Thursday, May 24, 2012

House Update

The floor is moving!  Now in Southern California, this can be a bad thing.  But this time its not an earthquake, I mean our flooring was finally shipped.  They told us it would be here the 28th and since this is the 24th, they are likely right.  It just took so long that we were all beginning to wonder if it would ship at all.  The other good news is we don't need to seal the floor.  It wasn't expensive, but its $36 we can put back into our budget.  The bad news is my uncle is coming on Saturday with his boyfriend to see the house.  I have nothing against his boyfriend, as a matter of a fact, I like hm better than my uncle.  We are afraid though, that he will make comments about how little we have done.  Yeah, like its been our choice to have a house for two months that we still haven't moved into.  Dad threatened to go fishing and we told him he would have to come.  If we can't escape, he can't escape!  Wish us luck, if my uncle is stupid enough to say something, my Dad is going to blow up. 

He had his last wound care appointment today and is on his slow way home.  Seems the bus driver is new and got lost on the way home!  Poor guy, two days where he's been on the bus most of the day.  He does that so my Mom doesn't have to go down our back steps.  Between her neuropathy in her feet and messed up knees, we are never sure she if she is going to end up on her face.  The house has no steps and it will be so much easier.  We did get her some spray on stuff called Neuragen that seems to be working well for her.  I don't get any money for you clicking on that by the way.    :)   Don't buy it from them, if you do a search for it you can find it a lot cheaper.  Just be sure to get the 0.5 oz size so you get the spray top. 

Our friend from the other night has been by twice.  Turns out his Mom wanted the $216 he earned while he was gone and hid his daughter to try to extort it.  I don't agree with him taking off for three days, but I agree even less with her dropping a three year old off at a tweaker friend's house.  Then she stole his girlfriend's car so she could tell the police HE stole it!  So yeah, I don't advocate pushing people but I can see how it happened.  He did get the baby back and the police were not thrilled to hear where grandma stashed her.  They won't even prosecute her son because they really didn't blame him.  Now, his ex-wife has said he can't have the baby if he is going to leave her with grandma and I can't blame her for that decision either.  Of course, he started talking about our spare room in the house.  Its NOT a spare room, its TJ's school room and will remain that way. 

Dad is pretty upset.  He had blood sugars of 300 and better around Christmas time while we were waiting for his insurance to fix itself (long story).  He didn't want to go to the emergency room for one shot of insulin, he needed long term care, so he tried to lower it by himself.  Well, they told him in class yesterday that was the worst thing he could have done and he shaved about 20 years off his life.  I don't agree with this fatalistic stuff they keep telling him.  He is already so depressed that he can't work anymore.  A lot of guys have this family provider is my worth outlook, but my Dad's is worse than most.

The short version is my Dad was a post-menopause baby.  His oldest brother was born a psychopath and literally tried to kill him from the time he was little.  As in, tossing firecrackers in glass jars inside forts Dad made, etc.  His pediatrician said the man would kill him if they didn't remove him and if his Dad didn't do anything, he would have him removed from their care.  So at eight years old, Dad was put to work hanging doors for his Dad's construction business.  Any time he was tired or sick, his Dad would say, "Oh, well, I guess we will have to bring your brother home from college because I won't be able to afford to keep paying his tuition if you don't work."  Yeah, what a prize.  Work or your homicidal brother comes home.  ALL of his self-worth is in what he can do for you.  I've tried and will continue to tell him that his worth is in him BEING with us, not what he can do FOR us, but its a hard road.  His brothers and sister treated him the same as his parents. 

Anyway, that's enough for now.  Hopefully we can get back over to the house soon.  We don't have anything going on tomorrow, just depends on how my Mom is doing.  I'll talk a little more about me at a later time if you want to know.  :)


  1. Shell: Congrats on the flooring heading your direction. Things are moving in the right direction!

    I had a question about your weight loss postings. How did you figure out how many calories to limit yourself too? I work the graveyard shift, sitting at home typing medical reports. So all the "don't eat anything after 7 pm stuff" doesn't work for me. I work until 4 or 5 am, get husband off to work and go to bed. Wake up normally around 1 pm, do dishes, laundry, and then get ready to make dinner. After that, try to sneak in an hour nap before I start typing at 8 pm so I make it all night. I was wondering if I knew how much to limit the calories, then I could at least start there and try to get in a half hour walk or something to get moving. Your success is amazing and any help you can give me would be awesome.

    1. Sure! I use MyFitnessPal and I am at 1200 calories a day. Some people need to have more calories and are still losing at that. I don't need any more because I am not hungry with 1200. Don't worry about the not eating after seven thing, its just another one of those myths. And most important, hang in there! I have never gained but I have posted every once in awhile that I haven't lost either.

    2. Thanks Shell. I am going to check it out and see how it goes. Good luck on the flooring shipment. I know you and your family will be so relieved once you can be in the house and just take a moment to relax and really enjoy it!

      Hope TJ has a great summer. My two youngest have been out of school a week and are already bored !

      thanks again for your help.