Tuesday, May 22, 2012


     Well, after being told many times to create a blog, I finally decided to do so.  I was going to post in my usual spot and realized that this post's story would be my longest yet.  Have you ever tried to do something and it just seemed like Murphy (from Murphy's Law) was camped in your backyard?  Its especially hard to do when your backyard is about the size of a postage stamp due to living in a mobile home park.  Don't get me wrong, its been our home since my son was 18 months old and its been a good one.  But with three adults and a soon-to-be 14 year old, its become a little small.  We bought a house about two months ago and its been an interesting road.  I'll go back and detail some of the problems we have run into in another post, this one is for the latest debacle. 

     We have some friends here in the park that think our lot in life is solely to make their life better!  If they need anything-milk, bandaids, vicodin (yep, prescription meds are not off the table), etc., we are their local grocery store.  Now we don't give them the meds, if they come over for things like that, they will get a couple of Tylenol or Ibuprofen!  Its gotten to the point though that we don't even want to give them milk.  The son is bi-polar and I know there are people with this illness that have successful lives, he's just not one of them.  His mother has been dying from cancer for the 12 years that we have known her as well as a drinker and speed freak.  The son is a drinker too and doesn't take meds for his illness because then he can't drink!

Anyway, last night his mother came over at 11 pm at night.  Did I mention my son is an Aspie and he goes to bed at 10 pm on school nights?  How about the fact that we have two dogs that bark when people knock?  Or that his dog will bark (in my son's room) if my dog barks?  Yeah, I wasn't happy.  She said her son beat her for five hours and broke everything in her house.  Then she wanted my Mom to call him.  So Mom calls him and as soon as he said he was coming over, the mother takes off!  WHY did she want us to call him then??  She is not bruised btw and is talking a mile a minute while holding a drink that has the suspicious smell of alcohol.  So her son comes over and says he didn't beat her up, he pushed her and another woman that just happened to be there.  Oh yeah, and he did break some of her stuff but he told her he was going to kill her because she was hiding his daughter from him.

Short back story here.  He gets her once a month for a week and this was the week.  He had a three day job about 19 miles away and instead of coming home every night, he took off with his Mom's car and stayed in other people's homes until the job was over!  Yes, while his baby (she's 3) is here for his only week. 

Anyway, the car broke down while he was gone (its about 30 years old) and he left it there.  She wanted him to promise he would give her the money he earned to fix it and then she would tell him where his daughter is.  He is far from mature and spends his money very frivolously.  I don't feel she deserved it for her car but he won't spend it any better. 

Back to the original story.  He was here till nearly midnight, hinting that he had nowhere to go and trying to get a place to crash for the night.  My favorite part was where he said if the police came by, we didn't HAVE to let them in!  Yeah, right!  I finally had to go to bed but I was a bit restless from all the commotion.  I get up this morning and find out that after Mom went to bed, the guy came back over three times and his mother twice.  My poor Dad finally went to bed at 4:30 in the morning.  And what was all this about?  She wanted his money to fix her car.  That's it.

Why do I care?  We have a house we bought two months ago and still haven't moved.  Dad has diabetic class Wed and wound care Thurs so he can't work at the house and today was the first time he had all day to work over there before the floor comes.  Is he?  No, he is in bed, napping, trying to make up for last night.   There are so many other things that have gone wrong to delay things but this is the latest.  All I have to say is, Get Us Out of Here!!!!


  1. Shell, can't you just move in an finish up while living there. Get away from those people they are toxic! Marley♥

  2. Jeeze, girl, it sounds like you are surrounded by Looney Toons! I would offer to come and help with the house if I was in the area! Glad you're blogging now :)

  3. Congrats on your first blog entry! Amazed at your weight loss and can't wait to see more. I need your motivation and stamina.

  4. Great job, Shellie!


  5. So glad you started a blog, and I look forward to following it.

    aka wannabeskinnywench who is now itsawonderfulmcklie

  6. Hi Shellie, Great 1st blog!

    I have been so impressed with your weight loss and your new home renovations. You take such great care of your family and should be proud.

    Can't wait for your next post. :)

  7. Glad to be able to keep up with you easily. I always look for your posts on M**p and enjoy following your house and diet adventures.

  8. Oh, and I am PrincessofSpam not Siam. Stupid google

  9. Oh.My.WORD. No wonder you can't wait for your life to settle back down!