs to cool it and let me get this paint going.  TJ is continuing to amaze me.  He may be taking until Sunday at 5 pm to get his work done but he is still working on his own.  I check his grades and they have dropped about 3% with me not sitting right by him.  That's it!  I know he and I will both be glad when school is over.  They really pile on the work at the very end at this school   He will be a high schooler next year and 14 years old in just sixteen days.  He's growing up way too fast. 

As a side note, I gained two pounds this Sunday.  Not a real big deal, I am sure I will lose it again pretty quick.  I have maintained or lost every weigh day.  I've gained, but by the actual weigh day, its always back to normal.   And with all the painting I am doing, I will not be surprised if I not only get back there but have lost more by next Sunday!  I think I confused my poor body with all the rest and then back to some real work.            LOL

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone

Yep, its a bright, sunshiny day here in Southern California.  Mom was having tummy problems so we didn't get the flooring today.  But you know what, its not a big deal.  We can't really get it until the formal living room is all painted so we have somewhere to put the boxes!  Right now its got dropcloths all over the floor and if we painted, we would get paint on the boxes.  So anyway, my aunt and I got our grubby clothes on and headed out.  Well, by the time we went to Frazee's paint and KMart, it was already 11:30, so we went ahead and had lunch.  I was NOT going to paint for an hour then stop to have lunch!

So we got some brushes and roller covers from KMart then headed to Frazees.  Frazees is a paint store, that's all they sell, like a Sherwin Williams.  Dad wanted us to buy their paint from the beginning but my darn uncle insisted on the paint on a Sunday.  Now, Frazees is not open on Sunday so we ended up with Glidden from Home Depot.  I am sure you are thinking, "Oh God Shellie why the heck does this matter???"  Well, we got two gallons of paint, one for T's room and one for my aunt's room (hers was like an apple green-ugh).  We also got a huge bag of rags and the total was $46.  Guess how much we paid for the sucky Glidden?  $24 a gallon.  Yup, we paid MORE for crappy paint than for GOOD paint! 

We went over to the house and my heart sank looking at all the rooms that needed re-painted.  First, I went outside and watered because our stuff is dying.  Its been so hot that we are losing our plants since we aren't there to water them.  Then I went back in and poured the new paint out.  I sighed heavily and headed back for my aunt's room.  She sat in a chair with a book because I wouldn't let her do anything.   LOL         Anyway, I rolled it on the wall and saw those dots of the previous color just like the first time.  Before I got too annoyed, I went and rolled over it again.  You know what happened?  The dots were gone and it was an even wall of new paint.  OMG   I wanted to start singing like a heavenly choir.  We started too late so I only got 90% of the room done before I was too hot.  But I did that in about an hour.  If we had had the Frazees paint from day one, this darn house would be DONE.  I was sooo excited but also soooo irritated. 

We are going to try to get Home Depot to give us store credit, we don't want any more bad paint.  We are even going to get two new colors of Frazees for the formal living room and the hallway/hallway bathroom because I don't want to re-paint.  Think of it this way, my aunt's room was not done with five coats and the living room only has TWO.  I can either paint it about three more times with crap paint or I can change the paint entirely and paint it ONE more time.  Guess what I chose?  Mom approved getting more of the Frazees paint and asked why I didn't get it already.  I know its all of ours house but I wanted to ask if it was okay first.  I'm just funny that way!   Anyway, things are really looking up for us.  We may have to get more paint but it will actually work this time.  We WILL be moving someday.       LOL  

I'm going to finish with two poems that TJ wrote.  I was really impressed by them.   The first one is a riddle poem and the second is an apostrophe poem.  A riddle poem is self-explanatory but the apostrophe poem is a poem where the poet addresses a non-living or non-human being.  I know I am biased, but he's really a good poet.  His riddle is easy to figure out but I think its really good for an Aspie that isn't fond of flowery language.

Riddle Poem

Three eyes have I, all in a row;
When the red one opens it freezes motion,
As the green one opens, they proceed,
Then the yellow one opens, slowing the earth.

I strive for more eyes as well,
Different areas I have six eyes,
Purple, orange, and one other be the colors.
Directional changes, effect of the extra three.

They will either change direction for me,
They will proceed for me,
They will even slow down for me,
But when my eye turns green, motion ensues once again. 

Apostrophe Poem

Oh, day you’ve come!
How I have missed you,
Banishing the night,
Releasing the sun,
Your clouds so light and shaped.

Your shining light reflects off many things,
The people wake from their slumber,
Children go outside and play,
Others go to work or go shopping.

Please, stay as long as possible,
Don’t go now; you have a few hours left,
Then the night will descend upon you,
Replacing you, for the night will banish you,
Until tomorrow.