Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on Sod Saga and Other Stuff

Well, TJ's teachers e-mailed me and said he could use his sod house for his STEM grade.  He can either finish it with its summary or he could finish it for extra credit and do the barn for his grade.  Since he loves the building part, we are going to finish it he will do his summary and we will build the 16 sided barn just for fun.  I am glad they saw it wasn't fair to him, just because he got started early.  

My aunt will be here tomorrow and I have clothes to put away on the rocker.  I have one load in the dryer and luckily, my other sheet set is clean so I don't have to wash the sheets on my bed.  As soon as I get up tomorrow, I'll re-make the bed with the clean sheets for her.  We have done NOTHING else on the house for like two weeks.  Either Mom has a problem with one of her many health issues or there is some doctor appointment, clinic class, etc.  Its getting frustrating even though its nobody's fault. 

Our floor still isn't here.  I figure with the way Murphy has been hanging around that it will come in tomorrow about the same time as my aunt's plane!  I know we will moving in June, so at least we won't pay rent here but one more time.  Paying bills here and there has been real fun.  I look around and we are just so crowded.  I have to move a box off the washer to fill it with laundry and I have to move his sod house off the dryer to move the box over.  The counter where we fix meals is filled with bread, chips, oats, etc.  We just don't have any room to put things away properly.  Our house not only has tons of cabinets, we have a real pantry!

I think Mom and Dad are going to Home Depot after her nap to get the paint they are going to give us.  I have no clue what good that is going to do when we really don't want to re-paint everything.  I still need to re-paint TJ's room since it was mine and green.  Plus, my aunt's room still has bleed through after about four coats.  Not to mention re-painting the living room that has bleed through after two coats.  Ugh, and finishing the school room.  That one hasn't even been cut in yet and will most likely need touched up as well.  However, as I moved his sod house yet another time to get to the laundry, I daydreamed about an entire room where he could have all his school stuff and it wouldn't be on my washer and dryer! 

Dad's sugar is sky high because he had diabetic class yesterday and had to leave at six am, too early to do his insulin.  It was still around 300 by dinner and this morning was like 250 something.  The insulin today should settle it back out.  He could have had it last night, but we changed it from evenings because it would dump him too low.  Mornings seem to work better.  I finally bought Mom another bottle of that neuropathy stuff yesterday at CVS.  She didn't want to pay the $30 but I couldn't stand her being in so much pain again.  Some really nice girl is sending me a couple of free bottles but this will help till they get here.

I have seen all the info about different vitamins that help but when I read further, Mom can't take them because of either a medication she is on or another health problem she has.  I hope she discusses some meds with her doctor next appointment because she can't go on like this.  The Cymbalta was making a HUGE difference.  Unfortunately, its a choice of her eyes or her feet and she doesn't want to chance losing her vision.  I can't blame her for that one but its really hard to see her in so much pain.

She's too funny though.  Every day she asks me if I have blogged again yet because she reads these and the comments.   She complained last night because there was no new blog post to read!  So, hi Mom!             (:


  1. Skirts from That Other BlogMay 31, 2012 at 6:51 PM

    Hi ShellieB, Hi Momma! I'm from that other blog and always enjoy your updates. I thought of you guys because tomorrow is the day I give my dog her heartworm pill, so I have to concentrate real hard to make sure I pop it into my dogs mouth and not mine (yeah, I'm that person)! Glad I gave you a little laugh. Hope that your move will happen rather soon and go smoothly. Ugh, I hate to paint, so it gives me the heebie-jeebies reading about the paint problems you are having.

  2. I can't wait until Murphy finds a new house to haunt and leaves you guys alone! I really wish I could come and help because I love painting!

    *waving* Hi Shellie's Mom!

  3. Hi I am Michelle's Mommy. I love the blog and all the comments she receives. I love the heartworm pill story, and read snort every day! You guys are just to funny!

    Throwing my 2 cents in on my own is really strange. But I have to tell you all how much I enjoy MMWOP, and to tell you just how special my daughter is! She takes such good care of me and her Dad. Not to mention tutoring TJ. My little dynamo! I am so proud of her! Love you Michelle

  4. Shell, thanks for jaring my brain! I almost forgot the Dog Pills!!!! Could you remind me next month? ;o) Hi MOM!

  5. Hi, Meda! I love the stories Shellie tells about you and her dad. If I ever get back over to Hemet we must meet up! Shellie tells me you have bad neuropathy. Apparently one of MckMama's readers just posted on FB that she has "narrapathy." I laughed and thought of you!

  6. I too want to say HI to Shellie's mom. HI! I know that everyone at MWOP is deeply fond of your Miss Shellie! She has a tender, kind hearted, geniunely sweet spirit about her. That's speaks volumes about her mom and dad also :}NSS


  7. Hey Shellie's Mom :)
    You have an amazing daughter. She is a keeper!

    (Shellie, I am from the MWOP board. I have only post there 2 times but read everyday)

    Shellie I look forward to your blog posts. They are always a hoot to read. You are a good momma.

  8. Hi Shellie's Mama! You've raised a great daughter. You should be proud. I love all of her posts, and she has such a sweet gentle heart and nice way about her. Good luck with the house!!

    Love, DontPeeOnMyLegAndTellMeItsRain (the OTHER site LOL)