Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Move From Hell

Trying to get into our new house has been one disaster after another.  It started with them accepting our offer then us finding out they were about to go into foreclosure.  Luckily, my Mom knew some magic words, "Breach of Contract" and things were fine again.  So we found out in very early March that we have a house!   Pretty cool thing to hear as well as terrifying.  We begin the process of trying to get moved to our house and encounter a funny guy named Murphy. 

First, my Dad (who seems to be the healthiest one of us) started having tons of problems with his diabetes.  Sugars over 300 were pretty common.  Then he gets put on insulin once a day and his sugars settle.  Next, his leg starts hurting and he develops a sore on his ankle.  This ankle has been broken more than once in the past and the skin tears open where the surgery scar is.  We find out its from all the swelling in his legs due to the high sugars.  He visits the doctor and is lucky he isn't hospitalized at that visit-the doctor thinks he has a bone infection.  He is admitted to the hospital the next day and is gone for three days.  He has an infection but its not in the bone after all.  He is not allowed, however, to work on the house for at least a month. 

Then my uncle comes from Arizona to help us paint.  Unfortunately, the previous owners had a certain blogger's ideas on color scheme and there is a lot to be done.  My uncle proceeds to try to paint a five bedroom, two bath house in five days.  There is disaster number two.  He is so busy directing the people he's hired (with our money btw, without asking) to do anything himself and is treating me like Merry Maid!  I want to help paint and he has me washing windows, floors, etc.  I really wanted to tell him I don't do windows just to see what he would say.  I think he forgot I was working for free.  He starts running low on time so he stops doing any cut in and in several places ends up with paint over paint.  At one point, I see the paint that is going in my son's room and tell him its PURPLE, don't use it.  However, I am exhausted by this time and was not there when nobody listened.  Granted, its a pretty purple, I just don't think my 13 year old son is going to appreciate that.  Basically, he tells us that he just needs to live with it and we can paint it later.  Excuse me??  Then my aunt and I's room turns out neon green.  Um, yeah, we had some major paint problems.  We are trying to conserve money so my Dad is going to gently pull up the baseboards so they can be re-used while my uncle tells the painters to drip paint all over them because we are replacing them.  Yeah, he was really free with our funds.

The other disaster was the paint.  I don't know what's happened to Glidden but its gone downhill.  My Dad said it used to be a good paint.  This stuff won't coat without thin spots even over primer.  I have now painted my aunt's room four times and there are STILL places you can see primer.  It was that way with every color.  You are supposed to get a guarantee but I am not sure how that works.  We still need to re-paint the formal living room (painted twice so far), re-paint my aunt's room, re-paint TJ's room (somehow I mis-measured and his room is 3 feet bigger than mine, no go since he has two rooms), paint the hallway and put in flooring.  Did I mention the flooring?

The latest mess is our flooring.  We picked out some really nice laminate and ordered it from Lumber Liquidators.  Nobody told us they only deliver it when the whole truck is full and so we won't get it until May 28th.  My aunt is coming in from Missouri on June 1st.  Yeah, you heard me.  We don't get the flooring until three days before she gets here and it needs to acclimate to the house temperature for three days.  So I guess I will be giving my room up again and sleeping on the couch.  Lovely, we will be moving while my aunt is here. 

Wanna hear something even funnier?  We don't have a single box.  Not even one.


  1. Moving can be a huge pain! So glad you guys actually have the house. Hoping it's all smooth from here on out and you don't have to sleep on the couch for long :(

  2. Oh my!You certainly have your hands full.
    Don't you just love when relatives want to help and then become a pain in the A$$.

    Hang in there. :) It will be worth it in the end!

  3. Just think, by July this will all be a memory and you will probably laugh about all the craziness. Hang in there.