Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sod it all!

I am feeling so bad for TJ.  He has these projects with his school called STEM for Science Technology Engineering Math.  They are projects he builds that use all of those elements.  For example, last year he built an African double house and the Panama Canal.  This year he has built Fort Sumter and a Sod House.  That last one is the problem.  Its pretty late in the year so we wanted to get a jump start.

The sod house seemed to be a mistake because they built one of those earlier this year.  The projects are done when they are studying the right time period or geographic location.  Well, westward expansion and sod houses were months ago.  They are in Women's Lib, Transcendentalists, etc., right now.  But we gamely put our "construction" hats on and made a mess on Monday.  I was soooooo proud of him.  He used paper mache to make a hill and his craft bricks to make the house.  I was proud because he hates messy stuff.  Last time we used paper mache, I had to do that part.  But he put on a pair of dish gloves and got to work.  Even with gloves on, this is BIG. 

Then last night he started on the other part of his assignment which is a summary of how you built it, the math you used, etc.   Sound great, right?  This morning there is an e-mail from his teacher that they had the wrong assignment and he is building a 16 sided barn.  Um, what???  Yep, he did the sod house for nothing.  Well, not nothing.  He has a lot of extra credit in math now.  Did I mention he doesn't NEED extra credit in math?  Yeah, he's not a happy camper.  I asked him if he had fun making it with me and his words were, "I thought it was fun when it was a grade and my STEM was going to be done!"  :: sigh ::

Murphy doesn't seem to be leaving us any time soon.  Our flooring was supposed to be here on the 28th and they said HOPEFULLY in four or five more days.  Mom called about the paint and they are going to give us free Behr paint.  That would be great except the Behr reviews are just as bad as Glidden right now and I don't want to re-paint the darn house!!  Basically, they said its just our own fault for not stopping the painting when it didn't seem to be working right and reporting it then.  Boo to Home Depot for attitude.  My aunt will be here June 1st and we are still in the mobile. 

Dad is doing better with his leg, the support hose are really working.  His sugars bounce but not as bad as they were.  Mom's stomach seems to be more settled than it was.  Although that may change with all the problems we are having.  She is still smoking!!!      UGH.      I am trying not to say anything because it doesn't help, but its hard.  She did tell me she has a day in mind to quit, but I haven't pushed her yet to tell me what it is. 

Sod House

Fort Sumter

African Double House

Panama Canal Lock
My dieting is still going really well.  I have had a day here and there where I have gone over calorie but it doesn't seem to be de-railing me.  I still haven't taken a picture in my size 14 dress but I'll try to get that done before the end of the week.  Its still too small but you can tell I'm close!  I lost another pound so I'm now at 187 but I won't record it unless its still that way on Sunday.  That way I account for all the fluctuations.  I need to exercise tonight, I was lazy last night!  Anyway, I am going to end here because I think that was everything I wanted to say right now.  I'm going to add some pics to this of T's projects.


  1. Tell TJ all his stuff looks great! We have one project like that a year, not as many as he has done. That is amazing. No wonder he is wanting to be done.

    Keeping fingers crossed on flooring and paint. Hang in there. It hopefully won't be too much longer and you can blog from the house!.

    Can I ask you a question about My Fitness Pro. I have started it and so far, I have not been able to eat enough calories like they are recommending. I have a lot of weight to lose and the calories listed is a lot. Is this bad not being able to eat enough? I know some of it is due to my crazy graveyard shift and sleeping during the day, seems like I work and sleep and time for eating and exercising is going to be hard to do. My vice is fast food. But so far, I have been able to stay away and watching everything I put in my mouth! I would really appreciate any tips you can give me, what worked for you? Thanks again!

    1. I have trouble eating enough calories sometimes. Mine right now is 1200 and that's not hard at all when you fast food it. lol

      One thing is, drink a glass of low fat milk. Sometimes, that is the only thing I can do do bump the calories up a bit. You don't want to ever eat less than 1200 because that is bare minimum. Its not bad if you have a low calorie day every once in a while, just don't make it a habit.

      If your calorie limit is higher than 1200, just do your very best to at least make the 1200. Its the bare minimum you need to function so you don't want to go below that. Take some fruit with you to work, those are good quick calories and can be eaten even if you are walking. Yogurt and a plastic spoon are another good one. If your teeth are better than mine, nuts are a terrific snack.

      And just hang in there! Don't worry about fast food, just make good fast food choices. If you notice my list, I often have fast food, I just try to watch what I order.

    2. Thanks. I appreciate it so much.

  2. *Sigh*
    Shelly, please take this from me, a former kitchen and bathroom designer and current Home Improvement and Interior Design magazine writer and "expert".

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE FOR YOUR HOME AT THE HOME DEPOT. Please. Seriously - you will not get anything of good quality. Oh, the stories I could tell you.

    I have lots of insider advice on where to get stuff, good brands AND good deals on good brands. You can email me at anytime - and I'm happy to answer your questions, or you can contact me (and my fellow experts if you want extra opinions) at:

    Both those sites are free for advice.

    Glidden is truly awful paint. Unfortunately, Sherwin Williams JUST finished a 30% off sale - but if you can find one in your area, go there and get Duration paint. No VOCs, no smell, no priming, goes on in one coat no matter what the color.

    Good luck!

    1. My Dad is a retired contractor and when he was building houses about 15 years ago, Glidden was one of the best. He just went with what he knows. Too bad they suck now! We have to get the underlayment for our floor there, I can't find it anywhere else as cheap without having to ship it. :(

      We will let them give us the Behr paint because its better than nothing and I do have to re-paint TJ's room since it was mine and green. But I am not going to re-paint the whole darn house!

  3. Tell TJ I enjoyed all of his projects! And tell him my name really isn't Snort, lest he thinks you hang out with loonies.

  4. Love Love Love TJ's projects! Awesome! Smart kid you've got there!

    From, DontPeeOnMyLegAndTellMeItsRain xo